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275x250.jpg A loved-up nerd has become an internet star after making possibly the geekiest proposal ever - in binary code.

Smitten geek Robert Hall used the computer code to propose to fiance Rachel Smith in a three-minute video while wearing a papier mache mask of a cartoon character.

In the clip, he proudly proposes to his girlfriend, in a somewhat unconventional way by asking:


The entire message, which took six attempts to record, simply translates as "Rachel, you are awesome! Will you marry me?".  

Sometimes posting to Twitter can be too easy, after all you can do it from your phone, computer, tablet or TV -- but what if you want to go retro and make it a bit more difficult?

Well how about this Twitter telegraph key -- or Tworse Key -- a (very) old-school solution where you have to bash out your messages in morse code.

The inventor of the device says the standalone unit connects through a standard LAN cable, the Morse signals are decoded by a built-in Arduino Ethernet board, which delivers the final message though the Twitter API.

.-- .... .- -   .-   --. .-. . .- -   .. -.. . .-   -.. --- -. -   -.-- --- ..-   .- --. .-. . .

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