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275x250.jpg It may not have the high-tech functions of the upcoming iPhone 5, but the OwnFone could be the ideal solution for young children or people who struggle to get to grips with technology.

Described as "the world's first personalised mobile phone" the OwnFone does away with a screen and the majority of buttons, instead replacing them with direct-dial buttons and volume controls.

Aimed primarily at children and the elderly, the £55 device is customised to the owner and features buttons with the names of up to 12 people they are most likely to want to call. Pressing the name places a call to that person, incoming calls are answered with an answer button.

Each OwnFone is only the size of a credit card and weighs 40g. Makers say they could also be used in situations you may not want to take your expensive smartphone, like to a music festival or to the beach.

275x250.jpg Remember that invisible airbag helmet for cyclists we told you about a couple of years ago? Well the Hovding is finally going on sale.

The 'Hovding' helmet is the brainchild of Swedish designers Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin who received requests for a helmet which would not spoil your hair-do.

Now, eight years after starting work on the device, their vision is finally being realised and the bizarre helmet is going on sale for around £350.

The bizarre helmet looks like a scarf and only springs into action when accelerometers and gyro-meters inside detect sudden jolt. If the wearer is involved in an accident the helmet inflates in under 0.1 second to cocoon their head.

275x250.jpg Fans of the Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James might be a little disappointed with this book, which appears to be the latest installment of the erotic bestsellers, because its text isn't quite as racy.

In fact "Fifty Shades of Gray" consists of 200 pages which contain no words at all, just paper which gets darker grey as the book progresses. There are four pages of each of the 50 shades of grey.

The £12.99 book, sold on Amazon as a novelty notepad, was dreamt up by author SH Simove who previously had a hit with his book "What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex" which also contained 200 wordless pages.

Speaking of his Fifty Shades of Gray book, Simove said: "Just like EL James's popular novel, I hope my new book will deliver deep and satisfying pleasure."

275x250.jpg An bizarre product has gone on sale which allows you to simultaneously feed and humiliate squirrels, and give you a good laugh and photo opportunity at the same time.

The Big Head Squirrel Feeder is exactly what its name would suggest - a squirrel feeder in the shape of a giant squirrel head.

A spokesperson for online retailer Archie McPhee said that the idea is you would hang the feeder in front of a window or near a porch, fill it with something squirrels like to eat.

Then, when the squirrels stick their head up there, the they look like they have a hilariously huge head with a goofy smile.

"Keep a camera nearby, you'll want to post a picture on Facebook. Perfect for birdwatchers, dads or anyone else who thinks squirrels should be taken down a peg or two."

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