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275x250.jpgForget worrying about the occasional fly in your soup -- the European Union thinks it could be the future… along with munching on other insects too.

A £2.65m research project is currently being conducted into whether we should all start eating creepy crawlies as part of out usual diet, reports the Sunday Times.

It's thought entomophagy, eating the likes of locusts and crickets, could provide a valuable souse of calcium and protein as the world population grows prompting food shortages.

Insects are also said to be the heathy option, grasshoppers can offer 20% protein with a tiny 6% fat, compared to lean ground beef's 24% protein and 18% fat.

But would you fancy snacking on silkworm moth larvae, or locusts? Personally we quite like the idea… now if only we could find a good spider recipe, we've seen a few crawling around Newslite Towers recently.

275x250.jpg The Spanish town of Bunol has once again been painted red with tomato juices thanks to the world's biggest food fight 'La Tomatina'.

Each year more then 40,000 people descend on the small Spanish town where some 120 tons of ripe tomatoes are provided for flinging.

And this year was no exception with tomatoes flying from five loaded trucks which made their way around the town at the start of the hour-long event.

At one point the civil guard even had to step in to control some over-zealous tomato throwers, but the event was otherwise well-natured. Now begins the second annual tradition of Bunol… hosing down the streets.

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