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This Wednesday, at the end the event in Plaza de Mayo summoned by the Left Front, combative union and student organizations, neighborhood assemblies and other organizations; he PTS (party that integrates the FAT) held his own event near the plaza in internationalist support for the Palestinian people y strongly denouncing genocide that on that town is consummating State of Israel with the complicity of the imperialist governments and the government of Javier Miley.

The event began with a few words from the student and advisor of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the UBA Luca Bonfantecontinued the deputies Myriam Bregman y Christian Castillo,and the worker from the former Zanon Raul Godoy.

Myriam Bregman took the floor to denounce the extermination plan that the State of Israel is carrying out against the Palestinian people “no more photos of dismembered children, no more photos of women fighting over a bucket of water. And they tell us that it is the only democracy in the Middle East, that is not democracy neither for those children nor for those mothers, nor for those people who are experiencing extermination.”.

He also welcomed and vindicated the student struggles in US universities also in defense of the Palestinian people, who face a police force as brutal as Bullrich’s.They put themselves in front, even teachers of Jewish origin accompany them so that they cannot call them anti-Semitic.” and I add “We have no borders, that is why we are deeply internationalist and we denounce the Yankee and French imperialism that is supporting the State of Israel.

We want our benches to be a platform to express the voice of those who are outside, a platform for all the claims and struggles of working people.”.

At the end he emphasized “ We must fight for an independent exit for the workers, begin to build the general strike and fight for a perspective where, once and for all, the workers govern. Long live workers’ day. Ceasefire. No to genocide

The youth has been carrying out important protests and camps in the most prestigious faculties in the United States and Europe against the genocide in Gaza and in support of the Palestinian people. In our country last week a massive national educational march confirmed that the student movement is willing to take to the streets and play a leading role in defense of public education and against Milei’s adjustment plan. This afternoon hundreds of young people shouted loudly in support of the Palestinian people.

At the end of the zar there took place a new and embarrassing provocation of Patricia Bullrich. The Minister of Security sent hundreds of federal police equipped to try to prevent the demonstration of repudiation of the massacre carried out by Benjamin Netanyahu in Gaza.

But despite the inexplicable repressive operation, nothing could prevent the PTS and his sympathizers loudly sounded the cry of support for the Palestinian people.


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