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275x250.jpgPeople are now more likely to know the names of staff at their favourite takeaway than their own neighbours, it's been discovered.

The worrying find came as part of a study of 1,271 Brits who were asked about their local community and neighbourhood businesses.

While only 16% said they could name their next door neighbours, 19% said they knew the names of staff in their local takeaway.

But it was the local newsagent who proved to be the most recognisable person in most communities, with 32% of people able to name them.

12% of people also said takeaway staff recognised them and greeted them by their first name… which is when you know you are eating too many curries.

tea bathDuring their working life the average Brit will drink enough cups of tea at the office to fill a whopping 60 bath tubs.

Research found the typical office worker sups four cups of tea each day - that's 20 cups per week at work and 1,040 cups a year.

Given the average person works in full-time employment from the age of 18 to 64 that 47,840 cups of tea.

With the average mug holding 250ml of liquid; this would equate to 11,960 litres of tea or coffee consumed in a life time whilst at work. Or, you guessed it, 60 bath tubs.

Personally we're now in need of a nice warm cuppa while we try to digest all those numbers and ponder when 'bath tubs' became a universal measurement of fluids.

275x250.jpg A case of century-old whisky which was buried under Antarctic ice by polar explorer Ernest Shackleton has been flown to Scotland in a private jet.

Last year five case of the forgotten McKinlay spirit were found under an Antarctic hut and taken to a museum in New Zealand to be slowly thawed.

Now, one of those cases has been taken to Scotland distillers Whyte and Mackay - which owns the McKinlay brand - who will test the tipple in full laboratory conditions.

Because the bottles are so rare and valuable, they were flown there on the private jet of owner Dr Vijay Mallya accompanied by Master Blender Richard Paterson… who hopefully resisted having a glass en-route.

275x250.jpg A pair of baking sisters have scored an online hit by creating an amazing range of cupcakes based on Jim Henson's Muppets.

Mandy and Caroline - the people behind Cupcake Occasions - say they were initially commissioned to create the brightly coloured cakes for a wedding last year.

But the resulting cupcake incarnations of characters including Kermit, Miss Piggy and Animal were so impressive images of then went on to become an online hit.

The cakes take all day to produce a box of 12 and sell for £5 each. Apparently they taste as good as they look, but be honest… you would want to spoil them by biting into them would you?

275x250.jpgMany Brits would rather sit in a restaurant and eat a substandard meal or receive poor quality service than complain, it's been found.

A recent survey of 1,000 diners discovered that around two thirds of us have been served a meal of such dubious quality we can remember how bad it was.

But of those, just half said they've actually told restaurant staff how bad the food really is - many are worried about upsetting the chef.

Being served up cold food is said to be the most common gripe amongst restaurant-goers, followed by poor service. Other complaints include bad wine and badly cooked meat.

Yet despite this, most diners suffer in silence when given a dodgy meal -- and even answer a waiter with, "Yes, it good" while preparing to spit food back out into a napkin.

275x250.jpg The inventor of an iPhone-controlled fridge which shoots cans of beer across a room from a CANNON says he now never needs to leave the sofa when he wants a brew.

25-year-old technology consultant Ryan Rusnak came up with the gadget because he was fed up with having to walk to the fridge every time he wanted a drink.

Working with a pal he turned a fridge in a basic vending machine which dropped chilled beers -- and then added a compressed air cannon, web server and iPhone interface.

Now when he wants a beer, he uses his phone to log into the fridge, picks what sort of beer he wants and fires it over to where he is sitting. Basically, he's created the worlds best ever invention.

275x250.jpgToday has been dubbed 'Diet Day' -- after it was found to be the most popular day of the year for Brits to begin 'serious dieting'.

A study of 3,000 people discovered that 49 percent said they were going to be starting a health kick in January in a bid to become fit and lose weight.

Of those, almost 70 percent planned to start today, because it was a Monday and they've already emptied the cupboards of festive treats.

Asked how they planned to make a move towards healthy living, 13 percent said they would be cutting out festive foods like chocolate, nuts and cheese from their diet.

Another 10 percent said they would be joining a gym… which probably make next Thursday the day most Brits will quit their health kick and sit in the jacuzzi rather than exercising.

275x250.jpgThere is a staggering £295 million worth of out of date tins, tubs, herbs and spices hidden in the back of kitchen cupboards, it's been found.

A study of British kitchens has found the typical household pantry contains nine items - worth around £12 - whose sell-by date has long since passed.

Mixed spices, soup, herbs, baking soda and tinned fruit are the most common goods to be found languishing at the back of cupboards.

Sauces, stock cubes, mustard and pickled onions also emerged as items which are rarely used and often go beyond their date before being used.

Slightly worryingly, the study also found six in ten women have deliberately fed their other half out-of-date food. Really.

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