Meet the 7ft long edible gummy snake!

275x250.jpg Forget those little gummy worms you used to get in a pick-and-mix. This is the gummy python, a seven foot long 36,000 calorie monster which is more sweet than you would ever want to eat.

The candy snake is surprisingly detailed and includes intricate eyes, extensive and blended coloring, ridged coils, and thousands of individually carved scales.

But maybe more importantly it is freakishly huge! Weighing in a at 12.2 kilograms (27 pounds) it's almost 8ft long and those 36,720 calories are 18.36 days of an adult's recommended daily allowance.

Retailers suggest the Party Python could be divided into 306 servings of 40 grams and 120 calories each. It's equivalent to 1,109 regular-sized gummy worms.

275x250.jpg A German drinks firm has launched a range of spirits which has been poured over the breasts of a naked model prior to bottling. Really!

G-Spirits sells bottles of rum, whisky and vodka which has been poured over the boobs of voluptuous models before being collected in a special glass basin.

It's claimed the odd process adds to the flavour of the drinks, though the firm are keen to stress they conform to food and hygiene requirements. Medical personnel are also present to verify everything is in order.

A spokesperson for G-Spirits said: "To create the perfect taste we let every single drop of our spirits run over the breasts of a special woman, one whose characteristics we saw reflected in the liquor.

275x250.jpg The world's first high-street shop where customers pay by Tweet instead of money has opened in central London dubbed "The Tweet Shop."

At the standalone retail outlet from Special K, customers are encouraged to put away their money and pay for Cracker Crisps by simply Tweeting a message about the snack.

The shop is staffed by a number of Special K girls in iconic red dresses who will check each customer's Tweet before handing over the crisps.

Kim Murray, 28 from London, was the first person to pay for the product with a Tweet at the Soho's Meard Street store. The shop is open from 9am to 5pm until Friday 28th September.

275x250.jpg The humble roast dinner has topped the poll as Britain’s most nostalgic meal, a study has revealed.

More than half of 2,000 people polled said a roast with all the trimmings was most likely to evoke memories of the taste and sounds of a Sunday lunch, surrounded by their family as a youngster.

Runner up was Shepherd’s Pie, with rice pudding, egg and chips and bangers and mash closely following. Angel Delight came sixth, while beef stew and dumplings filled seventh.

Toad-in-the-hole came in at eighth while cheese on toast and beans on toast completed the top ten.

Researchers also found that 44% said a meal was most likely to remind them of their childhood simply because it was their favourite dish growing up.

275x250.jpg Last year we told you about how President Obama had started brewing beer at the White House. Well now officials have released the recipes which are being used.

It's said that the White House beers were created after Obama bought a home brewing kit for the kitchen and started making recipes from a local brew shop.

Writing online it's said that a couple of home brewers who work in the White House helped to amend the recipes and produce the first alcohol brewed or distilled on the White House grounds.

"Like many home brewers who add secret ingredients to make their beer unique, all of our brews have honey that we tapped from the first ever bee-hive on the South Lawn," said a spokesperson.

275x250.jpg Darth Vader stood at an imposing 6ft 7in tall, weighed over 500 lbs and his cape was made out of 100 lbs of our marshmallow fondant … wait what?

After the success of her Storm Trooper cake, master baker Amanda Oakleaf has created a life-size Darth Vader cake for the 15th anniversary of Star Wars fan organization the 501st Legion.

The Dark Lord cake - which also featured a light saber made out of a solid piece of watermelon flavored poured sugar - fed 600 hungry Legion members at the event at The Rosen Centre Hotel in Orlando.

While a metal frame serves as the skeleton of the Darth Vader cake, ingredients includes 386 eggs, 2 gallons milk, 3.5 cups vanilla, 118 cups/ 32 lbs flour, 46 lbs sugar, 57 lbs butter and 210 lbs of our home-made marshmallow fondant.

In case you were wondering, the Sith Lord tasted predominantly of sponge cake and buttercream icing.

275x250.jpg A new world record has been set for the most burgers flipped simultaneously after 18 people gathered in London and successfully rotated burgers 1,350 times in under a minute.

The event celebrated the art of barbeque cooking at its most competitive and was held by food and entertainment channel Food Network UK to celebrate their ‘On Fire’ festival in Covent Garden.
Other records broken at the 'Burger Flipping Championships' included the most burger flips by one person in under a minute at 87 flips as well as the highest burger flip which reached 5.5 feet.
The Burger Flipping Championships had strict rules in place, tasking participants to successfully turn the burger over from one side to another using only a spatula with one hand, as many times as possible in under a minute. Burgers that fell on the floor were ruled out … there was no three second rule.

275x250.jpg We hope they won't be drinking this beer in the Olympic Athletes' Village, because 'Never Mind the Anabolics' has been brewed containing eight ingredients that are banned for professional athletes.

The limited edition beer contains creatine, guarana, lycii berries, kola nut, Gingko, matcha tea, maca powder and steroids - all banned at the Olympics due to performance enhancing effects.

Scottish craft brewery, BrewDog says it launched the beer in a bid to undermine global sponsorship deals for this summer’s games.

James Watt, cofounder of BrewDog said: "It seems a beer laced with performance enhancing ingredients isn’t actually illegal, but it is definitely frowned upon.

275x250.jpg Ikea is best known for selling flat-pack furniture, but you're more likely to want a bottle-opener than a screwdriver for their latest products … because IKEA has started selling beer.

The Swedish furniture store has launched two beers, a dark lager and a regular brew, which are currently only available in the UK but are set to be rolled out world-wide in August.

Brewed by IKEA themselves, the dark lager 'ÖL MÖRK LAGER' and the lighter alternative 'ÖL LJUS LAGER' both retail for £1.75 and have a 4.7% ABV. Both bottle feature the famous blur and yellow logo.

While we are always happy to see more places selling beer, we're not sure this is going to make assembling that TV stand any easier.

275x250.jpg The Icecreamists are no strangers to controversy - remember their breast milk ice cream? - and something tell us their latest product could be no different. Meet the 'Holy Water' ice lolly.

Dubbed Vice Lolly, the treat mixes holy water with mind-bending 80 per cent absinthe … oh yeah, it's also in the shape of a gun and is being held by a nun in the adverts.

The gun-shaped green popsicle, dubbed the consists of one part alcohol and three parts water from a spring in Lourdes, France, which many Catholics believe has healing powers.
Costing £18.58 the Vice Lolly is available from the Icecreamists shop in Covent Garden.

275x250.jpg A range of salts said to be collected from crying humans experiencing a range of emotions have gone on sale in London, for you to season your food.

The £7 salts - sold by Hoxton Street Monster Supplies - is billed as coming from tears of sorrow, tears shed while sneezing, tears shed while chopping onions, tears of laughter, and tears of anger.

Each salt is said to distinctly different flavour and could certainly add an interesting element to your next dinner party.

A spokesperson said: "Salt Made From Tears combines centuries-old craft with the freshest human tears which are gently boiled, released into shallow crystallisation tanks, then harvested by hand and finally rinsed in brine.

275x250.jpg Chefs have created the world's meatiest sandwich which stands at 1.2 feet high, 24 inches wide and is packed with 41 different types of meats.

The substantial sarnie weighs in at over 2 stone thanks to being filled with 1,445 grams of ham, 2kg of salami, turkey and bacon, 1kg of sausages, 720 grams of chorizo and sprinklings of salad, cheese and gherkins for good measure.

The gargantuan sandwich was created by the Food Network UK and restaurateur Tristan Welsh to mark the launch of Food Network UK show Man Vs Food Nation.

The meaty masterpiece took more than 4 hours to make, and it is anticipated that it will take a whopping 10 hours to finish … they should bring it to Newslite Towers, we could devour it far quicker!

Japanese brewery Kirin have come up with a solution to the beer-drinkers summer problem of a warm brew -- a drink which is served with a frozen foam head.

Ichiban Shibori Frozen Draft features a frozen foam head which makers claim will act as an insulating lid and keep a drink cold for 30 minutes.

The foam is made by cooling the beer to -5C and then pumping it out Mr Whippy style on top of the glass.

275x250.jpg With Brits sacrificing their diet for hectic lifestyles the tradition of eating three meals a day is fast becoming a thing of the past, it has been found.

Researchers, who conducted a study of 2,000 people, found that the standard breakfast, lunch and dinner template is dead, with the average person eating less than two meals a day.

Brits are adjusting their eating habits with half no longer eating a proper breakfast because of a lack of time, while many avoid the meal completely.

And fast-paced lifestyles and snacking culture mean a quarter of Brits manage just two properly cooked meals a week and only 11 full meals in a typical week.

Breakfast is the meal most Brits skip with a fifth claiming they never get hungry in the morning.

275x250.jpg A coffee machine which lets caffeine-addict drivers make an espresso from the comfort of their car has gone on sale. Finally.

The Handpresso Auto is powered by a car's cigarette lighter and takes just two minutes to prepare a high-quality espresso coffee.

Users simply fill the device with water, insert a coffee pod and plug it in. The £125 device then heats the water and after reaching 16 bars of pressure beeps and pours your coffee.

As an added bonus the Handpresso will also make your car smell of coffee… especially if you end up spilling espresso all over your interior.

275x250.jpg Mums spend 260 unnecessary hours slaving over a hot stove because of fussy kids, new national research has revealed.

The typical British mother wastes is said to notch up the extra hours every year by cooking up to three different meals every night.

Over half the nation’s under-pressure mums claim their time is wasted cooking different meals and different times for their fussy families.

Daughters have been pinpointed as the biggest ‘fussy’ culprits, with 35% of the UK claiming they are the pickiest of eaters and most likely to demand different food for dinner than their brothers and parents.

Some households are now cooking up to three different dishes every evening in a bid to please everyone’s taste buds. As well as fussy eaters, partners working late scores highly in the reasons why so many hours are being wasted.

275x250.jpg Some people complain about the cost of drinks in coffee shops, but not Logan Warren -- he recently ordered the most expensive Starbucks drink possible.

Armed with a Starbucks Rewards card entitling him to a "free birthday drink", the computer technician from Nacogdoches, Texas, decided to see what was the most pricey drink one of the barista could prepare for him.

Looking around online, the most expensive he could find was $14 (£8.80) and Logan knew he could do better, especially as there was no fine print or price limit on the offer.

So after consulting with the baristas for half an hour, the result was a $23.60 (£14.95) Java Chip Frappuccino in a Trenta cup with 16 shots of espresso and syrups, shots and powders.

Speaking of the drink, 22-year-old Logan told NewsLite: "We started with the most expensive base drink--a java chip frappuccino, and added 16 shots of espresso, along with a myriad of powders and fruits.

275x250.jpg Chocolate, oysters and Champagne are all foods typically associated with Valentines Day -- bull testicles… not so much.

But that hasn't stopped a chef from creating a testicle-filled pie which he claims will act as an aphrodisiac this Valentines Day.

The aptly named 'Cock and Bull Pie' from artisan ready meal firm Charlie Bigham’s contains only ingredients selected for their aphrodisiac and arousing qualities.

As such the £7.99 pie -- available exclusively from Ocado -- features ‘Mama Juana’ liquor and Ginseng alongside the bulls’ testicles.

Rich in testosterone, the potent properties of bull’s testicles have long been used in India where lovers swear by their power to increase sexual vigour. But will you have the balls to try it this Valentine’s Day?

275x250.jpg There's something satisfying about a glass of beer with a pizza, but for a couple in the US it was too much hassle, so they combined the two -- meet the pizza-flavoured beer.

Tom and Athena Seefurth from St Charles, Illinois came up with the odd brew five years ago and since then their Mamma Mia! Pizza Beer has become a success in the US.

And now the uniquely flavoured beer -- which has tomatoes, basil, oregano and garlic added during the brewing process -- is on its way to the UK
Creator Tom Seefurth said: "It tastes like normal beer when it's on your tongue. But when you swallow you get an aftertaste of pizza topping.

275x250.jpg A letter from a three-and-a-half-year-old girl who wanted to know why Tiger Bread was called that when it looks more like a giraffe has seen the product renamed.

Little Lily Robinson had initially written to Sainsbury's after being confused by the product in her mother's shopping basket and offering a new name for it.

And after customer service man Chris King (aged 27 1/3) replied saying "renaming tiger bread giraffe bread is a brilliant idea" the exchange went viral online.

Now, after a Facebook campaign the supermarket has announced it is officially renaming the loaf. Well done Lily!

275x250.jpg Teachers in Linconshire were so appalled to find a child had been sent to school with a Smartie Sandwich for lunch -- they called for an overhaul of pupils’ eating habits.

After the discovery of the chocolate filled sarnie, health workers at NHS Lincolnshire were sent into schools to assess what pupils were bringing in for lunch.

They found that rather than a balanced diet kids were regularly tucking into crisps, sweets and chocolate for their lunch, which could explain why the region has one of the highest rates of childhood obesity in the country

As such, a free school meals for all system is being trialled which gives children more healthy lunchtime options including baked potatoes and lean meat.

275x250.jpg At Sci-Fi conventions there are always plenty of Stormtroopers, but they're usually just geeks in costumes… this one is a life-sized Stormtrooper cake.

Amanda Oakleaf says when she heard about the Arisia Sci-Fi convention in Boston, one thing which sprung to mind -- creating a edible life-sized soldier of the Empire. Obviously.

So with her husband Tiler and a team of ten cake artists, Amanda set about making the highly impressive 6-foot, 4-inch, 300-pound Star Wars inspired cake.

While a metal frame serves as the skeleton (and it has sculpted Rice Kripsy legs) the cake used some 208 eggs, 140lbs of sugar and 55lbs of marshmallows.

600 hungry convention-goers enjoyed tucking into the cake and each slice had three layers of cake and two layers of italian meringue buttercream… Mmm Stormtrooper.

275x250.jpg A US woman has been arrested after apparently offering McDonalds customers a sexual favours in exchange for some chicken McNuggets.

Khadijah Baseer was reportedly going car to car at a drive-thru in Los Angeles and opening doors before making her offer.

The 31-year-old is said to have told a number of men that she would give then a blow job if they bought her a portion of chicken McNuggets.

Baseer was charged with misdemeanor solicitation and will now appear in court where she could be handed a year in prison and a $1,000 fine.

Before you ask, it's not known what size portion of chicken McNuggets Baseer was after… we've have been holding out for a 20-piece sharer.

275x250.jpg The average Brit will devour 2,453 takeaways during their lifetime, a study has revealed.

Researchers found hungry adults will gorge their way through 188 kebabs, 322 Chinese dishes and 368 pizzas – with the majority eaten on the way home from a night out.
They will also tuck away 375 burgers, 312 portions of fish and chips and 92 hot dogs.
And this dodgy diet doesn't only hit your waist-line, we are each said to fork out a wallet-busting £17,250 to feed our fast food habits.

Chinese was said to be the nation's favourite takeaway, followed by
Fish and chips, Pizza and Indian.

275x250.jpg In news which will have children everywhere dreading Christmas Day dinner, farmers say they're currently seeing a bumper Brussels Sprouts crop.

It's been reported that not only has the vegetable ripened three weeks earlier than usual -- but they are also bigger than ever before.

Mild weather conditions have meant that the typical Brussels Sprout will this year weigh 25g compared to the usual 20g and is even more flavoursome.

A spokeswoman for the Love Your Greens campaign group said: "The mild dry weather has been really good for the crop and helped produce very high quality sprouts."

275x250.jpg Foodie cheese-makers have created what they hope will be an indulgent addition to your Christmas menu -- a Stilton cheese made of real gold.

Clawson Stilton Gold will sell for £60.87 per 100g slice, or £608 a kilo -- that's 67 times more pricey than regular Stilton.

Taking the title of the most expensive UK cheese ever made it would even cost £6 just for the cheese to top one cracker.

Makers Clawson say the premium white Stilton is so expensive because it's shot-through with a combination of real edible gold leaf, real gold-liqueur.

They claim to have already been contacted by a Gulf-based oil sheikh and a famous pop star desperate to add a piece of the unique cheese.

275x250.jpg Festive hampers are normally full of tasty treats like mince pies and Christmas puddings -- but not this one, this contains an ice axe and rescue flares.

That's because the £699 Adventure Hamper -- which goes on sale at Selfridges -- has been created by Bompas & Parr for would-be explorers.

The hamper is said to contain an array of provisions and equipment to inspire adventure including functional pickles and jams that will help with malaria, altitude sickness or insect bites.

Candied Milk is there as a high fat preserve for cold climates, pickled shallots & juniper could be used to wash jellyfish stings and garlic & mustard seed, to prevent insect bites.

But it's not all functional foods… there's also a Magnum of a Piper-Heidsieck Rare Vintage 1998 to celebrate the successful expedition.

275x250.jpg Police in Pennsylvania say two men have been arrested after stealing a teenager's meatball sandwich at gunpoint.

The dopey duo apparently robbed a 13-year-old-boy by threatening him with a gun and telling him to empty his pockets.

But they then proceeded to take just his tasty meatball sandwich before fleeing in a nearby car.

Officers say they soon arrested the sandwich-nabbing men because the teen called 911 from his mobile… which the duo failed to take.

Police say they recovered a gun and the sandwich… it's not clear what happened to the sandwich after it was taken into police custody.

275x250.jpg A judge has ruled that a US man can never own more than 10 avocados after he was found to have stolen an estimated 1,000lb of the fruit.

Barron Stein is now banned from being in procession of more than 10 of the soft green fruits after admitting the theft.

The 44-year-old has also been told as part of his three-year probation he can not visit any avocado groves during this time.

Unemployed Stein is said to have stolen the mass of avocados to support his family and ensure they had food to eat.

The family will probably be pleased with the ruling as it could bean they finally get a meal which doesn't include guacamole.

275x250.jpg It may look like typical Full English breakfast, but this meal is actually an impressive sweet dessert made by a talented cook.

Vicky McDonald -- a food blogger at -- says she spent weeks perfecting the dish to make sure it looked just like the real thing but tasted wonderfully sweet.

As such the bacon is really coloured brandy snap biscuits, the egg is a dollop of panna cotta topped with lemon curd and the sausages are caramelised peanut butter sponge cakes.

The hash browns are brioche coated with panko breadcrumbs, the black pudding is chocolate biscuit cake and the beans are tiny biscuits coated in white chocolate and coated in a fruit coulis.

275x250.jpg A food artist had set a new world record for building the world’s largest edible Taj Mahal sculpture… using curry ingredients from pilau rice and poppadoms to Bombay potatoes.

Prudence Staite spent more than 5 days creating the 3ft X 10ft X 5ft poppadom palace -- complete with the iconic white domes of the Taj Mahal made from Chipati bread.

Commissioned by Food Network UK to celebrate the launch of its new series Reza, Spice Prince of India the edible Taj Mahal sculpture, pilau rice creates the main structure of the Taj.

Poppadoms make up part of the garden with green chillies placed as trees and mango chutney adding more garden decoration… Mmm yummy garden decoration.

275x250.jpgIt may not have been a barbecue summer -- but research suggests it might have been a Bhuna one!

Research has discovered that Britain's poor weather over the summer caused a sales surge in curry.

A study of more than 800 curry restaurants and takeaways found the majority saw a spike in sales compared to the same period last year.

Asked what had caused the curry surge, restauranteurs claimed it was because of the poor weather and people developing a taste for spicy food.

So what do you think, did you turn to a vindaloo to give your summer a bit of heat?

275x250.jpgTV chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall has irked animal lovers by defending eating puppies in an interview.

The River Cottage star -- who spent five months as a vegetarian for his new series -- was being interviewed by Radio Times about meat eating.

Asked about whether he would be willing to eat pets he said: "In principle, but not in practice, I have no objection to a high-welfare organic puppy farm."

Fearnley-Whittingstall said he'd have to be "on the point of starvation" before tucking into a dog -- but that ruling them out would be a cultural decision.

He also claimed that people who eat pigs should be prepared to eat puppies too… though we think it's highly unlikely he'll be releasing a 'how to cook your pets' cookbook any time soon.

An enormous avocado which grows to 10 times of standard varieties is set to  hit UK supermarket shelves… which is good news for fans of guacamole.

The jumbo avocado, of the ‘Linda’ variety, weighs up to 1.5kg which is more that the weight of two international Rugby balls!

A spokesperson for Waitrose, who will sell the monster, say the fruit stays on trees in Peru’s Chincha valley for up to one year to achieve its exceptional size.

The huge avocado, which sells for £4.99 is big enough to make a dish of guacamole or retro avocado and prawn starters to serve dinner party guests. 

A vending machine which prepares and cooks pizzas in under two minutes could soon be launched on the streets of New York.

The automated Pizzametry pizzeria not only delivers freshly baked pizza (not microwaved) in a matter of minutes, but diners can also watch it being cooked.

Once a user has selected the type of pizza they want, they will see the dough flattened into a base and then the tomato sauce, cheese and toppings added before it's sent to the oven.

Inventor Puzant Khatchadourian says each machine can hold the ingredients required to produce 150 pizzas and that the eight-inch pizzas are delivered in a box with a disposable pizza cutter.

275x250.jpg Revelers at Germany's Oktoberfest have consumed more beer than ever before -- with a massive 7.5 million litres being knocked back at the famous event.

6.9 million visitors are said to have attended the 17-day event in Munich -- many having donned traditional Bavarian lederhosen for the occasion.

Once there it was all about the beer and food. In addition to the the beer, bosses say hundreds of thousands of sausages and roast chickens were eaten.

And this year brawls were at a record low -- only 58 fights saw drinkers wielding their Masskrugs (litre beer glasses) as weapons... which is apparently and improvement on previous years.

275x250.jpg Two people have been hospitalised after taking part in a "world's hottest chilli" competition at an Indian restaurant in Edinburgh.

The duo -- who were bidding to become Scotland’s 2011 Kurry King or Queen --
were battling it out by eating progressively hotter dishes.

Organisers of the charity event said the 'Kismot Killer' curry was of "nuclear strength" and made with some of the worlds hottest chillies.

Unfortunately it was too strong for some contestants taking part in the charity event and they suffered a violent reaction.

While the British Red Cross had been on hand at the event, the Scottish Ambulance Service had to be called to deal with the fallout, so to speak.

275x250.jpgForget worrying about the occasional fly in your soup -- the European Union thinks it could be the future… along with munching on other insects too.

A £2.65m research project is currently being conducted into whether we should all start eating creepy crawlies as part of out usual diet, reports the Sunday Times.

It's thought entomophagy, eating the likes of locusts and crickets, could provide a valuable souse of calcium and protein as the world population grows prompting food shortages.

Insects are also said to be the heathy option, grasshoppers can offer 20% protein with a tiny 6% fat, compared to lean ground beef's 24% protein and 18% fat.

But would you fancy snacking on silkworm moth larvae, or locusts? Personally we quite like the idea… now if only we could find a good spider recipe, we've seen a few crawling around Newslite Towers recently.

275x250.jpg The Spanish town of Bunol has once again been painted red with tomato juices thanks to the world's biggest food fight 'La Tomatina'.

Each year more then 40,000 people descend on the small Spanish town where some 120 tons of ripe tomatoes are provided for flinging.

And this year was no exception with tomatoes flying from five loaded trucks which made their way around the town at the start of the hour-long event.

At one point the civil guard even had to step in to control some over-zealous tomato throwers, but the event was otherwise well-natured. Now begins the second annual tradition of Bunol… hosing down the streets.

275x250.jpg A team from Lithuania have set a new world record by preparing a cup of coffee in a air balloon flying at more than 20,000 feet (6.3km) high.

Nidas Kiuberis, Grazvydas Vilcinskas and Vytautas Samarinas had to don protective clothing and oxygen masks before reaching the impressive height.

Once there - with a temperature of around -20C - they used a special Aeropress coffee maker to push hot water through the filter and produce a quality cup of coffee.

Coffee expert Kiuberis then took off his oxygen mask and quickly tasted it before putting the mask back on. He said the brew was "as tasty as on earth" not better "as tasty" -- so worth flying to 20,000ft then?

275x250.jpgUnadventurous Brits refuse to eat local cuisine and rarely leave their holiday complex when going abroad, it's been revealed.

Despite jetting off to far-flung destinations, four in 10 people admit they only travel abroad for the sunshine.

A third say they prefer to stick with English food such as fish and chips than try anything more exciting from local menus.

And 47% even claim they would rather eat in well-known burger and fast-food restaurants than sampling some of the more exotic delicacies.

In fact, 22% won’t eat at restaurants which don’t have English speaking staff… though 'steak and chips' is understood pretty much around the world.

275x250.jpg America can once again proudly call itself home to the world's largest hamburger -- after a monster weighing 777lbs was created in California.

A team of 10 people spent 13 hours just cooking the meat for this gargantuan burger which was flipped every hour and produced at the Alameda County Fair.

The meat-feast surpassed the previous record of 590lbs and was topped off with a 110lb bun, 20lbs of onions, 12lbs of pickles and 30lbs of lettuce.

Organisers say the whopper contained around 1,375,000 calories -- almost enough to feed one person for two years -- and bits of it were sold off to raise money for charity.

275x250.jpgA pub in New Zealand has started selling a rather odd drink… apple flavoured horse semen. Yes you read that correctly.

Bosses at The Green Man Pub in Wellington say they started offering the spunky 30ml shots after coming up with it for a food contest.

And they have been blown away by the demand for the £12 drink which is served chilled and is said to contain about 300 million individual horse sperm cells.

Steve Drummond said women have been more curious than men about the unique drink.. though men have often dared each other into downing one.

He added there was also one female customer who's commented she was concerned because she thought she might conceive children with long faces. It's not known how much she'd had to drink first.

275x250.jpg Strawberries and cream, it's the classic Wimbledon treat which is as sophisticated as it is tasty… or it was until it was served up on a sandwich.

That's because supermarket chain Tesco has released a not exactly delightful looking, strawberries, jam and clotted cream sandwich in time for Wimbledon

Sold in Union Flag packaging to support Andy Murray and made using poppy seed bread, the bizarre sandwich costs £1 and is thought to be the only commercially available sweet sandwich.

After tasting it, we can understand why this is the first time anyone's created a strawberries and cream sandwich… it's foul… and we don't need Hawk-Eye for a second opinion.

275x250.jpgPolice in the US say they were shocked when a woman recently called 911 to report she'd received the wrong order from a Chinese takeaway.

officials have now released the audio of the odd call in a bid to highlight that it's a misdemeanour to call 911 unless it is an emergency.

During the two minute call, the woman asks for officers to be dispatched to the restaurant in Savannah to rectify her situation.

She states that she'd ordered food but had been given the wrong order - and that the staff were then refusing to give her a refund.

Officers WERE eventually dispatched… but only because she was getting disorderly and needed to be warned she could have faced 911 abuse charges.

275x250.jpg Given how many times boffins have attempted to calculate the formula behind the perfect cup of tea, you'd think they'd already cured cancer.

And now they're at it again with a team from the University of Northumbria this time claiming to have unlocked the secrets of the perfect cuppa.

After 180 hours of research and 285 cups of tea, the boffins say they deduced tea is best drunk six minutes after two minutes of brewing and adding 10ml of milk.

However, we realised the study was rubbish (or that we were tea snobs) after reading that they said a teabag should be used, rather than loose tea.

275x250.jpg Meet the world’s most exclusive and expensive kebab. And with a retail value of a whopping £750, this posh creation is not one for enjoying at 3am on Saturday morning after a heavy drinking session.

Dubbed the ‘King of Kebabs’ the gastronomic creation, from chef Andy Bates, comes complete with saffron infused flat bread, milk-fed lamb from the Pyrenees and edible gold leaf garnish.

Also on the expensive kebab is Champagne infused mint and cucumber yoghurt, micro cress and lettuce, Ceour de Beouf tomatoes and oregano concass along with some Barrel Aged Yews Feta cheese.

But don't expect to find it in your local kebab shop, the 'King of Kebabs' was created for Food Network UK mark the launch of The Great Food Truck Race. Which means if you want to try it, you'll need to source that Saffron infused flatbread yourself.

275x250.jpg It looks like we will soon find out which side of the Marmite 'love it or hate it' debate the Danish government stands -- because the spread could be banned from shops.

The potential ban comes as part of a clampdown on foods fortified with vitamins and minerals, and the sticky stuff will need to be accessed by food officials.

It had been reported earlier today that Marmite had already been pulled from shelves in Denmark, but officials say they are yet to make a ruling.

The Danish Food and Veterinary Administration say an application for sale could take up to six months to be decided… whereas most people know if they love or hate Marmite in an instant.

275x250.jpg Space may be the final frontier -- but why shouldn't you be able to enjoy a beer while exploring it? Well, thanks to an intrepid team of Australian brewers, you might.

An Ozzie microbrewery has teamed up with space engineers from a astronautics firm to develop a special brew with would be ideal supped in space.

Jaron Mitchell of 4 Pines Brewing Company says that with the expected growth of space tourism, there's going to be a burgeoning market for space booze.

That's why he's teamed up with Jason Held of Saber Astronautics to create the beer which will be specifically designed to be enjoyed in zero gravity.

275x250.jpgIt's safe to say that Don Gorske enjoys a good burger, or to be more precise, it's safe to say he is a fan of the Big Mac.

We know this because the McDonald's fan just ate his 25,000th. That's right 25,000 Big Macs since he first sunk his choppers into one 39 years ago.

Thought to have eaten more Big Macs than anyone else on the planet, the 59-year-old says he can't get enough of the two patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, and onions all on a sesame seed bun.

Gorske ate his first ever Big Mac on May 17, 1972 and was so taken with the taste he ate nine that day alone.

Since then he's tucked into at least one on most days - he's only had eight Big Mac free days - and despite his slim figure, consumed a whopping 13.5 millions calories.

275x250.jpg Popsicles are normally a effective and cheap way to cool off -- but not at a hotel resort in Mexico, they've launched a lavish $1,000 tequila ice lolly.

The expensive icy treat may come served on a classic plastic stick, but it's made from premium tequila which sells for £1,000 per bottle rather than fruit squash.

But should the Tequilas Premium Clase Azul Ultra not be enough of a draw, there is also the little matter of the 24 ct. gold flakes the Tequila Pop contains.

Bosses at the Marquis Los Cabos resort in Baja California Sur say they expect the premium popsicle to prove popular, but that those on a budget may prefer a straight shot of the Clase Azul Ultra… a snip at $500 a shot.

275x250.jpg Airline food served on little plastic trays is always sure to divide opinion -- but one unique restaurant is redefining what you'd expect to eat on-board a plane.

That's because this unusual eatery, which is the first of it's kind in the UK, is set inside a Douglas DC6 aircraft and run by 35-year-old chef Tony Caunce at Coventry Airport.

With a fully-functioning bar on-board, punters can enjoy draught beers and wines with food from under a tenner up to just £15 for a fillet steak...meaning the owners can brag that the prices aren't too sky high.

The 40-seater restaurant opened two weeks ago with an aviation-themed menu including an 8oz Rapide, Vampire gammon steak, Bomber T-bone steak and a Meteor marinade fillet… luckily you don't have to eat with a tiny plastic knife and fork.

275x250.jpgCreators of an odd breast milk ice cream which banned by a council and threatened with legal action from Lady Gaga, say it will be back on sale soon.

Last year, the Icecreamists parlour introduced 'Baby Gaga' a £14 ice cream made from human breast milk which was served with a rusk and shot of Calpol.

But shortly after the launch, Westminster Council banned the ice cream and over health concerns and Lady Gaga threatened them with legal action over the name.

However, the wacky product will this week once again go on sale again in London’s Covent Garden at a new political ice cream installation. Apparently that's a thing.

It's hoped that a name change to 'Baby Goo Goo' (see what they did there?) will help the breast milk ice cream stay out of legal trouble this time around.

275x250.jpgResearchers found millions of British women now struggle to rustle up everyday dishes, which their mums wouldn't have batted an eyelid at.

Many also admit the man of the house is now better at cooking than they are, while others are just too busy to find time to get to grips with a recipe book.

The report - which looked at the culinary skills of 2,000 people - also found a handful cannot boil and egg and wouldn't feel confident cooking a fry up.

It was discovered that the typical female can cook just seven different meals from
scratch - HALF as many as their mums regularly served up.

More than one in five struggle with a basic curry, one in six can't bake a cake and three in ten have 'no idea' how to make a meringue… you can almost hear the collective gasp of horror from the WI can't you?

275x250.jpg Bookies recently gave punters the chance to bet on what would be served as the main course at the wedding dinner of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Offering odds of 50/1 it would be pizza.

Well we wonder what odds they would give that this royal wedding pizza portrait would be making its way to plates at the event?

The odd pizza has been created by food artists working for Papa John’s as a way of celebrating the forthcoming marriage (and getting Papa John’s mentioned in the news).

Kate’s veil is made from mushrooms and her dress from cheese, while William’s morning suit has been created out of salami and peppers… that's the pizza we're talking about, not the clothes for the big day.

275x250.jpg In a bid to celebrate Pancake Day in the only way they know how, staff from TV channel Food Network UK have created the world's tallest stack of pancakes. And why not.

The impressive pancake tower took over 13 hours to produce and required a whopping 253 eggs, 11lbs of flour and over 26 pints of milk.

After the hours of hard work they were lest with 725 pancakes which were stacked into a 32 inch high tower to break the current record.

Should you fancy setting pancake-based record yourself when you get home, the highest pancake flip currently stands at 9.17m, the largest pancake measured 15m long and the most pancakes eaten in 1 hour by an individual is 855. Good luck.

275x250.jpgA London council is said to have confiscated a batch of breast milk ice cream which was due to be sold at a wacky restaurant in Covent Garden.

The Icecreamists had launched their Baby Gaga breast milk ice cream last week with much fanfare and media attention.

But since then Westminster council say there has been a number of complaints from members of the public and the FSA have expressed concerns.

Apparently they were concerned that viruses - in this case potentially hepatitis - could be passed on to diners making it unfit for human consumption.

As a result council officers have visited the premises and removed all ice cream being sold as containing breast milk… we dread to think what they will use instead.

275x250.jpg A wacky restaurant in London has started selling ice cream which is made from human breast milk… and served with a rusk and shot of Calpol.

Bosses at The Icecreamists in Covent Garden say the £14 per serving 75% breast milk ice cream - dubbed Baby Gaga - is surprisingly tasty and good for you.

After the breast milk has been expressed on site it is pasteurised and then churned with Madagascan vanilla pods and lemon zest. Then it's ready to go on sale.

Because of demand, the restaurant is now appealing for breast milk donations and say women will be paid £15 for every 10 ounces of milk… who's going to be nipping out to give it a try?

275x250.jpg37% of Brits say they live on a diet of ready meals, snacks and left-overs from Monday to Friday and never cooking a mid-week evening meal.

A survey of 3,000 people found that many never cook their mid week evening meal from scratch and always go for the easy option.

70% attribute their dependency on convenience meals and snacks to hectic and stressful lives blaming working longer hours and parenting commitments.

And despite one in three thinking their health is suffering due to their eating habits the average Brit spends only 32 minutes creating their mid-week evening meal.

32 mintute, I know, it's crazy... haven't these people ever heard of a microwave.

275x250.jpgMeasuring a mouth-burning 1.17 million on the Scoville Scale, this is the the hottest chilli in the world… and it was grown by accident in Lincolnshire.

Dubbed the 'Infinity Chilli' the fiery food has been tested by boffins who say it's considerably hotter than previous title holder, the Bhut Jolokia, from India.

It was grown by green-fingered Nick Woods who runs 'Fire Foods' from his home and says one day he notices the crossbreed chilli in his greenhouse.

Intrigued, he decided to sample it, but he soon regretted the move when a powerful burning sensation hit the back of his throat and was so strong he couldn't talk.

Speaking of the chilli he said: "I felt physically sick. I really wouldn't recommend anybody eat it raw like that"… obviously we didn't ask him for a quote straight after eating one.

275x250.jpgPeople are now more likely to know the names of staff at their favourite takeaway than their own neighbours, it's been discovered.

The worrying find came as part of a study of 1,271 Brits who were asked about their local community and neighbourhood businesses.

While only 16% said they could name their next door neighbours, 19% said they knew the names of staff in their local takeaway.

But it was the local newsagent who proved to be the most recognisable person in most communities, with 32% of people able to name them.

12% of people also said takeaway staff recognised them and greeted them by their first name… which is when you know you are eating too many curries.

tea bathDuring their working life the average Brit will drink enough cups of tea at the office to fill a whopping 60 bath tubs.

Research found the typical office worker sups four cups of tea each day - that's 20 cups per week at work and 1,040 cups a year.

Given the average person works in full-time employment from the age of 18 to 64 that 47,840 cups of tea.

With the average mug holding 250ml of liquid; this would equate to 11,960 litres of tea or coffee consumed in a life time whilst at work. Or, you guessed it, 60 bath tubs.

Personally we're now in need of a nice warm cuppa while we try to digest all those numbers and ponder when 'bath tubs' became a universal measurement of fluids.

275x250.jpg A case of century-old whisky which was buried under Antarctic ice by polar explorer Ernest Shackleton has been flown to Scotland in a private jet.

Last year five case of the forgotten McKinlay spirit were found under an Antarctic hut and taken to a museum in New Zealand to be slowly thawed.

Now, one of those cases has been taken to Scotland distillers Whyte and Mackay - which owns the McKinlay brand - who will test the tipple in full laboratory conditions.

Because the bottles are so rare and valuable, they were flown there on the private jet of owner Dr Vijay Mallya accompanied by Master Blender Richard Paterson… who hopefully resisted having a glass en-route.

275x250.jpg A pair of baking sisters have scored an online hit by creating an amazing range of cupcakes based on Jim Henson's Muppets.

Mandy and Caroline - the people behind Cupcake Occasions - say they were initially commissioned to create the brightly coloured cakes for a wedding last year.

But the resulting cupcake incarnations of characters including Kermit, Miss Piggy and Animal were so impressive images of then went on to become an online hit.

The cakes take all day to produce a box of 12 and sell for £5 each. Apparently they taste as good as they look, but be honest… you would want to spoil them by biting into them would you?

275x250.jpgMany Brits would rather sit in a restaurant and eat a substandard meal or receive poor quality service than complain, it's been found.

A recent survey of 1,000 diners discovered that around two thirds of us have been served a meal of such dubious quality we can remember how bad it was.

But of those, just half said they've actually told restaurant staff how bad the food really is - many are worried about upsetting the chef.

Being served up cold food is said to be the most common gripe amongst restaurant-goers, followed by poor service. Other complaints include bad wine and badly cooked meat.

Yet despite this, most diners suffer in silence when given a dodgy meal -- and even answer a waiter with, "Yes, it good" while preparing to spit food back out into a napkin.

275x250.jpg The inventor of an iPhone-controlled fridge which shoots cans of beer across a room from a CANNON says he now never needs to leave the sofa when he wants a brew.

25-year-old technology consultant Ryan Rusnak came up with the gadget because he was fed up with having to walk to the fridge every time he wanted a drink.

Working with a pal he turned a fridge in a basic vending machine which dropped chilled beers -- and then added a compressed air cannon, web server and iPhone interface.

Now when he wants a beer, he uses his phone to log into the fridge, picks what sort of beer he wants and fires it over to where he is sitting. Basically, he's created the worlds best ever invention.

275x250.jpgToday has been dubbed 'Diet Day' -- after it was found to be the most popular day of the year for Brits to begin 'serious dieting'.

A study of 3,000 people discovered that 49 percent said they were going to be starting a health kick in January in a bid to become fit and lose weight.

Of those, almost 70 percent planned to start today, because it was a Monday and they've already emptied the cupboards of festive treats.

Asked how they planned to make a move towards healthy living, 13 percent said they would be cutting out festive foods like chocolate, nuts and cheese from their diet.

Another 10 percent said they would be joining a gym… which probably make next Thursday the day most Brits will quit their health kick and sit in the jacuzzi rather than exercising.

275x250.jpgThere is a staggering £295 million worth of out of date tins, tubs, herbs and spices hidden in the back of kitchen cupboards, it's been found.

A study of British kitchens has found the typical household pantry contains nine items - worth around £12 - whose sell-by date has long since passed.

Mixed spices, soup, herbs, baking soda and tinned fruit are the most common goods to be found languishing at the back of cupboards.

Sauces, stock cubes, mustard and pickled onions also emerged as items which are rarely used and often go beyond their date before being used.

Slightly worryingly, the study also found six in ten women have deliberately fed their other half out-of-date food. Really.

275x250.jpgBritish cheese-makers have announced they are to release a beer made from Stilton cheese. No, we're not convinced either.

The unusual brew is said to capture the distinctive flavour of creamy and salty blue cheese and is made by combining stilton whey with beer wort.

This produces a 4.2 percent real ale "The Blue Brew" which drinkers will be glad to know is a traditional chestnut-coloured ale rather than a blue concoction.

Bosses from the Stilton Cheesemakers Association and Belvoir Brewery say it took several attempts to get the drink right but they are convinced drinkers will like the taste.

Would you try a cheese beer, what cheese would you like to see turned into a beer? Let us know in the comments. We're off for a pint of Cheddar Artois.

275x250.jpg If you were buying a Heston Blumenthal Christmas pudding at his restaurant The Fat Duck, you’d expect it to be pretty expensive.

And you'd probably think it would be far cheaper if you could pick one up on eBay which had originally been sold in Waitrose for £13.99… but you'd be wrong.

The Hidden Orange Christmas puds are currently changing hands on the internet auction site for vast amounts, some have already sold for more than £120.

This has prompted other scrooges (who are obviously struggling to find their Christmas spirit) to list their puddings for as much a £350 each.

English fry-up is Brits top hangover meal

275x250.jpgThe traditional English fry up was yesterday voted as Britain's favourite hangover food.

A tasty combination of eggs, bacon, sausage, beans and hash browns was the winner by a mile in the poll of 3,000 people.

The humble bacon sandwich came second and a simple plate of just eggs and bacon was the third choice hangover meal.

Other popular options include a McDonald's breakfast, beans on toast and a stuffed crust pizza.

60% say they wake up starving after a night out drinking and that they hate cooking when hungover… to be honest we hate most things when hungover.

275x250.jpgNew York is said to be the city that never sleeps, and now a coffee consisting of 10 shots of espresso has gone on sale there, we can believe it.

Coffee shop The Pulp & The Bean say their 20-ounce 10 shot Dieci - Italian for 10 - offers the ultimate "jolt to get going".

Tony Fisher, the owner of the Brooklyn store, says he came up with the idea while thinking about possible new drinks to offer.

Speaking to Newslite he said: "It dawned on me that people love the espresso so much, why not give them more of it." So he did.

And the drink, which is only available for one week, has already become a hit with students pulling all-might study sessions… like anyone believes that's what they are really staying up for. 

275x250.jpgHigh stress levels at work causes one in three people to comfort eat throughout the day, a study has found.

Research revealed the combination of long hours and a heavy workload causes millions of workers to reach for unhealthy snacks and treats.
It also emerged eight out of ten people regularly gorge on sweets or chocolate to cheer themselves up -- with many then going home for more comfort foods.
Cold weather is also said to tempt more people into comfort eating with 33% of people saying they do it more in winter.

The study of 3,000 people also revealed we spend an average of 1h 40m thinking about food every day… especially when being asked survey questions about it.

275x250.jpg Some people like a big cup of coffee in the morning to wake them up. But not usually this big -- this is the world's biggest mug of java.

The 8 foot tall cup contains a massive 2,010 gallons of freshly brewed coffee - that's the same as 32,160 regular cups.

It took a team of people more than eight hours to brew all the coffee required, who were in turn powered by several cups of coffee.

The previous Guinness World Record for largest cup of coffee was set in 2007 at just 911.5 gallons… that's now a medium a Starbuck.

275x250.jpgMen feel instantly relaxed and are less aggressive when they look at cooked red meat, scientists have claimed.

Boffins from  McGill University in Canada conducted a study involving 82 men and found looking at cooked red meat made them significantly less aggressive.

The researchers - thinking about historical competition between hunters - had initially expected seeing meat to prompt aggression between people.

But after using standard aggression measuring techniques they found that looking at images of cooked red meat had the opposite effect.

It's now though this calming effect could be traced back to early humans who would have been relaxed while eating in the company of family members… well they weren't trying to watch TV were they?

275x250.jpgThe average curry-loving Brit will spend a massive £30,200 on Indian food in their lifetime, it has been claimed.

Researchers found the typical adult splashes out £9.60-a-head on the spicy stuff each week - including takeaways, ingredients and sauces.

That adds up to £483 every year -- or £30,200 over the average curry-eating lifetime.

It was also found Chicken Tikka Masala was the nation's favourite curry, followed by Chicken Jalfrezi and Chicken Madras, and that Brits cook one curry at home each week.

Slightly worrying was fact one-in-four people said curry is an aphrodisiac for them… if only because we know what eating one can do to us, but maybe that's the six bottles of Cobra.

275x250.jpg A controversial restaurant which prides itself on serving unhealthy food has launched a new promotion where diners weighing over 25 stone eat for free.

Heart Attack Grill has for several years served massive death-defying burgers in a medically themed setting -- much to the annoyance of dieticians.

But now the people behind the Quadruple Bypass Burger (and lard fried chips) have gone one step further, by telling fatties weighting over 350lbs they can eat for free.

Just in case the move wasn't controversial enough founder "Dr Jon" suggests their meals are best enjoyed with a cold beer and a cigarette.

275x250.jpg A gardener who prides himself on growing boot-iful looking vegetables says he was shocked to discover a foot-shaped carrot in his allotment.

Stuart Boulton was harvesting his crop in Darlington when he noticed one of his carrots was oddly shaped, after clearing the soil from it he realised what it looked like.

With five knobbly ends growing off the main body the carrot looks just like a foot - albeit a slightly deformed and bright orange one.

Stuart then did what any proud gardener would, he posed for a picture with the carrot foot and made a soup with the it… he insists it didn't taste in the slightest bit sweaty.

275x250.jpgA gummy worm 128 times bigger than the usual sweet, measuring 26 inches long and packing 4,000 calories has gone on sale online.

The mega-sweet is identical to the two-tone ones you enjoyed as a child, but everything about it is bigger, including the £18 price.

With an impressive 5-inch girth the ribbed sweet contains 46 cubic inches of candy - that's the same as 128 regular gummy worms or 840 regular gummy bears.

The monster worm comes in a variety of flavours from pineapple and cherry to lemon and orange and each one contains almost double the recommended daily calorie intake.

Even makers of the world's largest Gummy worm agree it's not that healthy and don't advise eating it one sitting… though they do suggest carving it like a Christmas turkey. 

When ordering a takeaway, most people have it delivered to their home, but not everyone, as this list of odd takeaway order destinations proves.

A takeaway ordering website has analysed their sales data to discover the strangest places people wanted their food delivering.

Bizarrely it was found previous orders had been delivered a sites including a swimming pool, a roundabout... and a graveyard.

Other strange delivery destinations included a garden centre, a library and the ship HMS Victory.

And some brave people even dared to order a takeaway to a slimming organisation and personal favorite a gym.

275x250.jpg A UK based photographer has spent three years touring the world in a bid to find some of the most disgusting meals ever prepared.

And if dishes like stir-fried Tarantula and deep-fred frog are anything to go by, it looks like he has more than succeeded.

Neil Setchfield has now complied the results of his gastronomic horror world tour into a book which is considerably more gruesome than most cook books.

Highlights of this 'extreme global cuisine' include delicacies such as crispy Dragonflies on a stick (above) and Frog porridge.

Boffins claim they've cracked the secret which will enable them to create Willy Wonka style sweets which replicate three meals in a single stick of gum.

Scientist Dave Hart, from the Institute of Food Research, says he can turn Roald Dahl’s eccentric gourmet gum invention into reality -- and luckily, without the unpleasant side effects!

Working with a team from the National Science & Engineering Competition he says nanotechnology can be used to encapsulate and release flavours in a precisely controlled way.

Hart and his team are currently experimenting with boiled sweets which have different flavour layers separated with a tasteless gelatine and contain a final desert taste at the centre, encapsulated in a high-tech gel called Gellan.

While he says a chewing gum might be a few years away, it he proclaims his boiled sweets a success -- and he hasn't even turned any children into blueberries, or so he says.

275x250.jpg A healthy (and very purple) variety of potato has gone on sale in UK supermarkets and is set to make your dinner look decidedly different.

Purple Majesty potatoes are said to contains up to 10 times the level of antioxidant, anthocyanins compared to the traditional pale variety.

They were developed at Colorado State University and after being grown in Scotland have today gone on sale in 100 Sainsbury’s stores.

Growers claim the odd spuds taste just like normal potatoes, are more appealing to children and can be mashed, roasted or made into chips… like kids need another reason to eat chips.

A man left staff at a McDonald's in Swansea more than a little bemused when he made a late night stop at their drive-thru… on a horse.

The unnamed man - who has been dubbed 'the horseman of the Happy Meal' - had calmly trotted up to the window of the McDonald's drive-thru.

Filmed by a group of guys, who appear to have enjoyed a night out, he then placed his order before making his way to the second window to collect his food.

Interestingly, staff act like this sort of thing happens every day and paused only briefly to compliment the rider-diner on his stallion before he rode off into the distance.

For those of you who were wondering he ordered a Big Mac and fries… well horses don't come with a drinks-holder do they.

Most people are non-discriminatory when it comes to their love of chocolate and enjoy it whether it's milk, dark or even white.

But all that could be about to change after it was announced a Marmite flavoured chocolate bar is set to go on sale.

Makers say the £3 treat - which will be sold at department stores including BHS and Debenhams - contains a hint of the sticky yeast-based spread.

Each 100g bar contains two percent Marmite flavouring including yeast extract, onion and garlic powder -- which should be more than enough to divide opinion.

It could also explain why the product is called "Very Peculiar Milk Chocolate". Do you think you will like it? Will you even try it? Let us know in the comments.

The average British office worker shells out an incredible £2,000 a year - on their lunch, new research has revealed.

Despite the recession, a third of Brits still spend around £4 a day - that's £986.40 a year - on sandwiches, salads, baguettes and soup.

On top of that they will also shell out £1.33 a day on snacks between meals, adding up to £6.65 a week or £319.20 a year.

But it doesn't stop there. One in ten buys their breakfast every day, at a cost of £14.05 a week and one in 20 even heads to a cafe or restaurant for their lunch.

36 percent of people claim they do this because they're too lazy to make something at home… thought may just want any excuse to get away from colleagues.

275x250.jpgFour-out-of-ten dinner party hosts admit serving up desserts such as Creme Brulee - purely to give off an faux air of sophistication.
A recent poll found a large percentage of people who organise evening get togethers choose a 'posh pud' to impress their guests and come across as 'a bit of a foodie'.
The most popular posh puddings which are thought to impress diners include Creme Brulee, Panna Cotta, Tarte Tatin and Eton Mess.

However it was found hosts should stay away from 80s desserts like Arctic Roll, Trifle and Bread & Butter pudding as they are seen as being too common.

43% of the 3,000 polled believe puddings say something about social class and 19% have tried to pass off a supermarket creation as home-made… which is less common than we'd thought.

275x250.jpg A celebrity chef has created the worlds most expensive cheese sandwich by blending humble cheddar with white truffles… and then topping it with gold dust.

Martin Blunos says he came up with the extravagant cheesy creation to go on display at Frome Cheese Show in Somerset and highlight what could be done with the food.

Other ingredients used in the Pilgrim's Choice commissioned sarnie include a 100-year-old balsamic vinegar, slices of quail's egg, black tomatoes and fresh figs.

While the bespoke white truffle cheese costs £92 the whole sandwich comes in at £110.95… and we dread to think what they'd charge if you wanted ketchup on it too.

Wine blunders: Top 10 mispronounced wines

275x250.jpgBrits claim to be a nation wine buffs -- but regularly embarrass themselves by making basic mistakes in restaurants.

A survey of 3,000 drinkers found three-out-of-ten adults have tried to pass themselves off as wine connoisseurs, but failed spectacularly.

Most common faux pas include mispronunciation of brands or wines and complaining
the waiter hasn't poured enough when the intention was for them to taste it.

Other excruciating wine errors include complaining about red wine being served warm and swilling the wine around in the glass so fast they spill it over themselves.

16% of people also admit to buying an expensive bottle just so it looks like they know their wine… which doesn't work if they ask for a Pea-not Noi-er.

275x250.jpgFalling asleep, asking for a cigarette and wearing a crash helmet are just some of the odd mistakes made by jobseekers in interviews.

A recent survey of 100 business leaders quizzed them about the strangest behaviour they'd seen from would-be workers.

Other odd actions included interrupting the interview to answer a call on their mobile and scratching the top of their legs inappropriately.

A spokesperson for which conducted the study, said people make mistakes because of the high-stress of the situation.

In odd news it's weird behaviour like this which can help secure a job at Newslite… we got our job by turning up for the interview in a pink bunny costume.

275x250.jpg Farmers in the US have hit upon a cunning way of trying to encourage kids to eat more healthily… by packaging their produce them a junk food.

A current marketing campaign has seen baby carrots put in the sort of packets normally associated with bags of crisps and a funky website launched promoting them.

The 'Eat 'Em Like Junk Food' has been organised by a group of 50 farmers who say they hope to make people see their produce as a cool brand.

A carrot-based iPhone game has also been made along with TV adverts which overtly mimic junk food advertising tactics... unfortunately the product still tastes like carrots and not smokey bacon crisps.

275x250.jpgMillions of parents admit fibbing to their kids to get them to eat more healthy foods, a study has revealed.

Researchers found eight out of ten mothers regularly wheel out old classics such as 'carrots will help you see in the dark' or 'crusts will make your hair curl'.

Other popular food fibs include 'eating vegetables will make you big and strong' and 'Spinach will give you muscles like Popeye'.

A cruel claim the ice-cream van only plays music when it has run out of lollies is also still commonly used.

What, what? You mean ice-cream vans playing music do still have ice-cream left? Suddenly my parents have some explaining to do.

275x250.jpg A chef from Texas is set to become a hero to beer and fried-food loving men everywhere... after creating a recipe for deep-fried beer.

Mark Zable says he came up with the idea while sitting in a bar (where else?) and being bored by the majority of items on the menu.

Zable then tried countless ways of frying beer including using liquid nitrogen to freeze it before covering it in batter and submerging it in hot oil.

But it was only after three-years of trial and error he worked out beer could be placed in a ravioli-like pocket of pretzel dough and flash fried for about 20 seconds… personally we can't think of a better way of spending three years.

275x250.jpgTeams of chefs in Serbia have been serving up their best testicle-based dishes as part of the World Testicle Cooking Championship.

The event, amazingly now in its seventh year, see gonad gourmets creating the best meals they can from boar, kangaroo and donkey balls.

Delightful dishes on offer at the freaky food festival this year included testicle pizza and the ever-popular goulash style bulls’ testicles.

Visitors taste a selection of the meals before a judging panel decide on which ones really stand out.

Festival organisers also give an award to someone who has been "ballsy" over the past 12 months -- this year it wasn't the man who tried testicle pizza, but U.S. President Barack Obama.

275x250.jpgA restaurant in Berlin has caused a stir -- by appealing for people to donate body-parts to be used in their 'cannibal' dishes.

It's not known if the appeal is a genuine offer, or (hopefully and more likely) a mis-guided PR stunt for the soon-to-open Flime restaurant.

Would-be donors are able to download application forms from the restaurant website which ask a series of questions about their health, before asking which body parts they will give to be cooked.

Bosses say dishes are prepared in the style of the Brazilian Wari culture where it's believed diners gain the strength of the create they consume.

So just remember if someone invites you to join them at Flime restaurant… it's worth checking you will be sitting at the table and not on it.

275x250.jpg A giant burger which is cut into slices like a pizza and contains a whopping 2,500 calories has gone on sale in New York.

The nine-and-a-half-inch Burger King 'Pizza Burger' is the same size as four of their normal Whoppers and comes topped with pepperoni and  mozzarella.

It also contains 144g of fat - 59g of which is saturated - and has double the recommended daily allowance of salt.

While bosses insist the gargantuan burger is designed for sharing, there are sure to be plenty of people who try to munch their way through it on their own… this is America after all.

275x250.jpg Scientists have discovered they can make the humble spud more healthy for you... by subjecting it to electric shocks and ultrasound treatments.

The boffins from Japan say the 'potato torture' improves the nutritional content of the spud by boosting antioxidant levels.

In the tests potatoes were blasted with up to 10 minutes of high frequency sound waves and then submerged in saltwater and zapped with a electrical charge for up to 30 minutes.

It's claimed this could eventually be used to turn spuds into a superfood capable of preventing things like cancers and diabetes… otherwise they will be water-boarded too.

275x250.jpgA baker has created an amazing cake inspired by the Doctor Who villains the Daleks … and couldn't help calling it an 'EX-TER-MI-CAKE!'

The 2ft tall realistically detailed cake took 50 hours to make to scale and was based on the Dalek design from the BBC series between 2005-2009.

It's made from cherry chocolate, weighs around 20 kilos and even features fondant icing details like the 'plunger' weapons.

Makers say the cake was so heavy the base and head needed to be made from styrofoam or a forklift would have been needed to move it.

And being a typical Dalek that would have meant it had problems being taken up stairs.

275x250.jpg An engineer has spent three months and £10,000 creating the world's largest barbecue which weighs two tonnes and measures a whopping 16ft across.

The gargantuan BBQ - understandably dubbed 'God-grilla' - is so big makers say it could be used to simultaneously cook 1,000 sausages, 500 burgers or (if you prefer) two whole cows.

It's the brainchild of 31-year-old Jack Henriques who runs the Bespoke BBQ Company and says he already has plans to make a bigger one.

However you might want to think about it before ordering one to outdo your neighbours… it takes 14 bags of coal to ignite and can heat up to 500 degrees centigrade.

275x250.jpgA restaurant in New York say chefs have created a curry so spicy they even need to wear gas masks while cooking it.

Bosses at Brick Lane Curry House in Manhattan insist their Phaal curry is the world's hottest.. and gasping customers look like they agree.

The curry is made using ten of the world's spiciest chillies -- including the bhut jolokia chilli which is even being weaponised by the Indian military.

Each £13 Phaal is said to measure one million Scovilles on the Scoville scale and is available with chicken, lamb or goat.

It's also so hot diners are required by management to agree to a disclaimer before trying the dangerous dish… and are advised to order plenty of water.

275x250.jpgChildren who enjoy Popeye cartoons generally eat more vegetables than those who don't watch the classic show, it has been found.

Researchers at Mahidol University in Bangkok claim the type and amount of vegetables children eat can be directly linked to TV shows they watch.

Tests on four to five-years-olds found watching Popeye scoff spinach before beating up Bluto made kids want to eat more greens.

In fact the researchers claim the twenty six children in their study - which also saw them plant seeds and cook - doubled their vegetable intake as a result.

Next up the boffins will study the impact of watching Tom and Jerry on the level of infant frying pan attacks.

Artists have created a massive image of Marilyn Monroe using more than 5,000 cups of coffee.

The team used the different shades of lattes, long blacks and flat whites to produced the caffeine-filled artwork at a coffee festival in Sydney.

Different drinks were carefully lined up in a 80 x 65 cup grid, to recreate the classic image of the Some Like It Hot star, in surprisingly good detail.

Organisers say they used milk and (where possible) coffee which was on its expiry date to produce the image, to cut down on wastage

And while it took several hours to finish, none of the coffee artists needed a break… that will be the 5,200 cups of coffee for you.

275x250.jpgA pair of competitive eaters have munched their way to a new Guinness World Record -- by eating as many chocolate bars as they could in 60 seconds.

The competition - held at San Diego Comic-Con - saw stomach-based athletes battle it out in a two stage Mars Bar eating event.

It started off by seeing how many they could eat in one minute, with rules stating each bar had to weigh 49 grams, be wrapped as the event began and that no fluids could be drunk to aid swallowing.

During this section, which was observed by a Guinness World Record adjudicator, Joey Chestnut and Pat Bertoletti tied on three Mars Bars.

The contest then continued to see how many they could eat in total with Bertoletti managing to consume 38 without stopping… which should mean he can work rest and play for over a month.

275x250.jpgThe world's new strongest beer has gone on sale… in controversial bottles made using the bodies of dead animals.

Brewery BrewDog's 'The End of History' beer - which has a 55% ABV and sells for £500 per bottle - is the strongest and most expensive beer in the world.

It's a blond Belgian ale infused with nettles and juniper berries to give unique taste.

But it will be the bottle which stands out for most people, they're encased in the bodies of animals which have been specially produced by a taxidermist.

Stoats, squirrels and hare have been used… and just in case it wasn't odd enough already, some of then are dressed in eccentric outfits.

275x250.jpgScientists have investigated the popular belief that dropped food is okay to eat unless it spends more than five seconds on the floor.

After repeatedly hearing the claim a team from Clemson University decided to test how quickly harmful bacteria could be transfers to food from a dirty surface.

Food scientists from the human nutrition department conducted a series of tests by dropping samples of food onto both dirty floors and work-surfaces.

It was discovered bacteria could be transferred a lot faster than five seconds and therefore it shouldn't be used as a rule for healthy dining.

This is just the latest in a line of vital research done by the team… they've previously looked at what happens when someone double-dips or drinks from a carton. Really!

Guests at a US wedding were provided with unusual entertainment when the groom challenged his new bride to a cake eating contest.

In his defence, Hall Hunt is one of the world's top competitive eaters and has earned over £40,000 thanks to his digestive powers.

On top of that, Joey Chestnut, the number one ranked competitive eater in the world was a guest at the wedding and joined in the fun.

A video of the event posted to YouTube shows the hungry-looking trio attacking plates of wedding cake during the 30 second bout.

Despite being able to much through 63 burgers in eight minutes, Hunt says his wife won the contest… well he couldn't upset her on the big day could he?

275x250.jpgIndonesia's top Islamic body is set to rule on whether Muslims are allowed to drink a rare coffee which is harvested from the faeces of civet cats.

Kopi Luwak is one of the most expensive coffees in the world, due mostly to the odd production method which includes the coffee being eaten by a civet cat first.

Lucky workers then have the job of sorting through civet cat poop and hunting for the hard beans which have fermented in the cat's stomach, before roasting their harvest.

For years the drink has been a delicacy, prized to the tune of £250 per kg for its smooth taste but now local Islamic leaders are considering whether to forbid followers from drinking it.

It is understood the possible ban centres around whether the beans are cleaned before they are ground. Wait, what… sometimes the poop covered beans aren't washed?

275x250.jpgTopped with pink icing and copious sprinkles, it's safe to say most cupcakes are not the most manly of snacks, but all that is about to change.

A New York firm call the Butch Bakery has given the humble cupcake a manly makeover so that blokes won't feel embarrassed munching one as they walk down the street.

Rather than delicate and girly-looking pale frosting, the cakes are topped with camouflage inspired chocolate disks on a layer of icing.

Flavours such as strawberry and raspberry have also been ditched in favour of options including beer, whisky and peanut butter.

Makers say 500 of the £2.50 cupcakes are currently flying off the shelves each week… though they admit most of the buyers are still women.

275x250.jpgThe humble jacket potato has been given a gastronomic make-over by a foodie chef who is selling them for £40 each.

Ben Kingdon says his 'Tuxedo spud' creation - which is topped with a spoonful of luxurious Italian caviar - justifies the cost with an unbeatable taste.

It comes served on a wooden board with roasted vine tomatoes and features creme fraiche, lemon, chives and spring onions in addition to the pricey caviar.

And bosses at Cary Arms, in Torquay, Devon - which launched the dish to weeks ago - say several people have already splashed the cash on the lavish spud.

Customers are described as being "affluent people wanting to try something different" -- we have a gold-plated tin of baked beans with their name on.

275x250.jpg A spectacular 300 dish dessert banquet believed to have been served to Queen Elizabeth over 400 years ago has been recreated.

Bosses at Kenilworth Castle decided to reproduce the food-fest - originally served at the castle by Sir Robert Dudley in 1575 - as part of their summer celebrations.

The meal took 700 man-hours to research and create in authentic detail and was presented on a massive banquet table dressed with towering sugar sculptures.

Desserts on offer to luck members of the public included gold gilded jelly, custard tarts, jams and candies -- the no so lucky ones got dried sturgeon stomach and pigs bladder skins which were also on the menu.

275x250.jpg A book which details the best (and wurst) ways to prepare and eat German sausages has become a surprise international hit.

The 'Essential Weisswurst Etiquette Guide' by Dr Werner Siegert details the   "noble art" of correctly preparing and eating German bangers.

Released in 2003 the book enjoyed success in Germany but after being inundated with requests, publishers decided to launch translations.

It's said English and Japanese editions have now become a massive hit -- much to the surprise of everyone involved.

275x250.jpgA baker has started selling the most expensive bread in the UK -- for a whopping £21 per loaf.

Tom Herbert says his 'Shepherd Loaf' is pricey because it uses organic Somerset spelt flour, Cotswolds spring water, and Cornish sea salt.

But the upper crust prices are not putting customers off and Tom sells over 100 of the loaves each week from the Hobbs House Bakery.

Celebrities including Liz Hurley, Damien Hirst and Keith Allen are all said to be fans of the bread which take two days to produce.

Wow, and we think it it annoying enough already when we burn a slice of toast... imagine if you knew it had cost £2.14. 

275x250.jpg A bizarre ice cream flavoured to taste like fish and chips has been released to get Brits eating something other than vanilla.

A recent survey found that nine out of ten Brits opt for the traditional taste rather than more adventurous flavours. As a result ice cream makers created this…

The cod-flavoured ice cream - which is being launched nationwide - is coated in a vanilla and pepper batter and comes served with potato ice cream chips.

But it's not the sole odd flavour on offer at plaices -- others include Barratt Refreshers, Vimto and Golden Syrup Sponge.

275x250.jpgResearchers have found drinking coffee can help people working shifts to make fewer errors at work.

Scientists say those who work shifts disrupt their body clocks and tend to be more tired at work, as a result they suffer increased errors.

Looking at how to combat this they compared the impact of taking caffeine (by drinking coffee or energy drinks) with placebos or naps.

Work-related tests showed those on the caffeine suffered significantly less mistakes and had better memory, attention, perception and reasoning.

In that case we dread to think how many mistakes we would make if we didn't have an intravenous drip of espresso hooked up next to the desk.

A irate diner has trashed a McDonald's, causing thousands of pounds worth of damage… because she didn't like her burger.

The woman had ordered and eaten her burger at a Kansas City McDonald's, before storming up to the till and demanding her money back.

For several minutes she shouted at staff, claiming that the burger had not been made correctly, before walking off.

But five minutes later she returned carrying a large bucket of water which she threw over the counter.

She then hurled 'wet floor' signs at staff and pushed computerised tills off the countertop - it was clearly not a happy meal. 

Christmas diners must sign pudding waiver

275x250.jpgA restaurant in London is making diners sign a legal waiver before they can tuck into a traditional Christmas pudding.

High Timber introduced the legal document because their puddings contains solid silver pieces - a tradition dating back hundred of years.

But bosses were worried that if a diner chipped a tooth or swallowed one of the coins - worth £15-£75 and in four of every 30 puds - they could sue the restaurant.

The waiver read: "I absolve High Timber from blame should I come to harm including a chipped tooth, or any injury as a result of swallowing it."

So far non or the diners have come to any harm… but some have tried paying for their meal with half-chewed silver coins.

Fuzzy Friday: The years biggest hangover

275x250.jpgIf you are looking around the office today and thinking it is a bit quiet, that's because today is 'Fuzzy Friday'

For the uninitiated Fuzzy Friday is the day when one in 10 workers have a hangover from the office Christmas party - and 44 percent have no intention of going to work.

Of those who do make it in to work - four in 10 are unlikely to make it on time and 14 percent will be wearing the same clothes they partied in the night before.

And if you think the office smells a bit iffy, that's because 20 percent of workers were too hung-over to bother having a shower this morning.

If you are reading this in disbelief, then we are sorry to tell you, but 'you' didn't make the most of your Christmas party. There is always next year.

Wine tastes better in red or blue rooms

275x250.jpgPeople think the same wine tastes better if they are drinking it in a room with red or blue ambient lighting, scientists have found.

German psychologists got 500 people to taste Riesling wines in a variety of lighting conditions.

They asked the drinkers to rate the plonk and say how much they would pay for a bottle as they went.

It was found that the same wine tasted better when exposed to red or blue ambient light rather than green or white light and drinkers said they were consistently willing to pay more for it.

Just don't show this article to the landlord down at your local, he will be putting some red lightbulbs in a hiking the price of his wines.

Chefs create odd meals with baked beans

275x250.jpgThey are mostly used on toast, jacket potatoes or with a full English breakfast, but a pair of chefs have come up with a host of new ways to eat humble baked beans.

Adam Wilcock and Steve Scuffell produced the 57 recipes using baked beans - including a fondue, a soufflé and even a bean smoothie.

They started experimenting cooking with the traditional snack after research found more people were eating them in unusual ways.

Their bizarre concoctions - which also include Heinz Sushi with Wasabi mayonnaise - have now 'bean' made available online but will next year also feature in a recipe book.

275x250.jpgThe average fast food fan will scoff a takeaway meal at least 25 times a year - spending £13.03 on each occasion, it has been found.

This adds up to an annual bill of £325.75 - or a massive £15,310,250,000 across the 47 million adults in the UK.

And this is despite a reported 43 per cent cutting back on the number of takeaways they consume during the credit crunch.

A study of 2,000 families found that Chinese is now the nation's favourite takeaway, followed by Indian and a pizza.

We don't think they meant they enjoy a Chinese followed by an Indian in the same night - but with the current obesity levels in the UK, who knows.

Most moms cook just nine different meals

275x250.jpgThe average mum relies on just NINE different meals to feed her family, it has been found.

A study of 4,000 families found that nine in 10 moms cook the same meals over and over again - and one in four even have a set day of the week for different dishes.

The most common meal among the nation's mums was spaghetti bolognaise followed by roast dinners, a shepherd's or cottage pie and a pasta dish.

It was also found that dinner time takes the average mum 35 minutes from start to finish, and four in 10 mums play safe by choosing meals they know their family like.

Despite this odd news many of the moms admitting to keeping recipe books from the likes of Nigella Lawson and Delia Smith on their shelves just to impress visitors - but not ones coming round to eat.

Tokyo becomes world's best place for food

275x250.jpgTokyo has become the world's food capital after getting more Michelin stars than any other city.

The Japanese city now has 11 three-star restaurants and a total of 261 stars across 197 restaurants - that's more than Paris or New York.

Paris has 10 three-star restaurants and New York has three, London meanwhile has just one, Gordon Ramsay in Chelsea.

The dominance of Tokyo is all the more impressive considering it was only included in the Michelin guides from 2007.

However, critics did have 160,000 restaurants there to pick from - it's not exactly a hard life for them is it?

275x250.jpgAn artist has used 26 different types of fruit to recreate the London skyline.

Carl Warner and his team of five model-makers spent three weeks crafting the famous London landmarks out of foods ranging from melons and tomatoes to asparagus.

They carefully sculpted the buildings - while all the time fighting the challenge of how to keep the fresh and highly perishable fruit and vegetables looking their best for the final image.

After gluing it all together they then took this stunning image… before munching on the most impressive salad bar you have ever see.

275x250.jpgBoffins claim they will soon be able to add nutrients, antioxidants and pro-biotics to make ice cream into a healthy food.

A team of ice cream researchers from the University of Missouri-Columbia say their advancements could soon make the frozen food a healthy alternative.

Using the remnants from grapes in wine-making they claim they are able to add things like fibre into the food without spoiling the taste or texture.

Even better they say it works best in rich flavoured ice creams like chocolate where the healthy additives don't impact on taste.

Suddenly parents won't have much to say when their child asks for a side-serving of ice cream with their Sunday lunch.

275x250.jpgBoffins have developed a breakfast which they say is scientifically safe to eat before going on a roller-coaster... without the fear of being sick.

Bosses at a theme park called in the scientists after discovering that many visitors skipped breakfast because they were worried it might make them sick when going on rides.

Food specialist Dr David Lewis then set about looking at what types of food were likely to leave you barfing, before producing the special menu.

He says all the foods in his breakfast are low on the Glycemic Index, have low acidity but with the right level of protein and digestion aiding bacteria to ensure it stays down.

Alton Towers are so convinced he got it right they will give anyone who is sick on a ride after eating it their money back… though that will come as no consolation for the person who was beneath them.

Is there a Starbucks near here?

(Quirky News) A coffee-mad computer programmer is on a quest to visit every Starbucks store in the world.

Winter from Houston, USA, claims he has already visited 7,726 of the coffee giants 8,505 stores - a staggering 92.4% of them.

His journey has already seen him visit stores in England, Japan, Spain and Hong Kong as well as 7,269 across America.

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