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Ikea have built a full apartment inside a Paris subway station -- and let five Parisians move in for six days.

The unusual marketing stunt in Auber station is intended to show commuters what they could achieve with a bit of Swedish furniture.

Glass walls allows people using the station between Jan 9 and Jan 14 to watch the five housemate who can also be seen in videos on the Ikea Facebook page.

This video shows a time-lapse video shows the construction of the 54m2 apartment and the tenants moving into their unusual accommodation.

275x250.jpg These heart-stopping pictures of an office which appears to be floating in thin air have give high-flying business meetings a new meaning.

Designed by Scandinavian architects Schmidt Hammer Lassen, the new headquarters for Copenhagen-based mortgage bank Nykredit has captured people's attention around the world.

That's because the ten-storey glass structure features a large atrium complete with three suspended meeting rooms that are cantilevered off of the third and fifth floors.

Hanging 50ft above the ground floor, the private conference rooms are placed in hanging boxes clad in dark polished wood - meaning high-flying managers at the bank must have a stomach for heights as well as a brain for figures.

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