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275x250.jpg Fashion students have got the whiff of success after creating a range of cheese couture... including these suitably cheesy shoes.  

The cheese-based fashion has been crafted by students from Bath Spa University to promote regional produce and will go on show at the Royal Bath and West Show.

Lisa Dillon made these "Jimmy Cheese" shoes using West Country cheddar and bread, sculpting the heel from a block of Cheddar and using a stale cheese sandwich for part of the platform sole.

The front was then moulded from more Cheddar and extra melted cheese was shaped to embellish the design… we think they really take the biscuit… but you might think they stink.

275x250.jpg We have a feeling using this dog leash in public could get you a bit of unwanted attention from the RSPCA and quite possibly police.

That's because Lebedev Studio designed it to look like you are shooting your pet pooch in the head as you take it for daily walkies.

Dubbed Povodokus, the gun-shaped handle contains a bright red lead which goes out freely as the dog pulls and reels in when you pull the trigger.

While creator Andrey Dyakov, says he came up with the idea as a concept, he told Newslite they've not ruled out taking it into production. Your move now PETA..

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