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275x250.jpgDrug smugglers in Mexico have tried to use a medieval-style catapult to hurl packs of marijuana over the US border.

Following a tip-off the Mexican military have seized 16 kilograms of marijuana, a sports utility vehicle and a metal-framed catapult.

Surveillance footage shot near the small town of Naco shows the gang loading and testing the catapult which is powered by powerful elastic.

It's said the catapult was mounted onto a trailer so that it could easily be transported by the drug smugglers.

Officers say the device was capable to launching two kilograms of marijuana at a time… and is the sort of idea that could only have been dreamt up while high.

275x250.jpg A Star Wars fan who legally changed his name to Darth Vader, has been named and shamed by a train company this week for failing to pay for his ticket.

On a recent journey, Vader was caught without a ticket by London Midlands trains. But when he gave conductors his name, they were reluctant to believe him.

After checking with British Transport Police to confirm his identity, Vader - a 41-year-old bouncer from Walsall - was prosecuted and slapped with a £376 fine.

But Vader insists he's normally a law-abiding citizen and the only reason he didn't have a ticket was because he was rushing home to his wife (Sue Vader) was having an asthma attack… yes, a Vader with a breathing problem.

A man who'd been arrested in Utah on suspicion of burglary tried to escape from cops by jumping out of a moving police car.

As this footage shows, Nicholas Duffy was still handcuffed as he dubiously leaped from the speeding car and onto the highway.

The 20-year-old had complained to officers that he felt like vomiting and asked them to crack the rear window open a bit for for him.

But when they did he unbuckled himself before jumping out of the window as the car travelled along Interstate 15 at 30mph.

Unsurprisingly flying head-first from a car while his hands were cuffed behind his back didn't end well… he was soon back in custody and in need of a trip to hospital.

275x250.jpgA carrier pigeon which was being used to smuggle drugs into a prison in Colombia has been captured by police.

Officers say the bird was apprehended as it tried to fly into a prison in Bucaramanga carrying a package of marijuana and cocaine.

However, it was only discovered because the bird-brains crooks behind the plan had overloaded the bird with drugs to the point that it could no longer fly.

Police say the messenger pigeon was found trying to fly over prison fences but couldn't manage it because of the excess weight of the 45g package tied to its back.

It's not the first time Colombian drug gangs have used feathered accomplices, last year police found a parrot being used as a lookout. Leaving us wondering whether Big Bird might be a drug lord.

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