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275x250.jpg A set of false teeth designed and custom-built for Sir Winston Churchill have been sold at auction for £15,200.

The teeth - mounted on a gold structure - were constructed by dentist Derek Cudlipp and designed to preserve Churchill's natural lisp.

One of only three sets ever made, the dentures had been owned by the son of the dental technician, until the sale where they were expected to fetch £5,000.

But nine bidders all wanted to get their teeth into the odd piece of World War II memorabilia and the drove the price up to £15,200 at the Keys Auctions sale.

275x250.jpgITV has caused outrage among soap fans following an Emmerdale episode showing a shopping list featuring 'jam rags and 'piles cream'.

The crude reference to sanitary towels and hemorrhoid cream appeared on a blackboard shopping list in Marlon Dingle's house.

Fans of the soap were stunned by the slang term appearing in the 7pm show and the reference has been labelled 'inappropriate and unnecessary' by media watchdogs.

Vivienne Pattison of Mediawatch, an independent campaign for family values in the media, said: "Clearly whoever wrote that knew exactly what they were doing, and they certainly didn't need to."

A spokesperson for Emmerdale was unavailable for comment… maybe they're out doing the shopping.

275x250.jpg Police in New York are hunting for an armed robber who dressed in a Darth Vader costume to rob a bank.

The 6ft tall Star Wars movie character walked into the Chase bank branch on Long Island yesterday and demanded staff hand over cash.

But rather than brandishing a lightsaber or using a force grip to get what he wanted, the man was waving a handgun as he told staff what he wanted.

After being given the money 'Darth' ran out of the bank before escaping on a bicycle. Yes, a cycling Darth Vader bank robber is wanted by police, these are the sort of moments Newslite was made for.

A unfortunate news presenter on Taiwanese TV suffered an asthma attack on live TV -- after choking on a mosquito.

Huang Ching had been reading the news when a rogue mosquito entered the studio and headed straight for her mouth.

Being a true professional, Ching carried on despite the bug flying into her mouth and continued to read the headlines.

But the tiny bug set off a asthmatic reaction and TV bosses were forced to cut to adverts as while Ching was given medical treatment and rushed to hospital.

Experts say she would have been fine if she'd simply spat the bug back out, but Ching said it would have been rude to do that on TV.

275x250.jpg A red-headed music fan has become the latest unlikely internet hero after being filmed singing along to an Eminem performance at T in the Park.

The young fan - believed to be named Robbie Snowden - now even has his own Facebook fan page with over 11,500 fans after he was spotted on TV coverage.

In the clips - which are surging on YouTube - he can be seen staring wide-eyed into the camera, singing along with Eminem and waving his fists 'gangsta-style'.

Commenters and fans are now calling for Robbie to become a star in his own right -- and he's already more entertaining than many of the acts at T in the Park.

275x250.jpgKylie Minogue surprised GMTV viewers this morning -- by becoming a weathergirl and delivering a forecast in front of an Australian map.

The pint-sized Aussie singer was appearing on the morning programme to plug her new album Aphrodite by taking over all aspects of the show.

Title sequences were changed from 'GMTV' to 'KMTV' and Kylie had a go at previewing the weekend’s entertainment, directing the show and then being a weathergirl.

Wearing a blue leopard-print dress she stepped in front of an Australian weather-map to deliver the forecast for her hometown Melbourne.

But she wasn't quite sure and said "The weather down under is going to be…" before asking the normal weather presenter "What is it going to be?"

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