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275x250.jpgMore than 4.7 million motorists will head off on a Bank Holiday break tomorrow -- in the hope of nabbing one of just 279,000 parking spaces
The number of cars set to hit the roads this weekend compared to the number of spaces at top tourist destinations means every place will be coveted by 16 CARS.
Brighton is said to be the biggest nightmare with one parking spot for every 79 cars, followed by Bournemouth with just one spot for every 76.
The report also revealed one in two motorists will resort to dirty tactics to secure a space like speeding around a car park (25%) or driving the wrong way (17%).

1-in-14 admitted almost causing an accident parking and two percent said they'd intentionally 'bumped' another car out of the way… and you don't even want to know how many wrongly use a disabled parking bay.

275x250.jpgA massive traffic jam in China has now been slowing traffic heading into Beijing for over nine days.

The monster queue - containing thousands of lorries and cars crawling towards Beijing - stretches back over 100km (60 miles).

It was triggered by road construction and repairs to highways used by cargo lorries, but some experts now claim the problem could last to mid-September.

Drivers trapped in the jam are said to be spending their time playing cards, sleeping on the road and bargaining with local food vendors.

There's also the little matter of there not being any loos for the length of the queue -- and there was us thinking our annual eight-hour slog to Cornwall had been bad this year.

275x250.jpg A £40,000 golf buggy which has a refrigerator built into the dashboard, can now be driven on Britain's roads after receiving legal permission.

The Garia cart is the world’s most expensive golf buggy and is made in the same factory as cars like the Porshe Boxster.

It has suspension inspired by supercars and a drive train built by the same firm which produces Ducati gearboxes. But until recently it could only be used on the golf course.

But makers now say it can be used to drive "directly from your home to the golf course"… as long as you don't live too far away, because it can only do 35mph.

A shocking crash which saw a driver launched into the air and smash into a bridge has been caught on police camera.

19-year-old driver Brendan Eden had been speeding along the Ohio highway when he hit the protective barrier in the middle of the road.

Footage from a police car shows how this launched his 1995 Pontiac Firebird high into the air and it smashed into a bridge.

The car then broke into three pieces and the driver was thrown from the wreckage.

A police spokesperson said "He is very lucky to still be alive" -- and it's only after watching the footage you realise what an understatement that is.

275x250.jpgSome say he never blinks, and that he roams around the woods at night foraging for wolves... and it would make a great chapter in his autobiography.

But BBC bosses are said to be launching a legal challenge to prevent Top Gear's mystery driver The Stig from writing his memoirs.

They claim he's subject to a confidentiality agreement and unmasking himself in a book could spoil Top Gear for millions of fans.

Along with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May The Stig became a cult icon on the BBC show though his real name has never been revealed.

People have speculated that he could be racing drivers Perry McCarthy, Ben Collins or Damon Hill … all we know is we really don't care any more.

275x250.jpgA driver faces what is believed to be the world's biggest speeding fine after he was caught doing 186 mph on a Swiss motorway.

The massive £640,000 fine is calculated on a combination of the 37-year-old's income and the speed at which he was clocked.

Police say the Swedish motorist was going so fast in his £140,000 Mercedes SLS that it even took him almost half a mile to stop.

And embarrassingly they claim he avoided a number of radars on his route between Bern and Lausanne because they are only capable of registering speeds up to 125mph.

When they were eventually able to apprehend him, the speedy driver claimed his speedo must be broken.

275x250.jpg A classic car - a 1949 Delahaye Type 175 Roadster - once owned by Diana Dors is set to sell at auction for around £4 million.

The French powder-blue car was owned by Dors before she was even old enough to drive it and it was bought as a gift by Sir John Gaul, a friend of Monaco's Prince Rainier.

Only 51 of the 20ft-long vehicles - which has completely-enclosed wheels and a transparent steering wheel - were ever made and it won top honours at countless motor shows.

Auctioneer Alain Squindo, said the "curvaceous, sexy and flamboyant" model be sold at an auction in California on 14 August… he's still talking about the car, right?

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