A talented pooch has become an online hit after being filmed playing the piano and singing at the same time.

Okay, so in the interest of factual accuracy we feel obliged to point out that the the dog is more pawing at the keys (rather than playing) and howling out of tune (rather than singing)

That said with more than a million view online, it really has become an online hit. Bonus points to anyone who can name that song.

275x250.jpg We learned one thing from the Academy Awards this year... that Angelina Jolie has got more social media clout in her right leg than we have in our whole bodies.

We know this because within a couple of hours of making an Oscars appearance from her black thigh-high slit gown it had it's own Twitter account and amassed 15,000 followers.

Presenting the award for Best Adapted Screenplay, the 36-year-old actress had struck the pose -- showing off her delightful limb -- for several seconds before speaking.

And while it received a bit of a mocking from the award-winning screenwriters for The Descendants, that wasn't the end of it and 'Angelina Jolie's right leg' soon became a tending topic on Twitter.

Sacha Baron Cohen successfully managed to become one of the most controversial guests at the Oscars… by tipping an urn he said contained Kim Jong-il's ashes over a US TV presenter.

Attending as General Aladeen -- the lead character from The Dictator -- Cohen was being interviewed by E! Channel host Ryan Seacrest about things such as who he was wearing.

But after telling viewers he had brought with him the ashes of Kim Jong-il (his dear friend and doubles tennis partner) to sprinkle him over the red carpet, he pretended to fall over.

And as he did this he emptied the urn's contents all over Seacrest's Burberry suit -- which much of the 'ahses' ending up on the red carpet and getting Cohen dragged away by security.

It's something we've all tried doing, saying words backwards -- but we bet your attempts at the art of 'gnikaeps sdrawkcab', was not a patch on Alyssa.

This video -- which has been seen by more than 1 million people online -- shows US teenager Alyssa showing off her unique skill of being able to quickly pronounce any word backwards.

Within seconds she's able to say the reverse of words like fireworks, savings, download and kaleidoscope.

An opera-singing pizza chef from Farmingdale, Long Island, has become an online hit after a video of him showing off his vocal talents was uploaded to YouTube.

In the footage Carmelo Raccuglia can be seen singing as he emerges from behind the salad-bar at a pizza restaurant.

After a few bemused looks from diners he ups the volume as he belts out the operatic vocals like a pro.

Once he has finished there is just a quick thumbs up to the applauding patrons and he heads off back into the kitchen.

275x250.jpg Meet Daniel, he's a cat with a difference -- he's got 26 toes. Not only that, but his digit-laden paws have helped save an animal rescue centre in the US.

The once-unwanted orange-and-white tabby became the face (or should that be  feet) of a campaign to raise money for cash-strapped Milwaukee Animal Rescue Center.

After discovering their rent was to be doubled, the animal shelter decided to move into a new location and needed to raise $70,000. so they looked to Daniel who suffers from polydactylism.

So they asked people to donate a dollar for each of Daniel's toes and thanks to the internet it looks like they will be safe. Normal cats have 18 toes, if you were wondering.

It can be annoying if you can't find a parking space big enough for your car, but little things like that don't bother this New York driver.

That's because his can-do attitude saw him put on a virtuoso display of parallel parking and squeeze into a space barely bigger than his vehicle.

Caught on CCTV the driver can be seen repeatedly inching forward and backwards to get his silver Honda Acura into the spot in Brooklyn.

And then he had to do it all again a couple of hours later when he wanted to leave.

Okay so it's not exactly 'Jesus Christ, Fenton' but this video of a Scottish weather-watcher shouting 'Oh my God, Trampoline!' is certainly up there.

The clip, shot during the gale-force storms of last week, sees a cameraman being shocked as he watches a kids’ garden trampoline blow past his window.

“Oh my God! Trampoline! Trampoline! Oh my God!” more than a million internet viewers have heard him scream in the 13 second clip.

One commenter said: "That’s the first time he’s seen a trampoline in the wild,"  while another added the probing insight: "I like the way he shout oh my god trampoline."

A video of a young lad playing Angry Birds on an iPad for the first time has become an online hit.

And it's not hard to see why, because his reaction at seeing birds hurled at evil pigs is quite simply amazing!

Sitting on a sofa with the iPad on his legs the boy screams, throws his arms into the air… and then asks to see the explosions again.

Writing on YouTube his parents said: "My son loves our iPad, so I thought I'd show him Angry Birds. Didn't expect this reaction though…"

275x250.jpg Embarrassing photos of visitors to a haunted house being scared witless have become an online hit.

The images -- taken at Nightmares Fear Factory in Niagara Falls Canada -- show visitors screaming, clinging on to each other and running away.

Bosses at the walk-through attraction say they post the images of scaredy cats online on Flickr and YouTube to show just how terrifying it can be.

And they add that more than 100,000 would-be visitors have been too scared to complete their tour and chickened out by shouting "NIGHTMARES!" and getting a guide to take them out.

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