Massive mobilization in Córdoba

The mobilizations y concentrations scheduled for this Tuesday, April 23 in different parts of the country, within the framework of the national day led by the university educational community in defense of public education. And as can already be seen, in addition to being massive, it has the sympathy and support of broad sectors of the population.

In Córdoba, after 11 a.m. in the morning, a massive mobilization began that gathered at the entrance to Ciudad Universitaria.

In addition to students and teachers, workers from different unions such as ADIUC, Municipales, SATSAID, Luz y Fuerza among others participate in the march. Something that will happen in the rest of the country.

The radical deputy, Rodrigo de Loredo, one of the legislators who has collaborated most with Milei’s terrible adjustment, was repudiated by the protesters who are well aware of the collaborationist role of that sector of radicalism.

The call in Buenos aires citywhich is expected to be the most crowded, is from 3 p.m. in Congress from there to march towards the May Plaza, where an event will be held starting at 5 p.m. Different columns of students and also teachers, many of whom held vigils in their faculties, begin to arrive from various places such as La Plata, Moreno and other towns in the Buenos Aires suburbs.

Columns arrive at the Once station.

This is the door of the Carlos Pellegrini school, which belongs to the UBA, in the City of Buenos Aires.

A very large column emerges from the steps of the UBA Faculty of Law.

The march also began in Santiago del Estero.

Last Monday, the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the University of Buenos Aires voted to mobilize under the slogan “Up with the budget, down with the Mileil plan, no to the DNU, Omnibus Law and Bullrich’s repressive protocol”understanding as the members of the PTS Youth in the Left Front state, that the fight for the defense of public education has to be linked to the fight against Milei’s adjustment policies embodied in the BOTTOM and the new Base Law that the ruling party intends to approve. And of course for that, coordination and unity with the sectors of workers in struggle is necessary, such as those facing layoffs.

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