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275x250.jpgAn NHS trust has been forced to install a reinforced steel toilet which can be used by obese patients weighing up to 70 stone.

The super-strong loo is part of a new £2.8m ward at Lincoln County Hospital - which also houses a special suite for obese patients.

It features extra-wide chairs and even beds with hoists and pulleys to get the increasing number of fatties on and off.

A spokesperson for Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust said: "The ward contains a special bariatric suite designed to care for grossly overweight patients."

It is not know how close the obese hospital suite is placed to the canteen.

275x250.jpgA dating website only for attractive people says it has axed over 5,000 members -- because they put on too much weight over the holidays.

Bosses at claim they have kicked out many members seeking love, after they'd piled on the pounds during the holidays.

The newly chubby were apparently caught out after posting images of themselves celebrating Christmas and the New Year - revealing they have let themselves go.

Managing director Greg Hodge said as they no longer met the exacting standards of the community on the site, they had to reapply for membership, only a few hundred have so far been voted back in.

Interestingly Hodge didn't specify how exactly how many mince pies he had eaten this Christmas... or send us a photo of himself.

275x250.jpgMore than a third of women who claim to currently be on a New Year's diet are secret scoffers, it has been found.

A massive 36 per cent of women who say they are watching their waistline, are actually hiding food or eating it in the dark.
Favourite places to stash food - revealed by a poll of 2,000 women - included handbags, under the bed and in clothes drawers.

And the women admitted to secretly eating it while in the car, walking down the street or even on a sun-bed - anywhere they think they won't get caught.

While it was also found the average diet lasts 15 weeks, 28 per cent of women admitted they have only stuck to a diet for 24 hours... some barely last between breakfast and lunch.

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