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275x250.jpg The RSPCA have revealed some of the odd requests they received in 2011 -- including a mute blackbird and radioactive seagulls.

While the majority of the million plus requests made to the animal welfare charity involved genuine concerns, some were a bit bizarre.

One person called to complain that their neighbour's power shower caused their dog to go to the toilet and another wanted advice on microchipping a guitar.

A RSPCA spokesperson said: "Although we may have a little laugh at these stories, the RSPCA does want to remind members of the public that the 24-hour advice and cruelty line is for reporting serious cases."

As for the supposedly radioactive gulls, it turned out that nearby garden lights were illuminating them and turning them green.

Some YouTube videos need a lot of explaining… but for others all you need to say is: "Here's a penguin fetching a newspaper." This is one of those.

We'll be honest, we don't know what this TV interview is about. But as soon as you hit play you'll realise that doesn't matter.

That's because shortly into the TV chat, a randy camel muscles into view and takes an instant shine to one of the interviewees.

After nuzzling the man's head, the hrony camel chases him away from the camera and tried to mount him. The man was eventually forced to seek refuge in a nearby car.

Of all the things we expected to see go viral today, a quick-tongued lizard playing a game on a smartphone wasn't one of them.

But what do we know, because this video of a Bearded Dragon lizard licking virtual ants in the Ant Smasher game, is fast becoming an online hit.

The powerful-tongued creature even racks up an impressive score as he lashes out at the digital ants on the screen and has been praised by online commenters.

So far around 1.5 million people have watched the 57-second clip and it's expected to have encouraged some people to buy a Bearded Dragon of their own… which is a bit excessive just to get a high score.

275x250.jpg A cheeky seal pup has wandered into a house in New Zealand and made himself at home... by chilling on the sofa.

Video footage shows the moments after Annette Swoffer was gobsmacked to find the creature in her home in the coastal town of Tauranga.

It's thought the seal had travelled from the nearby harbour, across a road, up a driveway, through a cat door and into the property owner's lounge.

Experts say the NZ fur seals are believed to be breeding on Motunau Island, which is approximately 12km offshore and at it's not unusual for weaned pups to wander into odd places.

DOC marine mammal expert Laura Boren said: ""They commonly go up streams, into people's gardens and so on but this is the first I'd heard of one going into a house.

Some videos need a long and detailed explanation. This one doesn't… it's five unadulterated minutes of happy dogs riding in cars.

The slow-motion footage shows - filmed by our new hero Keith Hopkin -- shows the pooches joyous jowls flapping in the wind as they drive.

Remember, no matter how much you enjoy watching the five minute video, Mia, Bodhi, Charlo, Snickers, Pinky, Clancy, Assagi, Ronnie, Jethro, Gracie, Suki, Chloe and Kiwi enjoyed filming it more.

It's not everyday you get to see a bear with impeccable manners -- but it could be from now on if you keep coming back here.

That's because this video shows the moment a bear at a wildlife reserve in the US waved at a girl as she drives past.

Sitting in his enclosure at Olympic Game Farm in Washington, the huge Kodiak bear has presumably been waved at by more than a few children.

Well, it appears he'd been paying attention, because as the girl waves goodbye he picks up a paw and waves right back.

275x250.jpg Meet Daniel, he's a cat with a difference -- he's got 26 toes. Not only that, but his digit-laden paws have helped save an animal rescue centre in the US.

The once-unwanted orange-and-white tabby became the face (or should that be  feet) of a campaign to raise money for cash-strapped Milwaukee Animal Rescue Center.

After discovering their rent was to be doubled, the animal shelter decided to move into a new location and needed to raise $70,000. so they looked to Daniel who suffers from polydactylism.

So they asked people to donate a dollar for each of Daniel's toes and thanks to the internet it looks like they will be safe. Normal cats have 18 toes, if you were wondering.

With positions including downward-facing dog, we've always thought Yoga was a but more canine than feline -- but this little guy has other ideas.

The cat in question can be seen climbing onto and then riding his owner as she performs a yoga workout.

Unperturbed by her exercise passenger, the woman continues to work her way through a series of positions as the kitty sits on her back an bottom.

And while the cat seems surprisingly chilled, we can't imagine it was that relaxing for the exerciser performing the routine with cat claws sticking in her back.

A bizarre police chase in the US came to an even more bizarre end when a naked robber was apprehended by a police dog.

The man has reportedly stolen a stretch Hummer in California and proceeded to take police an wild chase around a residential neighbourhood.

Then all of a sudden the man jumped from the ludicrous vehicle and made a run for it -- while stark naked. As this footage from a police helicopter shows.

He was then chased (and tackled) by a police dog and while he tried to shrug it off, the dog was having none of it and brought him to the ground.

275x250.jpg Taxi drivers love having a good story to tell, and John Jupp has got a corker -- the day he had to drive a dog from Madrid to London.

The cabbie says he was recently approached by a regular client and asked whether he would allow a dog in his car.

When he said yes, she asked him how much it would be to drive from London to Madrid in Spain and back again with her pet pooch.

While he hasn't revealed the price, it must have been good enough because Jupp completed the job which started with taking a ferry to Santander and driving to the Spanish capital.

Then on Wednesday morning he started driving at 4am with the pooch in the back and spent 16 hours driving back to Knightsbridge.

100 snakes found in German hotel room

275x250.jpg When staff at a German hotel thought a trio of Chinese guests were acting strangely, they called in the police to investigate.

But when officers stormed into their hotel room, the couldn't believe their eyes -- the room was filled with 100 snakes, 70 tortoises and 20 frogs.

It's been reported that the trio smuggled the animals into the room in their luggage, but it's not know what they planned to do next.

Officers say all of the animals were alive when they arrived and will be taken toto a zoo in Cologne to be checked out.

The hotel guests are said to have been arrested and later released on bail. It's not know if they tried to smuggle any animals into the police station.

Dog owners are usually forced to battle their pooch when it comes to bath time, most simply don't like the experience -- Casper however, appears to love the water.

In fact, the adorable Labrador Retriever likes being bathed so much that a video of him enjoying a soak in the family tub has become a hit on YouTube.

The clip 'Casper the bath loving dog', which shows owner Chris rubbing Casper's soapy belly as the dog lies in the bath, has already been viewed more than 250,000 times.

It's also made Casper -- who seems in his element with just his snout and paws sticking up from the water -- something of a star and has been featured on US TV shows.

Indian farmers who claimed tax bosses were making bribery demands, decided to get their own back -- by releasing bags of deadly snakes in their office.

In total around 40 snakes, including deadly cobras, were released at the office in Basti -- prompting staff to jump up on chairs and flee.

The farmers behind the stunt, one of whom was a snake charmer, say officials were demanding bribes to supply the tax records for their land.

No one was bitten or injured in the incident -- which has become an online hit… especially in the HMRC offices.

275x250.jpg A 46-year-old hunter from Utah has been left red-faced (and sore arsed) after being shot in the rear by his dog.

Police say the unfortunate man had been duck hunting when the accident happened as he exited a boat.

While he did this his pooch stood on a 12-guage gun shotgun and fired the weapon, directly at the man.

This unloaded 27 pellets of birdshot into his bottom and left him needing to be taken to hospital to have them removed.

However, docs say he'd been lucky -- if he hadn't been wearing his waders, he would have been seriously injured.

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