Shoplifter bumps into former Tae Kwon Do champ

When this shoplifter decided to strike on a post office in Edinburgh, he probably thought it would be an easy target -- but that's because he didn't know Arfan Hussain was behind the counter.

You see Arfan might be a grocer and sub-postmaster, but he is also a former Tae Kwon Do champion and second degree black-belt… and he doesn't like being stolen from.

As such, when he saw the would-be shoplifter pocketing a couple of milkshakes worth £2.30 and heading for the exit, he tackled him and wrestled him to the ground.

The resulting CCTV footage has since been uploaded to YouTube in a bid to deter other would-be shoplifters visiting the store. We can see how that could work!
The crook -- who had previously been seen shoplifting three or four times -- has now been banned from the store.

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