iPad app lets cats play with a virtual ball of yarn

275x250.jpg It used to be that if you wanted to entertain a cat, you gave them a ball or a toy mouse… nowadays they apparently need an Apple iPad.

The RSPCA in Australia have developed an iPad app for cats which sees them play with a virtual ball of yarn and defend cheese from invading mice.

It's hoped the app could be used to enrich the lives of house-dwelling cats in Oz and promote the organisations 'Adopt a Cat Month'.

RSPCA man Michael Beatty said: "Basically, you place your iPad on the ground, start the game and your cat or kitten can interact with it on his/her own terms.
275x250.jpg There are automatic features including reset and shuffle, making it easy for cats to navigate this game on their own, and keep them interested,”

An RSPCA spokesperson added: "The Queensland Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) is proud to present a game designed especially for cats to play; a game lovingly crafted to entertain and interest your feline friend.

"Created for instant action, you can leave your cat alone to play, or stand by and watch them enjoy it themselves! Share a wonderful moment and show your cats some love – all while supporting charity!

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