WNWDW: Chimney designed with Santa in mind‎

275x250.jpg We're taking a festive break at Newslite Towers, so rather than our usual stream of posts, we're bringing back 'Weird News We Didn't Write' -- our round-up of the best odd news stories of the day. Here we go…

Worried boy writes to builder about concerns his chimney isn't big enough to fit Father Christmas. A new one gets built adhering to results of Santa calculations. It's a Christmas PR miracle. (Telegraph)

A woman who swallowed a pen 25 years ago has just had an operation to have it removed… and it still works! Can anyone write 'Yuck' (Daily Mail)

YouTube have revealed a list of of most watched videos in the UK in 2011 --  all hail the talking and hungry dog. (BBC)

Apparently attempting to prove that all the useful inventions have already been invented, a Japanese boffin has created a nose-mounted LED which lights up when you breathe. (HuffPost)

A video of a cat stroking crying baby and sending him to sleep has become a web hit… and made us wonder whether our cat is a suitable babysitter. (Daily Mail)

Dutch TV presenters with cannibalistic tendencies have caused a stir by eating part of each others cooked flesh on TV. (Mirror)

If you are going to score an own goal, it may as well be a corker. That seems to have been the logic adopted by the Hong Kong footballer who scored this spectacular own goal. (Telegraph)

They say the bigger they are the harder they fall, and that certainly seem to be the case with Britain’s biggest dog who broke his toe while out on a walk. (Daily Mail)
If you have a story you think should be included in the next WNWDW drop us an email to wnwdw(at)newslite.com
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