Can of beer gets launched into space (Video)

Sometimes science can be used to benefit the whole of mankind... other times it can be used to do things like launch a can of beer into space.

This video shows how a pair of beer lovers sent a can of 'Natural Light' beer to the edge of space using a weather balloon and a Styrofoam mini fridge.

After getting permission to launch the balloon from the FAA they did just that and it soared to 90,000 ft and plummeting back to Earth.

While the actual can in the footage has been drained (the temperature would have caused it to explode) there was another full one in the camera box and survived the journey and got drunk after the landing.

The duo say they had to pack hand-warmers around the camcorder, GPS tracker and can of beer to ensure they survived the freezing temperatures of the journey.

Natural Light
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