Women spent 20 minutes deciding on a dessert

275x250.jpg Seven in ten women spend up to 20 minutes deliberating over whether to have a dessert in a restaurant, a survey has found.
The research discovered most finally give in to temptation, after wasting time worrying about their waistline and not wanting to look unhealthy in front of their partner.
In fact, sixty per cent of those that can’t resist a pudding, opt to share their dessert with a friend or partner to spare themselves the guilt afterwards.
Yet, despite this most of the women surveyed said they would choose a dessert over a starter and even a main course, with many admitting that a pudding is their favourite part of a whole meal.

Men on the other hand don’t think twice about ordering a dessert and are more likely to consider the cost of the pudding than the calories.
A spokesperson for Crown Carveries which polled 3,000 people, said:
"We are sure this research will strike a chord with families at dinner tables all over the UK this weekend, as they deliberate over their choice of pudding.

"As a nation, over the past couple of years, we have become more adventurous with flavours, but with the results of this survey it was really interesting to see so many traditional puddings appearing high on the list of men’s favourites in particular.
1.       Cheesecake
2.       Chocolate Fudge Cake
3.       Banoffee Pie
4.       Ice Cream Sundae
5.       Apple Pie

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