Children's drawings turned into amazing artworks

275x250.jpg An artist has scored an online hit by recreating children's drawings of monsters as amazingly realistic painted artworks.

Dave Devries says he came up with the idea more than ten years ago when his niece filled his sketchbook with doodles and he wondered what it would be like if he painted them.

The illustrator and art director from New Jersey later decided to give it a go and used colour, texture and shading to give a 3D effect to the young artist's drawing.

And that was it, after seeing how cool the result was, he wanted to do more and got the kids of family and friends to produce their versions of monsters for him.
275x250.jpg 45-year-old Devries - who also works for a Taiwanese video game company - uses an opaque projector to transfer the art onto canvas or illustration board and then simply paints it.

He says the painting can take anywhere between a few hours and a few weeks to complete as he builds them up with acrylic paint.

A collection of his painted monsters, along with the inspiration sketches, have been released as a book 'The Monster Engine' which also includes interviews with the kids after they've seen the finished result.

"I never ask the child what the drawing means or is, I just run with it and change it as I paint," Dave told Newslite.  

"After that, the child takes back control by telling me what the painting means.  Even if I create a story about the piece while I paint, it gets thrown out in favor of the child's final say."
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