Breast milk ice cream to be relaunched in London

275x250.jpgCreators of an odd breast milk ice cream which banned by a council and threatened with legal action from Lady Gaga, say it will be back on sale soon.

Last year, the Icecreamists parlour introduced 'Baby Gaga' a £14 ice cream made from human breast milk which was served with a rusk and shot of Calpol.

But shortly after the launch, Westminster Council banned the ice cream and over health concerns and Lady Gaga threatened them with legal action over the name.

However, the wacky product will this week once again go on sale again in London’s Covent Garden at a new political ice cream installation. Apparently that's a thing.

It's hoped that a name change to 'Baby Goo Goo' (see what they did there?) will help the breast milk ice cream stay out of legal trouble this time around.
Founder of The Icecreamists, Matt O’Connor said the 'SCREAM' ice cream installation would. "Explore our relationship with food in a witty and provocative way as we began with our breast milk ice cream project.

"Ice cream is in a constant state of flux and is the perfect metaphor to describe our changing world. This installation truly will be the SCREAM of ice cream.”

The Icecreamists  
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