Video: Skier escapes being buried in avalanche

It's not too often you can describe someone who get's buried in an avalanche as being lucky.

But we think Chris Bilbao is... as this video shows his pals were able to rescue him after he was recently engulfed by snow in British Columbia, Canada.

Bilbao - who was wearing a chest mounted video camera - was skiing down a slope in the Monashee mountains when the avalanche struck just behind him.

Within the time it took him to shout "Avalanche!" he was engulfed by the white stuff and his muffled screams for help can be heard on the dramatic video footage.

Luckily, after a very scary five minutes, his friends were able to locate him and dig him out with shovels. Those are the sort of friends you want.
Speaking after the incident Bilbao said he had been flipped over several times by the snow and attributes his survival to flailing his arms around to keep himself near the surface.

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