Subs: A garter belt for saggy-waisted jeans

subs belt saggy pantsMen wearing their jeans somewhere between their waist and knees, it's a trend which isn't going anywhere. Which is why an inventor has created a 'garter belt' for guys.

Andrew Lewis says his 'Subs' make the 'sagging' trend easier for men who struggle to keep the waist of their trousers where thy want.

Part suspenders and part garter belt, they are designed to keep jeans from falling down by suspending them from a waist loop.

The wearer can then control exactly how low the jeans hang by adjusting the fasteners -- all while knowing the won't fall down.

Oddly, the same reassurance that your trousers won't fall down can be achieved using an considerably older device… a tighter belt.
Speaking of the invention New York based Lewis said: "Even with belts, I noticed saggers constantly hiking up their jeans when climbing the subway station stairs."  

Although the aesthetic virtues of sagging are debatable, he thought even saggers would agree that constantly having to pull up their pants is a little absurd.

And, after extensive market research, his hunch proved correct. "Saggers are really excited about this product and, interestingly, so are sagging opponents," he said.  

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