Woman begins her month-long stay in US museum

275x250.jpg The chances are her stay won't be as exciting as Ben Stiller's -- but it will certainly be longer. A woman has begun a month-long stay in a US museum.

After beating more than 1,500 applicants, Kate McGroarty has moved into the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry where she will live for 30 days.

During her stay the 24-year-old will have free run of the museum where she will be expected to mingle with visitors, but she also has private sleeping quarters.

The teacher and theatre artist, was picked as the museum resident because judges said she displayed "a true curiosity about science" … let's just hope she isn't too curious about what's beyond the exit door.
If Kate is able to last the 30 days without wanting to leave the building she will take home a prize of $10,000.

A spokesperson for the museum said: "We are extremely excited to welcome Kate to the Museum.

"She has a true curiosity about science and the world around her, and the talent and personality to share her experiences in a unique way.

"We know that Kate is ready and excited for this adventure."

Chicago Museum of Science and Industry       

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