Students to get emails from washing machines

High-tech washing machines which contact users by EMAIL when the cycle is complete have been installed at a string of British universities.

Makers believe the digital launderettes will mean students no longer lug their dirty laundry to the washing block only to find all the machines in use.

The Laundryview machines, were first installed at Leeds University where students accessed a website to see if machines were free before taking their washing.

Students then load the machine as normal but later receive an email when their washing finished and ready to collect. The scheme have proved so successful it's now been installed at 28 universities.

However, we can't see how the new high-tech solution is any easier than waiting for the end of term and getting your mom to do it.
Malcolm Brook of makers Circuit, said: "Students love the system - rather than traipsing all the way down from their room to find all machines in use, they can plan their visits, and manage their lives."

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