Inflatable pub launched for your garden... at £27k

275x250.jpg An inflatable version of the traditional-looking English pub has gone on sale for people to install in their garden.

The blow up boozer, which measures 15m by 7.5m and is 8m tall, includes details such as a tiled roof, brick stone wall and two chimney pots.

Given the size you are probably best using the air fans to inflate it rather than trying to blow it up with lung power and makers say it can be ready for a pint within 10 minutes.

Inside there's a welcoming fire place feature and enough room for 50 drinkers with a fully stocked bar… though after spending £27,815 on the pub you might be on budget booze.
275x250.jpg A spokesperson for DrinkStuff, which sells the boozer online, said: "Us British love a traditional public house, propping up the bar with a pint of English ale, but you've probably never had a drink in a pub like this.

"The Hogshead Inflatable Pub is the first pub in the world to get the inflatable treatment, in "ye olde worlde" style."

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