Footage of world's first mobile phone… in 1922

275x250.jpgA video has been uncovered by film buffs which appears to show the worlds first ever mobile phone… all the way back in 1922.

Archivists at British Pathé say they stumbled on the silent film - titled 'Eve's Wireless' - in their archives, and could't believe what they saw.

The clip shows two well dressed women in New York carrying the hefty-looking device which they connect to a fire hydrant via a long cable.

An umbrella is then erected, which appears to act as an aerial, and the pair to use the phone to make a call.

They are then shown chatting to an operator who then plays a gramophone record for them… kind of like a rudimentary Spotify.
275x250.jpg Mark Harris of British Pathe said: "Its amazing that nearly 90 years ago mobile phone technology and music on the move was not only being thought of but being trialled

"One of our researchers came across the clip and we were amazed that the idea was so old, we are used to budding technologies appearing in the 1950s and 60s but this is four years before television was first demonstrated.

"The phone even has a lid which makes it the first flip-phone we are aware of, although it is probably not going to win any design awards."

The film is still something of a mystery to British Pathe as there are limited notes with the canister, and they are appealing for anyone with more information to contact them.

British Pathe     
1922 Mobile phone at British Pathe  
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