Phantom Ray spy plane unveiled by Boeing

275x250.jpg Aircraft makers Boeing have revealed a futuristic spy plane called the Phantom Ray, which can cruise at 614mph, can't be tracked by radar and doesn't need a pilot.

While such planes would normally be built to specification for a customer like the US military, Boeing say the Phantom Ray is their "test bed" for new technologies.

The sleek-looking plane - based on a prototype the firm made for the US Air Force - has a 50ft wingspan, measures 36ft long and has a gross weight of 36,500lbs.

Bosses say the unmanned airborne system (UAS) will operate at an altitude of 40,000ft, with initial test flights scheduled for December… prompting countless UFO reports.
275x250.jpg The engine is said to be housed within the body of the craft to reduce infra-red signature and make it a harder target for missiles. It's also thought weaponry would 'pop out' of the body when needed.

A spokesperson for Boeing said: "Phantom Ray is designed to support potential missions that may include intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance and suppression of enemy air defences."

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