FacadePrinter: Paintball gun mixed with printer

275x250.jpg Designers have created a robot which shoots paint-balls into walls at 100mph to create large-scale graffiti artworks.

The Facade Printer is controlled by computer software to accurately replicate digital images on walls up to 20ft away.

It uses coloured balls like those from paintball guns and propels them at 100mph using compressed air, causing them to explode on contact with a wall.

Able to create graffiti artworks 12 metres tall, it can certainly give Banksy a run for his money… and firing five balls per second you could chase him off with it anyway.

Makers describe the Facade Printer as "an inkjet-printer on an architectonical scale" which consists of a two axis turn table and an air-pressure printhead. "The facadeprinter is a communication-tool," said a spokesperson.

"Even the application of the artwork is part of the message; straight and direct.  The artwork is prepared as vector or pixelfile, we shoot it dot by dot onto the facade. The viewer is watching the emerging artwork like the drawing of a magic pen."
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