Chick and tortoise become unlikely best friends

275x250.jpgA young chick and a 36-year-old tortoise had forged an unlikely friendship at a farm in Devon.

Staff say Samantha the tortoise and Bonnie, a week-old chick, have become inseparable since using the same heat lamp to keep warm at night.

Now the pair stay together during the day and the little chick can often be seen riding around on the back of Samantha's shell as she slowly moves around at Pennywell farm.

A spokesperson for the petting farm attraction said they'd been using the same heat lamps for the newly hatched chick and the tortoises as they came out of hibernation.

But even they were surprised by the odd news that the pair had become pals… let's just hope Bonnie is not trying to hatch Samantha's shell.
Farm owner Chris Murray added: "Chicks like to practice their roosting positions and little Bonnie seems quite happy on the shell of Samantha.

"She certainly looks like she’s on top of the world."

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