Andy and Sarah are the biggest work skivers

275x250.jpgWorkers called Andy and Sarah have been named and shamed as Britain's biggest skivers.

A study of 5,000 workers looked for the names of those who were most likely to ring in sick and fake their illness to get the day off work.

It was found that men named Andy and women called Sarah skived off the most, followed by Steve, Becky, Paul and Anne.

The survey also discovered that the average employee took three days off work last year due to illness, but were well enough to make it in for two of those.

Excuses like "the car won't start" or " my child is ill" were the most common, but you can check out some of the more odd ones after the link - like the woman who said her dog had swallowed her car key.
Odd and imaginative excuses for a day off work

* A bloke who told his boss his dad had died and was off work for a week, and then pretended he was attending the funeral six days later for another day off.
* An call-centre worker who rang up her boss and told him 'I'm still too drunk to do any work'.
* 'My daughter's got chewing gum stuck in her hair and I'm trying to get it out'.
* An IT technician who claimed 'My car blew up on my way into work, and I'm with the Firemen now'.

A spokesperson for Viva, which carried out the research, said: "We're all guilty of pulling the odd sickie using tried and tested excuses of food poisoning, migraines, and sore throats when all we really want is a lie in and a lazy day.
"We were pretty shocked at some of the lengths some Brits are prepared to go to, in order to skip work for the day. And some have landed themselves in hot water by going too far trying to keep up the illusion."

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