The kitchen which grows its own food

275x250.jpgDesigners have created what they think could be the kitchen appliance of the future... because it grows edible plants and fish.

The 'biosphere home farm' from Philips would consist of several vertically stacked tanks containing mini-ecosystems for growing you own food.

One would contain fish and crustaceans while others house plants and herbs -- all ready to be harvested when you get hungry.

But they are not finished there, it is claimed the device would run off food waste and the algae in the water water tanks could produce fresh hydrogen to power an electric car.

It is not know if the designers took inspiration from students... who have been growing all sorts of mould and fungus in their kitchens for some time.
A spokesperson for Philips said: "This biosphere home farm has been designed to occupy a minimum of floor space and instead to stack the various mini-ecosystems on top of each other.

"It contains fish, crustaceans, algae and edible plants, all interdependent and in balance with each other. Water filtration, recycling of nutrients and optimum use of sunlight are all central to its appeal."

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