Ah Wrestling! Gravy fighting championships

200x190.jpgWrestlers have battled it out for one of the most sticky (if not most prestigious) titles, World Gravy Wrestling Champion 2009.

More than 1,000 people turned out to either compete or watch the event where teams of fighters grapple in pools of out-of-date gravy.

The odd event - in which opponents try to pin each other - was won by Joel Hicks, a 30-year-old barrister who compete under the name 'Stone Cold Steve Bisto'.

Over 2000 litres of Bisto gravy were used and by the end of the competition no-one felt like a roast dinner … though some looked and smelt like one.
Stone Cold Steve Bisto said of his win: "The final was really tough and it is much more difficult than you think. My technique was really just to grab hold of the guy and hope for the best."

The competition was part of the Pennine Lancashire Festival of Food & Culture and was held at the Rose n Bowl Inn, Bacup, Rossendale.

Pennine Lancashire Festival of Food & Culture  
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