Naked man projected onto Tate Britain

An image of a naked delivery driver from Newcastle has been projected onto the side of Tate Britain in a bid to break the taboo of showing the male form.

But the stunt is not the product of the art establishment, 25-year-old Neill Richardson was dared to show off his body on a bragging website.

He sent in the picture - displaying his tattoos and behind - and it was (somehow) picked as the 'best' and projected 50ft tall onto the side of the famous art gallery.

Comparing the result to the images from 1999, when a naked photo of Gail Porter was projected onto the Houses of Parliament ... I can't help but think we have got a bum deal this time. 

Bertrand Bodson, of, said: "The Gail Porter image was projected to promote the world's sexiest women, but why hasn't this been done for the world’s sexiest men?  We wanted to put two fingers up to the establishment and poke fun at their apparent aversion to the naked male form."
Neill Richardson, from Newcastle, added: "I think showing my naked fat arse to the world will definitely shock a lot of people!  But, hey, now I’ve been up on a museum's wall, I'm a proper work of art, right?"

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