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275x250.jpg Scientists in South Korea have created a genetically modified glow in the dark dog which they say can be turned on and off like a light switch.

The glowing beagle was born two-years-ago thanks to a cloning technique which boffins claim could be used to find cures for diseases including Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

Tegon's luminosity - which can be seen under ultraviolet light - is said to be controlled by adding a doxycycline antibiotic to her food at Seoul University.

While the £2million research could lead to huge leaps in medical science, it's already solved one of life's great questions, are dogs or cats the brightest.

275x250.jpg We've long been fans of Professor Splash and his ability to jump from ridiculous heights into equally ridiculously shallow pools of water without hurting himself.

And now it looks like he's finally going to get the credit he deserves after appearing on America's Got Talent and impressing judges.

During a recent appearance he performed his trademark bellyflop from a height of 36 feet, 7 inches into a paddling pool just 12 inches deep - a new world record.

On the way down he reached 40mph and hit the water with a force equivalent of four tonnes… unfortunately he didn't land on judge Piers Morgan. 

A pickpocket in China has been caught on camera using chopsticks to steal a mobile phone - and to think we struggle when it comes to eating dim sum.

In the footage - which has been aired on Chinese TV news shows - the light-chopsticked man can be seen singling out his mark as he waits for a bus.

The cutlery crook then moves behind the young man and carefully uses the eating utensils to reach into the victim's pocket and pull out his mobile phone.

Even when the victim realises something is wrong and that his mobile phone has gone, the thief makes out that it may have been dropped rather than swiped - just check out his mime.

275x250.jpg We've all seen videos of people dancing and singing in an Apple store - but have you ever wanted to know exactly how much you could get away with there?

Comedian Mark Malkoff did, so he put it to the test -- starting off by ordering a pizza to be delivered to him and seeing whether staff had a problem with that. They didn't.

The funny-man then moved on to holding a romantic date - complete with meal, music and dancing - amid shoppers. But again the blue-shirted Apple staff were happy to carry on as normal.

Even when Malkoff dressed as Darth Vader and asked them to fix his iPhone or then took his pet goat in, no-one seemed to mind. So if you can get yourself kicked out of an Apple store let us know what you were doing.

wnwdw.jpgOur daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

A pair of women from Bulgaria claim they've found a series of hidden cameras in the apartment they are renting in Florida. (CFNews 13)(YouTube)

Drivers in Australia got a shock recently, when a 1.5m crocodile was seen slithering out of a drain and onto the main street of a town. (Yahoo)(YouTube)

Professional sportsmen are generally macho types who don't like to show any weakness -- shame then that Logan Morrison of the Florida Marlins responded like this when he saw a Praying Mantis. (YouTube)

A plumber has built the world's longest motorbike which measures 72ft long and can seat 25 people… as long as they don't mind not going around corners. (Daily Mail)

By day, Roger Hayhurst is a 19-year-old gardener, but by night he's a real-life superhero known as the Knight Warrior… at least to himself. (The Sun)

275x250.jpg A baby ostrich which was abandoned by his mother and dumped in the rain is now being kept company by a soft toy surrogate mum and a radio.

Staff at Folly Farm in Pembrokeshire say this is the first first baby Ostrich to be cared for there, as in previous years rain has hampered incubation with excess moisture in the nests.

And while it was all going much better this year, it looked like it could take a turn for the worse when this 10 inch baby Ostrich left out in the rain by its mum.

However, carers have taken him in and after putting him at ease by placing a slightly taller toy in his enclosure, are now hand-rearing the bird which will eventually be somewhere between 6ft and 9ft tall. Good luck finding a toy that big.

275x250.jpg It's less than a year until London 2012 and the London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games are looking for 'inspirational members of the community' to to act as Olympic torch bearers.

But if an internet campaign gets its way, one of the the esteemed torch bearers could be an 82-year-old tramp who has an uncanny ability to tell the time without a watch.

That's because thousands of Facebook users are backing Gordon Roberts, who is famed in Bournemouth where he can often be seen wandering the streets with his trademark beard and Manchester United scarf.

Eccentric Gordon is also known for his ability to accurately tell the time without looking at a watch… which means if he did get the gig, at least he wouldn't be late.

275x250.jpgWhen a group of office workers spotted a bike crook cutting the lock off a bicycle and trying to ride off they jumped into action and tackled him.

Staff from WCG World, a communications firm based in San Francisco, had seen the man using bolt cutters to snip the lock off one of their bikes.

After the call went out around the office several worker ran outside to see if they could stop the man -- who was struggling to get away because of a high saddle.

Leading the charge was Kristen Bell, a creative associate who threw herself at the bike-riding crook and managed to knock him to the ground.

The would-be thief then scooped up his things which had been dropped during the scuffle and ran away… little did he know he'd become a YouTube star.

275x250.jpg You might think White House officials had more pressing matters on their mind at the moment, but staff recently spent their time 'Rickrolling' a critic via Twitter.

During a question and answer session on Twitter, the White House received a complaint from David Wiggs, from Tennessee, that the discussion was "not nearly as entertaining as yesterday's".

But rather than simply ignoring the message they replied: "Sorry to hear that. Fiscal policy is important, but can be dry sometimes. Here's something more fun: #WHChat"

The link, as you may have guessed, was to a video of Rick Astley's song Never Gonna Give You Up. It's not know who was behind the Rickrolling, but our guess would be Obama himself.

A video of a sleepy baby sloth yawning has become an online hit and been viewed more than 900,000 times… by 900,000 people who probably proceeded to yawn themselves straight after.

The 19 second clip, which was uploaded to YouTube earlier this month starts off with an already adorable baby sloth slouched over the hand of a carer.

But then the cuteness level gets dialled up all the way to eleven when the tired little critter lets out a massive yawn before closing its eyes and going to sleep.

We know how you feel little guy, we know how you feel. 

wnwdw.jpgOur daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

Princess, an eight-week-old kitten has survived after being stuck in a washing machine cycle for almosts an hour. (BBC)

343 hot air balloons have takes off at the Lorraine Mondial international hot air balloon festival in France making an amazing sight, and setting a new world record in the process. (Telegraph)

This mascot got what he deserved after cheating two little kids out of winning a game of musical chairs - the lads kicked him in the groin. Making the story even better, it was "Blue Balls" night. (Business Insider) (YouTube)

A TV reporter was attacked live air while covering animal cruelty case involving a naked man and an Iguana. (MyFox) (YouTube)

A Chinese teenager has somehow survived having a sword impaled in his skull. We barely survived looking at the photos and X-ray. (Asylum)

It's never good to prang your car. But it must be even worse when you do so into a Mercedes, a Porsche, a Ferrari and an Aston Martin all at the same time. (Daily Mail)

275x250.jpg Swimmers at a historic baths in Leeds had an unusual accompaniment to their breaststroke and front-crawl recently… when an orchestra played a concert from an island stage.

The event at Edwardian Bramley Baths, was held as part of the I Love West Leeds arts festival and saw members of the West Yorkshire Symphony Orchestra take to the specially constructed stage.

Workers had spent several hours diving into the pool to construct the stage which needed to be strong enough to support the 20 musicians along with their violins, flutes, and even cellos.

While there were plenty of possible songs for the orchestra to choose from, they eventually settled on the rather appropriate Handel's Water Music. See what they did there.

A video of a baby hippo appearing to perform a series of underwater ballet moves in California, has become an online hit.

Little Adhama - whose name means "honour" or "glory" in Swahili - is said to regularly strut his stuff pulling pirouettes, backflips and tumbles in his enclosure at San Diego Zoo.

Now the six-month-old calf and his 26-year-old mother Funani have now become a web sensation after a video of their antics was uploaded to YouTube.

In the footage, the critter, who was born weighing around 100 pounds, looks almost as graceful as the the hippo from Fantasia, almost.

275x250.jpg The Beano has teamed up with the National Trust to produce a special edition of the comic with characters running riot at some of Britain's best-known buildings.

In the comic, Dennis the Menace and Gnasher conquer Powis Castle in Wales fooling National Trust staff with dozens of "hedge menaces" and the Bash Street Kids take over Devon family manor Arlington Court.

The Numskulls are sneezed out at Edwardian Surrey estate Polesden Lacey while Minnie The Minx takes her dad on a manic trip to Northern Ireland to discover the iconic Giant’s Causeway.

It's hoped the comic will encourage more families to visit National Trust sites… let's hope they know what they have let themselves in for.

275x250.jpgCairo has been named as the world’s most 24-hour city after an analysis of social media interactions around the world.

The study - conducted by website Badoo - looked at what time most people are online chatting and how long they spend doing so.

It was discovered that people in Cairo tended to be online at 12.45 pm - that's 75 minutes later than in London and three hours later than in New York.

Montevideo in Uruguay came second followed by Beirut in Lebanon, but many metropolises which are thought of as being 24-hour cities were considerably lower.

London was only 17th while Paris was 18th and Rome 27th. New York "the city that never sleeps," also ranked a humiliating 32nd… though people their may have still being out with something better to do than go online.

Justin Howard has been crowned as US Air Guitar Champion after donning a surprisingly skimpy viking-related outfit and rocking out under the name "Nordic Thunder".

The long-haired and suitably bearded rocker strummed, plucked and generally rocked the stage for 60 seconds at the event in Chicago - cheered on by hundreds of fans

After winning the US title, Nordic Thunder will now take part in the three day event which is the world finals in Finland starting on August 26.

And while we could describe his outfit and performance, it's probably easier if you click play… we promise you won't regret it.

275x250.jpg Firefighters were called to help rescue a man after his flailing legs were spotted sticking up from a drain in California.

21-year-old Jared Medeiros had apparently climbed into the manhole head first after dropping his wallet and found himself unable to climb back out.

Police were first on the scene - after Jared had been in there about 40 minutes - but despite their best efforts the "slightly intoxicated" man could not be removed.

It then fell to firefighters to rescue him and pull him free from the tight spot. He was soon released to his mother with minor scrapes and bruises. There was no news on the wallet.

wnwdw.jpgOur daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

We've seen what happens when a kitten takes on a tennis ball and now it's time see a puppy tackle a pine cone… now will someone hurry up and add an appropriately dramatic soundtrack. (YouTube)

Given the speed at which the man in the background of this live news broadcast disappears, we think it's safe to say he didn't mean to be there. Either that or someone had tied a bungee rope to him. (YouTube)

A 19-year-old female worker at a  US convenience store has fought off a would-be robber despite the man using a stun gun on her. (ABC) (YouTube)

A 56-year-old woman was forced to spend a night stuck in her car as it teetered on the face of a Cornish cliff after she lost control of her car. She was spotted by a jogger the following morning. (Guardian) (YouTube)

A video of two culture shocked Brits wandering around a Wal-Mart store in LA while being horrified and impressed by products in equal measure has become an online hit. (Asylum)

When people run onto a sports field, they normally only get a few seconds before they're unceremoniously tackled by security staff.

But this guy - who got onto the field at a recent Mets game - kept officials running for several minutes before they finally managed to get him.

In an athletic burst of activity the man dodged and weaved his way between a team of six security guy, who he managed to make look like fools as he ran along.

Cheering fans seemed to enjoy the distraction… which we think was more entertaining than most baseball games.

275x250.jpgTwo Australian police officers say they both had to resort to using pepper spray on a red kangaroo after it attacked a 94-year-old woman.

The cops from Queensland had been called out after the elderly woman was attacked by the jumping marsupial as she was putting out her laundry.

While trying to fight off the beast with a broom, the woman had been knocked to the floor but eventually managed to get inside where her son called police.

When the officers arrived at the scene the male kangaroo was still there and charged at one of the cops who discharged his capsicum pepper spray at it.

Not happy, the roo then jumped towards the second cop who was standing at the back of the police car and he too used his spray. What's that Skippy, you want to lodge a complaint with the police complaints authority?

275x250.jpg F1 ace Lewis Hamilton has said that he thinks the British national anthem should be longer… because he'd like more time on the podium to celebrate his wins.

The McLaren driver and 2008 world champion made the odd announcement after victory at the German Grand Prix on Sunday.

Speaking to BBC Radio the 26-year-old said: "I am massively proud to hear the national anthem. The only thing is that everyone else’s is much longer than ours.

"When I stand up there and Felipe (Massa) has won, it’s ten minutes long and when I'm standing there it lasts half a minute. I would urge the UK to make our national anthem longer."

We think Mario Balotelli may have read our post about Awana Diab's back-heel penalty last week, and fancied getting himself on Newslite… though probably not like this.

The Italian striker was playing for Manchester City in a recent friendly against David Beckham's LA Galaxy when he found himself in an ideal striking position.

But rather than simply smash the ball into the back of the net, show-boating Balotelli tried a pirouette and back-heel -- which failed spectacularly and went wide.

So, to a chorus of boos, from home and away fans alike, City boss Roberto Mancini immediately replaced the £24 million signing with James Milner… at least he can dress himself.

275x250.jpgA third of Brits keep a secret photo of an ex-lover hidden from their current partner,it has been revealed.

A poll of 1,781 men and women - which asked what they did with snaps of people the'd been in a relationship with - found women were more likely to keep photos.

While 36%, of adults in relationships around the UK admit to keeping a ‘secret’ photo of an ex-lover; without the knowledge of their other half, 62% of these were women.

Over half of these secret photos (56%) are said to be kept in a purse or wallet; whilst the remaining majority, 32%, are hidden away in a draw or cupboard.

And to make matters worse just over a quarter, 27%, of those who admitted to harbouring a picture of an ex-lover said it was ‘sexual’ in nature… well you can't get that from stalking them on Facebook.

wnwdw.jpgOur daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

A reporter who knocked on the door of woman who was said to have locked her baby in a car on a hot day was shown the family do know how to cool down… when she had water thrown on her. (Guyism) (YouTube)

A man riding a mobility scooter has had a lucky escape after surviving being hit by a train doing 100mph as he drove over a level crossing. (Asylum)

Swiss daredevil Ueli Steck has set a new record by climbing the north face of the Grandes Jorasses - part of Mont Blanc - in just 2hr 21 min… with just an ice axe. (Daily Mail) (YouTube)

A magician/prankster has filmed himself being served spontaneously burning burgers at fast-food joints in the US. And while the burning burger prank impresses us… we bet it scares McDonald's lawyers (YouTube)

So this video is from way back in 2009, but if there's something you are considering quitting, this message is as valid as this video is cute. (YouTube)

275x250.jpgFirefighters have heavy-duty cutting equipment which is used to cut people out of car crashes… but hopefully they didn't need to use them on this occasion.

A rescue team in Australia were recently dispatched to save a rather distressed man who had got his penis trapped in a metal ring.

The truck from Melbourne was called out at around 2.30am when the man called emergency services and told them of his embarrassing predicament.

While it's not known exactly how they removed the man's appendage from the ring… we'd have thought if they'd charged in with the 'jaws of life' it might have scared him out of it.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board said getting called out to a red-face man with his willy trapped in something was far more common than most people would suspect.

275x250.jpg A three-year-old horse called Elvis has been rescued by a team of ten firefighters after getting stuck neck deep in a muddy swamp.

The 14-hand horse had been discovered by his owner struggling for air and to get free after escaping from his field and falling into a 20m sq mud pit.

Firefighters from West Midlands Fire Service were dispatched to the woodland scene in Coventry where one donned a dry suit and climbed into the mud pit to being a two-hour rescue.

Colleagues then shovelled away mud from around the horse to fit strops and pull him to safety… luckily they won the tug-of-war and the animal was returned to the safety of solid ground.

A pair of French Olympic medallists could face disciplinary action after brawling with each other at an athletes meeting in Monaco.

The duo had just completed the 1500 metres at the Diamond League meeting on Friday evening, with Baala finishing ninth and Mekhissi eleventh when they came together.

After sharing a few short words, Baala appeared to headbutt his fellow Frenchman before the pair began began punching at each other and had to be separated by officials.

After describing the incident as "unspeakable behaviour" the FFA said the pair could face disciplinary action… or be moved into the Olympic boxing team.

275x250.jpg We thought we'd filled our ridiculous yacht quota for July with this golden number… but then this tropical yacht inspired offering sailed into view.

Dubbed “Tropical Island Paradise” it's been designed by a yacht design firm who hope it could be just what some billionaire wants.

The 90m long yacht is designed to accommodate 10 guests and features a diesel electrical power plant propels the vessel to a maximum speed of 15 knots.

But it's probably the private beach cove, swimming pool and whacking great volcano on the back which will grab the attention of most people… especially Bond villains. 

275x250.jpgA dodgy forklift truck has malfunctioned and dropped 462 cases of Australian wine worth more than £650,000.

The error happened as the Mollydooker wine was being loaded for shipment to the USA at Port Adelaide and the bottles all fell almost 20 feet to ground.

As such it's thought 5,544 bottles of 2010 Velvet Glove shiraz (worth £120 each) were destroyed when the bottles smashed and poured their contents on the ground.

Winemaker Sparky Marquis said the incident had left him "gut-wrenched" and that the container was left looking" like a murder scene.

The shipment had represented one-third the winery's annual production and it's not know if the winemakers used 5,544 bottles of white wine to remove the stain.

wnwdw.jpgOur daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

It's happened before and it will happen again, but we still can't imagine how much of a shock it must be to see a 'corpse' wake up and start screaming. (Telegraph)

Strong winds in Australia have became so extreme recently that a waterfall has been recorded flowing upwards. (Asylum)

We kind of feel sorry for England's 12th man Tom Hampton. You don't expect to find an open bucket of paint in the middle of the field at Lords, but he did… quite emphatically. (Daily Mail) (YouTube)

For many men, the idea of getting married is a scary one and they are not sure they are ready for the commitment… in the case of this seven-year-old boy we think he's right. (Daily Mail) (YouTube)

If like us you've ever thought getting into yoga poses looked a bit too much like hard work, imagine how difficult it would be while balancing on a paddleboard in the middle of a lake. (Fox 11) (YouTube)

Motorcross ace Chad Reed has not only survived a terrifying spectacular crash, which saw him fly 20ft into the air, but he also finished the race he was in.

The Australian daredevil had been competing in the AMA Pro Motocross Championship in Minnesota when he lost control on a jump and was sent skywards.

After being launched 20 feet into the air, he separated from his bike and then clattered back to the ground with a nasty bump which looked like it could have left him seriously injured.

But within seconds Reed was back on his bike - much to the shock of the commentators - and not only that, he ended the race 34th of 35 riders and went on to finish 14th by the end of the moto. Seriously impressive stuff.

275x250.jpg We're all for anything that takes the tedium out of getting to Newslite Towers -- and as such we'd love to see a slide like this installed at our local station.

Unfortunately we don't live near Overvecht Station in Holland where this 'transfer accelerator' (slide) had been installed as an alternative to stairs.

Created by design firm  HIK Designers, the slide is said to be great for passengers who are running late or just want to add a bit of fun during their everyday lives.

The slide is also said to play music from Bach during the evening… which adds a nice little surreal moment to getting home after an evening drinking we thing you'll agree.

275x250.jpg There's a sure fire way to tell that your dog isn't exactly the world's best guard dog… like when it gets stolen itself.

And that's just what happened to Rocky the Rottweiler, a guard dog who was recently snatched from his home in Gloucestershire.

Thieves are understood to have lifted the fencing into the area where Rocky was kept and stolen him, nothing else was taken.

As such the home owners, who'd hoped the dog would be an active deterrent to would-be burglars, were forced to make an embarrassing call to police to   report that he'd been stolen.

A young baseball fan who failed to get his hands on a foul ball during a recent game went into such a sulk that he became the focus of the live TV coverage.

The lad had been enjoying a recent Dodgers v Giants game when a foul ball came hurtling towards him.

However his enjoyment appeared to take a plunge when a woman sat in front of him made the catch and celebrated by waving the ball and he went into his best sulk angrily folding his arms.

His sulk was so severe the camera kept cutting to him and the announcers commentating on the game were talking more about him than the action on the field.

wnwdw.jpgOur daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

When people in a Chinese village discovered a weird-looking creature with a bald head, bug-eyes and a scrawny body, some thought it was an alien… turns out it was a malnourished monkey. (The Sun)

What makes men pull these faces? No not that. Diving. A sports photographer has focused on the gurning faces of divers at the FINA World Championships in Shanghai. (Telegraph)

A "Keep off the grass" sign has been installed on a tiny patch of turf in London, despite the fact it's almost too small to do anything on it. (ThisIsLondon)

We don't care if Whale Sharks are ilter feeders which eat plankton, we'd still have been bricking it if we'd been as close as this diver to being swallowed by one. (Daily Mail)

A grizzly bear which had his head stuck in a jar for up to three weeks has finally been rescued after it was tranquillised and the plastic jar removed. (Daily Mail)

What's under your bed? Actually don't answer that, instead just marvel at what was discovered under the bed of a pensioner in Guatemala… a 40ft deep sinkhole. (Metro)

275x250.jpgHave you ever had one of those days where the world seems out to get you, your train's late, you get splashed by a passing car and even the traffic lights are give you the finger… wait what?

Well that's what happened to people in Texas recently, when malfunctioning streetlights started flipping people the bird.

Sets of lights in the City of Amarillo suffered a fault whereby not all of the lights, which make up the hand on the stop light, were illuminated.

This gave the effect that the normal red palm had become the hand gesture of sticking up one finger at pedestrians.

City officials say they've already had to replace at least six of the offensive cross walk signs… only drivers are allowed to be that abusive to walkers.

275x250.jpg An Arab sheikh has carved his name out 1,000 metres high and two miles long, on an island he owns - making his moniker the only one visible from SPACE.

63-year-old Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan had workers cur the 'HAMAD' part of his name into the sand of Al Futaisi island in the massive letters.

After coming up with the barmy idea, his workers are said to have spent several weeks digging out the sand to create the bizarre name-shaped waterways.

While most people are in awe of the inscribed island we want to know why he didn't have his entire name carved in the sand… maybe he just needs a bigger island.

275x250.jpgIn a bid to overcome his fear of heights William Mancera was persuaded by his fiancé to complete a 150ft bungee jump ride… it didn't work and he's now more scared than ever.

That's probably because he got stuck 50ft off the ground and had to wait for three hours before he was rescued by firefighters.

The incident, which was caused be tangled wires, happened on the 'Texas Blastoff' ride at the Zero Gravity amusement park in Dallas.

While the ride slingshotting riders in racing seats to 150ft in the air was only meant to take 60 seconds, the man and his fiancée were trapped for three hours.

Speaking after the ordeal, Mancera said that he fear of heights had "won again" and he is "never riding anything of that sort ever again," … we hope the wedding is still on.

275x250.jpgMany people hide their financial situation from their partner and the average Brit currently has £1,800 stashed away, it's been found.

However, it's not all about secret saving, a recent study found that 23% of those hiding their accounts are actually in debt.

Whilst 67 per cent of co-habiting couples have a joint bank account, 28% don't even have any idea what their partner earns, or what savings or debt they have.

And it get's worse, 58% of us don't tell their partner when they buy something using the joint account with over a quarter of those surveyed admitting to sneaky spends.

It was also found that 37% of people have a secret stash of money that they keep hidden around the home… so if it's not you, get looking.

275x250.jpg Vegas, a German Shepherd trainee police dog has been left looking for a new home after officers realised she is not brave enough to cut it with the force.

The 19-month-old dog had been specially bred for police work and gone through part of her initial training course before it was recognised she's a big scaredycat.

It's said the pup was great at things like jumping through windows, ignoring gunshots and chasing suspects -- she refused to bite them when she caught up with them - which means she won't be able to work with police.

Northumbria Police are now appealing for people who might be able to offer her a home to come forwards and say she loves to play with her toys and would be a fun and loyal companion.

wnwdw.jpgOur daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

It may not have the same appeal as Bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster, but the chupacabra 'goat sucker' has for years been the thing of legend - now a Texas teenager says he's shot and killed one. (Fox News) (YouTube)

We're beginning to think that animals spend more time in swimming pools than humans do. This time a horse had to be rescued from a pool in Florida. (MyFox)

Police in Texas say they are on the look for someone who stole what they probably thought was a normal camera, but actually took a radioactive camera device which is used to detect leaks in pipes and has Iridium 192, a radioactive material. His glow should make him easy to find. (WIVD)

Some people of good drivers who are bad at parking. But this person is bad driver who's inadvertently good at parking… they crashed on a busy road and ended up in a parking spot. (Asylum)

A bus stop in Honolulu has been relocated because of complaints from drivers about the stench from an adjacent bus shelter where a homeless woman has been living. (WeInterrupt)

275x250.jpg Researchers say the heft of some medieval armour was so great that it may have even affected the outcome of some famous battles.

And to prove their point, boffins at Leeds University have even released a video of a man wearing full medieval armour being put through his paces on a treadmill.

Academics say during warfare in the 15th century, soldiers wore steel plate armour, typically weighing 30-50kg which played a role in whether an army won or lost a battle.

Their study - which saw armour-wearers completing running exercises while their oxygen usage was measured - showed they used twice the amount of energy… and got some odd looks at the gym.

275x250.jpg A Malaysian businessman has splashed out a massive £3 billion on a gold and platinum yacht made using 100,000kg of precious metals... it even has a solid gold anchor.

The 'History Supreme' yacht - which stands out even when compared to other billionaires' toys - was created by Liverpool-based jeweller Stuart Hughes.

It took him three years to complete and the entire base of the 100ft vessel is wrapped in solid gold, along with most other features on-board.

The main sleeping quarter is adorned with platinum accents and has a wall feature made from meteoric stone and a genuine T-Rex dinosaur bone. Take that Roman Abramovich!

If this woman hoped people on the internet would see her attempt at planking and find it funny, mission accomplished… though probably not in the way she intended.

The unnamed US woman wanted to get in on the latest internet craze of planking which involves lying facedown in an unlikely setting and chose her kitchen.

Unfortunately for her, she accidentally grabbed the cooker door handle and it flung open causing her to hit her chin on the cooker before falling to the floor.

Despite the oven toppling down on top of her, the woman - who only suffered a bruise - dusted herself off and completed a successful plank in a reverse position. At least she got that we fame she was after. 

275x250.jpg The image of astronaut Buzz Aldrin standing next to the US flag during the moon landing have been named as the most iconic photographs of the past century.

The famous photo from 1969 has topped a survey of Brits to discover what iconic images stick  in peoples' minds - beating V-J Day in Times Square by Alfred Eisenstaedt into second place.

Lunchtime atop a Skyscraper - which was taken by Charles C. Ebbets during construction of the RCA Building at Rockefeller Center in New York - came in third.

Other popular photographs included The Beatles ‘Abbey Road’ Cover, Marilyn Monroe ‘Billowing’ White Dress from The Seven Year Itch and Albert Einstein sticking his tongue out.

275x250.jpgThe personal computer has now overtaken the family dog as 'man's best friend', a poll conducted by YouGov has found.

A recent survey discovered almost two thirds of us consider our computers as "a more constant companion than a dog" and that this is especially true for younger dog owners.

People are also now spending more time with their PCs than their pooches and with many people having ditched newspapers for online news sites, dogs are being relied on less to perform household tasks.

In fact, only 6% of those polled believe "most people rely more on their dog than they do on their PC" (probably people who need a lot of slippers fetching) while 67% think the opposite is true.

So if you had to do without your pet dog or your computer, which would it be? And remember your dog can't fetch you Newslite.

A footballer who shot to internet fame after scoring a cheeky back-heel penalty for UAE in their clash with Lebanon, may now be punished for it.

Awana Diab instantly became one the most watched footballers in the world after his unorthodox spot kick at the weekend.

But while many internet viewers were impressed by the goal - after which he was issued a yellow card - it went down less well with his team manager who branded it 'disrespectful'.

And it's now been reported that the 21-year-old Baniyas midfielder could be banned from playing for UAE or fined for his actions… unfortunately he's not eligible to play for England who could always do with a penalty scorer.

Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

That Loch Ness monster gets about a bit doesn't she. A fisherman claims to have caught a 20 to 30ft long creature with humps on its back on camera swimming in an Alaskan bay. (MSNBC)

A storm in Montreal saw so much rain come down in a short period of time that it caused a sewer geyser powerful enough to lift a car off the ground. (CTV) (YouTube)

Three ostriches are said to have caused chaos when they escaped from a van in the Estonian city of Tartu and proceeded to run around roads. (DPF) (YouTube

It's just a couple of weeks since we brought you an amazing time-lapse video of a haboob hitting Phoenix, but another one has struck. This time it was 3,000 feet high and cut visibility to about a quarter of a mile. (NY Daily News) (YouTube)

A US man who decided to try removing his son's cast with a 10-inch circular saw ended up cutting off the top of the 15-year-old's right thumb in the process. (NBC Miami)

Hundreds of people fled from a high-rise building in South Korea thinking there was an earthquake… but experts now believe it was caused by a vigorous gym exercise session. (Yahoo)

You know what it's like, one minute you are having a nice relaxing bike ride through a park, the next you've got a moose charging at you. (YouTube)

Everyones favourite octogenarian media tycoon has been attacked by a shaving foam pie wielding protester at a parliamentary select committee.

Rupert Murdoch had, along with son James, been answering MPs questions about the New of the World phone hacking scandal when the attack happened.

An assailant - believed to be comedian Jonnie Marbles - jumped up from the audience and lunged towards Murdoch with a paper plate covered in shaving foam.

But while the 'pie' made a direct hit, so did the wife of the News Corp Chairman, Wendi, who leaped to his defence and slapped Marbles across the face… instantly becoming the most popular Murdoch.

275x250.jpg The Terrafugia Transition flying car is one step closer to taking to the sky after being cleared by the US National Highway Safety Administration.

Aviation bosses say the off-beat vehicle - which has wings which fold up for use on the road - could get UK clearance as soon as next year.

Makers say the flying car is made from carbon fibre runs on unleaded fuel and can cover up to 450 miles on each tank. On the road it can do 100km/h and 185km/h in the air.

Given it can also transform from car to plane in just 15 seconds it sounds like the ideal way to beat the morning traffic… assuming you have the £130,000 to buy one.

275x250.jpg Between 1% and 5% of the population - including certain Bond villains - are said to have an additional nipple… but until recently none were recorded as having one on their foot.

However, that all changed with the discovery of this foot which belongs to a 22-year-old woman and was recently featured in a dermatology journal.

Researchers say the foot nipple is particularly rare because the condition (supernumerary breast tissue) is normally found above the waist.

Unsurprisingly the owner of the nipple-totting foot has chosen to remain anonymous fearing she'd be mocked with people asking her to put her breast foot forward and dodgy puns like that… some people would really milk it.

A humpback whale which was saved after getting tangled in a fishing net said 'thank you' to rescuers by performing a series of breaches and dives.

When a group of whale watchers off the coast of California discovered a humpback whale tangled in fishing nets, they feared it was already dead.

But as they approached, it let out a loud breath through its blow hole and the whale watchers turned whale rescuers jumping in the water and launching an hour-log rescue bid.

After eventually being able to free the beast and pull the net into their boat, the whale swam away - but not before putting on an impressive display  for them. Skip to 6 minutes 10 seconds to see it. 

275x250.jpg Robotics engineers in the US have built a lightsaber-wielding robot which uses a Microsoft Xbox Kinect sensor to know where its opponent is and fight them.

The boffins from Stanford University created 'JediBot' in just three-and-a-half weeks and say it was quite a challenge to teach the robot lightsaber skills.

JediBot uses the Kinect sensor to detect objects in three-dimensional space and then react accordingly to opposition switching between attack and defence modes.

Luckily for the future of mankind, this probably isn't the beginning of the robot uprising as the lightsaber is currently just a wooden stick wrapped in foam.

275x250.jpgWhen two would-be armed robbers stormed into a store in California and demanding a bag was filled with cash, they probably didn't expect anyone to put up much of a fight.

But that's because they didn't know about Paco, the diminutive Chihuahua who took umbrage at their attempts to steal from his owner.

After the duo waved a gun around and made their threats at the store, Paco ran straight towards them and started biting at their ankles.

The pint-sized pooch continued to snap at the pair until they ran out of the door and across the street - he didn't even stop when they pointed a gun at him.

And while some doubters suggest this was probably because he has no concept of what a gun is, we'd like to think it was just because he's brave.

wnwdw.jpgOur daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

Japanese researchers have created a radio-controlled sphere which can fly at speeds of 37mph and dart in and out of buildings. (Daily Mail) (YouTube)

She is one the most powerful women on the planet, but US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was recently upstaged by two cats during a live appearance on CNN Turk. (Todays THV)

In the past we've said how much we like mixed sports sports, you know like chess boxing, skyaking and snowboard basketball. So it was pretty obvious we were going to be fans of Kung Fu Volleyball wasn't it? (Buzzfeed) (YouTube)

Given how often sporting events get interrupted, pitch invaders have to do something special to get noticed.. which is why we presume this guy donned a wedding dress before running onto the field at an  Atlanta Braves game. (Yahoo)

A skydiver who saw his iPhone 4 fall from his pocket at 13,500ft says he couldn't believe it when he found it and discovered it was still workings. (Daily Mail)

Many people get strangely anxious about going to the beach and want to make a good first impression whether that means having a perfect beach-body, the right pair of sunglasses or making an impressive entrance like this… did you notice the word 'fail' in the title. (YouTube)

275x250.jpg At Newslite we have a bit of a thing for Lego - whether it's being used to make massive towers, sculptures, recreate works of art, the Royal wedding or even to propose.

We also enjoy anything to do with superheroes. So when someone combines the two they've got our undivided attention. Step forward Alexander Schranz who recently produced a stunning Batcave with 9,000 Lego bricks

The 31-year-old Lego fan from Germany - who works as a Concept Designer for The LEGO Group - says he came up with the idea after playing Arkham Asylum and being inspired.

A life-long Batman fan, Schranz started off by making the Batmobile before spending a week planing the Batcave and then 70 hours building it… it would have been quicker but there was no Alfred to help him.

It sounded like a great way to begin a news broadcast from a boat show, the reporter would introduce his friend, who'd rise spectacularly powered by a water jet-pack.

Unfortunately it didn't all go to plan and a severe jet-pack fail almost knocked the journalist into the water and left his colleagues unable to do their job because they were laughing so hard.

Matt Johnson had been reporting live from the San Diego yacht and boat show for affiliate Fox 5 when the blunder happened and rather than shooting skywards, the jet-pack-wearing man fell and disappeared under the water.

This meant that when the cameras cut back to the studio the lauhging hosts were left holding their heads and open-mouths in disbelief at what had just happened. Oops.

275x250.jpg As far as Newslite is concerned she is no oracle octopus, but a psychic pachyderm called has apparently predicted the winner of the Women’s World Cup.

Nelly, an 18-month-old elephant at Serengeti Park in Germany, made her forecast by
kicking a ball into a net into a net of the team she though would win.

After correctly predicted the winner of every German match in the Women's World Cup, she'd been called in to do her stuff ahead of the final between the USA and Japan.

Sure enough she pelted the ball into the back of the net with a Japanese flag and they went on to win the contest - which obviously proves she's psychic. If you think otherwise you can tell the 1,058 pound beast yourself.

275x250.jpg Fire fighters in Yorkshire had a close shave recently, when two houses exploded just yards from where they were standing, as this video footage shows.

The team had been called to what they had been told was a small kitchen fire, but when they arrived they found a string of small fires in a row of six terraced houses.

Moving quickly the brave crew from West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service evacuated 30 people (including two from upstairs using ladders)  from the homes and began to tackle the blaze.

And it's a good job they acted so fast… because just seconds after the residents had been led away to safety a massive explosion tore through the homes partly demolishing two and causing extensive fire and blast damage to four more.

275x250.jpgA giant 26-foot-tall sculpture of Marilyn Monroe has been unveiled in Chicago.

Created by artist Seward Johnson, the work stands in a square on Michigan Avenue depicts Monroe in her most iconic pose from the 1955 film The Seven Year Itch.

That means giant Marilyn is seen in the Windy City, standing over a New York City subway grate as her dress blows in the blowing air.

Made from stainless steel and aluminium the statue weighs a hefty 34,000lbs and will be in position until spring 2012.

FYI - posing for a photo while standing between her legs and looking up is about as original as going to Pisa and pretending to told the leaning tower up.

wnwdw.jpgOur daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

A US man accidentally set fire to his own house while trying to cremate his pet dog and caused $70,000 worth of damage. (Arcamax)

Well there's something you don't see everyday. A man dressed as a Stormtrooper is currently walking the 3,106 miles across Australia from Perth to Sydney. (Metro)

When Harald Mikkelsen was told by a neighbour someone was trying to rob his store in Alta, Norway, he jumped in his tractor to do something about it. An oh boy did he… he caught them by lifting their car off the ground. (NRK) (YouTube)

Large parts of the Netherlands have been left without radio reception after the collapse of a broadcast tower. But that's not the impressive bit, that's the video of it happening. (BBC) (YouTube)

They say it's not news when a dog bites a man. But we're going to go out on a limb and guess that a dog biting a shark is. A video of a dog rounding up sharks in shallow water and then giving one of them a bit has become an online hit. (Daily Mail) (YouTube)

275x250.jpg Staff at a zoo in New Zealand say the emperor penguin who famously took a wrong turn and ended up 2,000 miles from his intended destination is recovering after eating sand on a beach.

Bosses at Wellington Zoo say the 80cm tall bird had tried eating sand from Peka Peka beach (well it works with snow so why not sand) and fallen ill.

As a result the bird dubbed Happy Feet had to have his stomach pumped and experts had feared whether the lost critter would survive the ordeal.

But he's now gained 5.7 pounds since being rescued and the experts are formulating a plan to return him to Antarctica once he is fully well… and has sold the movie rights to his story.

275x250.jpgA Taiwanese man has apparently been conned out of £200,000… after trying to buy a mail order croissant. Yes, £200,000 for a pastry.

The unfortunate pastry lover is said to have seen an online advert for a croissant which was "so delicious that it will make you cry."

But after paying the £2.00 for the french bread, he was contacted by the company and told there'd been a problem with the payment and he needed to process it again, so he did.

And this is where it gets weird. He received another series of calls asking him for money claiming that there had been an issued with his earlier payments and that unless he paid, he could be charged with money laundering.

In total he's reported* to to have shelled of 12-million Taiwan dollars (£200,000) over seven payment before he realised it was a scam. The never go the croissant, though the advert was true… it did make him cry.

275x250.jpg A new suitcase has gone on sale which should ensure you can get across the airport fast enough that you never miss another flight… because it's got a built-in micro scooter.

The bizarre baggage - which consists of a  26 litre capacity case and lean-and-steer scooter - is being marketed at frequent business flyers and people making short commutes to work.

Makers claim the hard-shell Samsonite case and micro scooter ensure you arrive at your destination in time and unruffled and add it’s classed as carry-on luggage and can be stowed in an over-head locker.

For more relaxed occasions -- and those where you don't want to look like a fool --  the Micro Luggage case can be used as a regular wheeled case.

Here is a video of a young child saying the words 'fox' 'on' 'the' 'beach' - and that might not sound like much, but we defy you to press play and not laugh.

The 14 second clip of two-year-old Keira Roshuk has recently gone viral because well, it sounds like she's saying something completely different.

While we all know she's really saying "Fox on the Beach" all we can hear is "F**k the b***h" -- not exactly the sort of thing you expect a two-year-old to say.

And while we try to work out whether we should have included a bad language warning at the top of the article, why don't you check out so other kids saying  innocent phrases below.

wnwdw.jpgOur daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

When her cat died, Luciana Matalon wanted to commemorate the departed kitty and a burying a box in the back garden wasn't going to cut it… so the 77-year-old took out a full-page newspaper advert to mourn Sky. (UPI)

Have you ever had a burning desire to learn how to fit a new tap or un-shrink clothes? No, neither had we, but all that could be about to change thanks to these sexy instruction videos. (The Sun)

Michael Wolff is a well known and respected journalist who is an expert on Rupert Murdoch. He doesn't know much about baseball, which is a shame, because that's what BBC News tried to quiz him about after mixing him up with another guest. (Yahoo) (YouTube)

When we reach our twilight years, we hope we're still having as much fun as these lip-syncing OAPs. Heck, we wish we were having that much fun now. (Telegraph) (YouTube)

If, like us, you get queasy at the mere thought of a dislocation or broken bone, do not click play on this, because the headline does not lie. (YouTube)

A video of a raccoon running around with a can stuck on it's head before eventually being freed has become an online hit. (YouTube)

275x250.jpg An Austrian atheist, has been allowed to wear a pasta strainer on his head for a driving-licence photo after arguing it was a "religious headgear".

Niko Alm, 34,  says he applied for the odd driving-licence after discovering headgear was only allowed in official photos for religious reasons.

On his application - which was sent with four photos of his wearing a pasta colander in his head - he stated it was a requisite of his religion, pastafarianism.

However, after receiving his application, Austrian authorities required him to convince doctors that he was "psychologically fit" to drive… well he did say he was part of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

275x250.jpg An artist has immortalised the famous derriere of Pippa Middleton using the classic medium of Marmite and crumpets… just like Leonardo da Vinci would have done.

Laura Hadland hired a team of more than a dozen people to help her spread different shades of butter, jam and Marmite on 15,000 crumpets and then position them.

The resulting artwork - featuring a close-up of Pippa’s face and a ‘cheeky’ recreation of the now infamous backside shot - measures 13m x 20m and took 24 hours to complete.

Laura recreated the iconic royal wedding day picture after Pippa topped a poll to find the woman Brits would most like to 'wake up to breakfast with'… though presumably they didn't mean a 13m tall crumpet version.

275x250.jpgMore than half of British parents snoop on their children's online activity, a study has revealed.

Researchers found millions of mums and dads resort to checking up on their youngsters' goings-on on Facebook, looking through sent emails and internet history.
A recent study of 2,000 Brits found that 55 per cent of parents 'keep an eye' on a son or daughter by checking their social networking profile.
Four in ten parents admitted to regularly checking their children's social media status updates, 39% use Facebook to see who's been posting messages to their children, and 29% look through tagged images.
The number would probably be considerably higher… if so many parents didn't need to ask their children who to spy on someone online.

After a series of 'monster shark' sightings' in an Australian lake, the morning news TV show Today, decided to dispatch a fishing expert to go and investigate.

Unfortunately not everything went to plan when they linked to Paul Burt who was at Evandale Lake, on the Gold Coast, and the segment ended up being a rather awkward moment of live TV.

It started off badly enough when, after a big build up, Paul simply said "Hi Karl", causing the studio host to crack up laughing. But it got considerably worse when he asked the fisherman to have a go at catching the 'monster'.

That's because after casting off, Paul soon caught something… a duck which had been peacefully swimming on the lake. Oops. As he pulled it in he said to camera: "I'd go to another shot."

275x250.jpg Patrick Brooks has shot to internet fame since being arrested, but it's not his being charged for burglary, forgery and receiving stolen property which people are talking about, it's his mugshot.

More specifically it's the sweary forehead tattoo - which reads 'Fuck You' -displayed in his mugshot which has grabbed the attention online since his arrest by Shasta County Sheriff's Office

The 21-year-old was recently picked up by officers after it was revealed he'd violated the terms of his parole for a previous conviction… not that this matters to you, it's all about the photo.

But were not sure how it compares to other funny mugshots, so take a look at the half haircut, the pre-emptive apologetic head tattoo, the radio listener and the jenius and then let us know which is your favourite in the comments.

wnwdw.jpgOur daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

Dave Grohl has kicked a fan out of a London gig after he saw them fighting. And as he puts it: "You don't come to my show and fight, you come to my show and f**king dance." (Laughing Squid) (YouTube)

It's not exactly normally news when West Bromwich Albion lose a football game, especially when it's a friendly out of season match. But that said, the goals they concede aren't usually this bizarre. (Fox News) (YouTube)

A group of artists in Germany have turned a mundane traffic junction into an impressive artwork by dumping 500l of paint on the roads. (Architizer) (YouTube)

A two-headed snake has become a hit after going on display at a zoo in southern Ukraine - despite the two heads not getting on with each other. (SMH)

Oh how time on the internet flies, it was only a couple of weeks ago but we'd almost completely forgotten about eHarmony Debbie and her cat-loving ways… but then this musical remix of her video cropped up and she went viral again. (The Sun) (YouTube)

A pair of self-described 'hard-core kayak anglers' had a lucky escape when a caught an 8ft thresher shark which they fought with for 30 minutes. (ABC)

A German teenager sparked a major police operation after being unable to resist the temptation to take his dad's new £175,000 black Ferrari out for a drive. (Yahoo)

275x250.jpg A silverback gorilla called Ya Kwanza has shot to internet fame after recording a movie of himself.

Staff at Durrell Wildlife Trust in Jersey gave the 27 year-old gorilla a feeding device - covered with honey and oats - with a built in video camera to see what he got up to.

The resulting high-definition footage shows him investigating the device, meticulously picking out raisins before taking a number of close ups and profile shots

He then obediently throws the yellow 'camera feeder' back to his keeper when asked to return it. Okay so his footage isn't going to win any Oscars, but it's still pretty impressive.

275x250.jpgThe average computer game fan in the UK will spend 1.8 years of their life playing games, it has been revealed.

A recent study found the typical computer game fan spends 9.2 hours per week bashing buttons in their favourite games.

That's 478 hours a year, or 19 full days of gaming on things like Call of Duty and Gran Turismo 5.

And given the polled gamers say they expect to play from the age of nine to 45-years-old their gaming time soon adds up.

In total it works out to 682 days, or 1.8 years of solid gaming -- which might even be long enough for you to complete Zelda.

275x250.jpg When the Columbia space shuttle first launched in 1981, Chris Bray and his father were there to see it happen.

And as you can tell from the image above, the pair were also there when Atlantis recently launched into space for the final time… recreating a photograph taken 30 years earlier.

Chris, now a marketing man from New York, says he and his dad have not been to any of the intervening launches, but wanted to "bookend" the program by going to the final one.

Writing on his Flickr page, where the image has been viewed more than 500,000 times, Chris described the shot as: "The picture we waited 30 years to complete."

Suzi Theodory was reporting on a wildfire in Los Angeles. She'd mentioned the 10 acres of burning brush, the thick ash in the air and the helicopters dropping water.

Then that last one got handily demonstrated to viewers… when one of the helicopters unloaded directly above her, drenching the reporter and the rest of her TV crew.

But the Time Warner Cable pro wasn't going to be put off by a bit of falling water. After calming down a shrieking colleague the journalist said: "That's how close we are to the flames."

Despite giggling herself, Theodory added: "It's not a funny thing, but we definitely did not expect for the water to get dropped on us." Now even though you do expect to see that, it's still worth clicking play.

275x250.jpg Owls are known for their exceptionally good vision. But not all can see exactly where they are going… as this owl-shaped imprint on a window shows.

Sally Arnold, from Kendal says she recently returned home to see the huge bird imprint on her bedroom window.

And after contacting the RSPB her suspicions were confirmed and experts said that a tawny owl had flown directly into the window pane and bounced off.

The marks on the window are said to have been left by ‘powder down,’ a substance that helps birds protect growing feathers. We just hope the bird didn't get into too much of a flap after the accident.

275x250.jpgUnadventurous Brits refuse to eat local cuisine and rarely leave their holiday complex when going abroad, it's been revealed.

Despite jetting off to far-flung destinations, four in 10 people admit they only travel abroad for the sunshine.

A third say they prefer to stick with English food such as fish and chips than try anything more exciting from local menus.

And 47% even claim they would rather eat in well-known burger and fast-food restaurants than sampling some of the more exotic delicacies.

In fact, 22% won’t eat at restaurants which don’t have English speaking staff… though 'steak and chips' is understood pretty much around the world.

wnwdw.jpgOur daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

A man who broke into a hair salon in Russia was overpowered by the karate expert owner, force-fed Viagra and kept as a sex slave for three days. (Daily Mail)

When police in China noticed a truck being driven erratically, they pulled alongside to take a look at the driver... who turned out to be an 11-year-old boy. (ITN)

Staff in this betting-shop would be forgive for being all shook up after a man dressed as Elvis robbed them wearing faux sideburns and carrying a handgun. (Asylum)

Gay marriage is a strangely divisive topic for many people, but not this young lad who upon meeting a gay couple for the first time tells them he finds it funny… then offers them a game of ping pong. (MetaTube)

Just because Leonard Webb had crashed into the wall of a restaurant and smashed their deep fryers, didn't mean he wasn't still hungry… so he got out of his truck and ordered a hot dog.(KVIA)

Fish and chip shops in Bridlington have started warning customers that they may be mugged of their dinner by hungry swooping seagulls. (BBC)

275x250.jpg We're not exactly sure why you'd want to, but an adaptor has gone on sale allowing iPhone-wielding photographers to use professional lenses on their phones.

The 'iPhone SLR Mount' costs £160 and allows users who are not happy with the current quality of photo from their Apple iPhone 4 to attach big Canon and Nikon lenses.

This means those using  the aluminium case and mount can take telephoto, wide angle, and macro shot by using their iPhone and current lenses in fully manual mode.

Makers say you'll be using lenses you already have, without having to carry a big SLR camera… though as you'll still be lugging all that heavy glass, it kind of defeats the point, right?

275x250.jpgThe average woman over-packs her holiday suitcase with 26 items which will never see the light of day, it has been found.

A detailed study of holiday habits found typically a woman needs 34 separate items for a week-long break -- but packs 60 “just in case”.

This means almost HALF of the contents of her suitcase will remain untouched for the entirety of their sunshine break.

Over-packing like this could explain why 58% women say they find it almost impossible to stay within their designated weight limit when going on holiday.

However, 77% of those polled say they like to pack extra items in case they can’t decide what to wear… meanwhile most men just take one pair of shorts and a couple of T-shirts.

A gun expert who uploads instructional videos to YouTube has produced his most compelling argument for gun safety yet… by accidentally shooting himself in the leg.

Tex Grebner had been recording a video of himself practicing a quick-draw and pulling his gun from a holster to shoot a target just feet from him.

But the blundering gun enthusiast accidentally fired his gun and shot a round into his leg - it entered at the top of his thigh and exited near his knee.

Grebner say he suffered the "negligent discharge" because he had been practicing with a Glock and "thumbdrive holster" earlier in the day and forgetting which weapon he was using, unintentionally took the safety off.

275x250.jpg David and Vitoria have had a baby girl and called her 'Harper Seven' prompting much online debate about where the name came from… so let's join in.

When David Beckham revealed the name on his Facebook page, many people questioned whether it was a case of Victoria giving a nod to fashion magazine Harpers Bazaar. But that was before it was pointed out that little Harper isn't the first celebrity off-spring with the name -- Dave Grohl, Neil Patrick Harris and Lisa Marie Presley got there first.

But it's also been suggested the name might have been inspired by a character from Disney series Wizards Of Waverly Place, which the Beckham boys are said to be fans of.

As for the name 'Seven' the general consensus is it's a celebration of Beckham's number when he played for Manchester United… though we like the idea he got it from George Costanza.

275x250.jpgA US businessman who spends as much time in the air as on the ground has reached 10 million air miles… despite once having a fear of flying.

Sales consultant Thomas Stuker reached the landmark distance (the equivalent of travelling 400 times around the globe) after a flight from Los Angeles to Chicago.

In total he's made 5,962 flights with United Airlines over the mpast 19 years - a fact the firm wanted to celebrate by naming a plane after him.

Stuker, who saw George Clooney achieve the same milestone (albeit in a fictional manner) in the movie Up in The Air, is also being rewarded by never again having to queue at airports and always getting upgraded.

He also has enough reward points through the airlines' frequent flyer programme to take several foreign holidays a year… if he's not too busy jetting off somewhere with work.

275x250.jpgWorkers are significantly less productive during the summer months with a quarter saying we only give 100 per cent for one day out of the whole week.

In a survey of 2,000 British employees, nearly all those asked said that the hot weather was a key factor when it came to getting distracted at work.

This was said to impact people's health and attention span, making them more likely to leave work on time or even sneak off early.

While Monday afternoons were the time when staff were most likely to have their heads down and be getting on with the job - Friday afternoons were unsurprisingly the point at which most staff were distracted.
So what do you think, are you focused in the summer, or does the hot weather leave you more likely to make errors and get, erm, what was it… oh yeah, distracted.

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

A pilot had a close shave at a recent air-show when he was forced to bail out of his Second World War plane after a mid-air collision. (Daily Mail)

Bristol City Council have produced a guide of how they will deal with a zombie outbreak using a four-stage alert process. (STV)

A dog which fell 150ft down a cliff after chasing a mountain goat has been rescued by mountain rescue after surviving three days on an icy ledge with a broken leg. (KOMO News)

What's the weirdest excuse you have ever given for being late to work? We bet it's not as good a John Hearn who told bosses a 300-pound bear had knocked him off his bicycle… and believe it or not he was telling the truth. (WOTV)

A giant 4.2-metre crocodile which is believed to have killed a fisherman has been caught in the Philippines. (Toronto Sun)

A US woman has given birth to a freakishly large baby which weighed in at a massive 7.2kg - that's 16 pounds. (Stuff)

275x250.jpgThe average British family lives in a semi-detached, owns a silver Ford Focus and tucks into spaghetti bolognese once a week, a study had revealed.

An ‘unofficial census’ also revealed a typical family spends £12 per week on booze, dines out with friends twice a month and curls up in bed at 10.39pm every night.
Researchers quizzed 2000 families who said their best form of entertainment was watching TV with their favourite show being Dr Who.
The average family also spends £76.02 on the weekly shop, £12 on booze, gets up at 6.57am get home from work at 5.15pm and has £3,280 in savings.
We also speak to just two neighbours, go on a family outing once a month, have two bust-ups a week and have just £10.31 in out pocket… which sounds about right to us.

A boy in Brazil has baffled doctors by having an apparently magnetic chest. Paolo David has unsurprisingly also been given the nickname 'Magnet Boy'.

11-year-old Paulo is said to have discovered his odd ability after his father asked him to fetch a knife and fork and they suddenly stuck to his chest.

Since then the youngster and his family have had plenty of fun sticking scissors, spoons, coins, mobile phones and even saucepans to his 'magnetic' body.

Doctors say they're baffled by the magnetic properties of the young lad and have no idea what causes it… though they do enjoy sticking their clipboards to him.

275x250.jpgSometimes the headline is the best part of the story… and we have to admit that this is one of those times.

But if you want a bit more info, police in Ohio say a gorilla-suit-wearing mobile phone store employee was recently attacked in an odd assault.

The mascot for the 'Wireless Center' had been standing outside the store waving a advertising sign when the attack took place last week.

Staff say they saw someone wearing a banana costume run out of nearby bushes and charge towards the gorilla, before knocking him to the floor.

As the assailant ran off and the mascot continued his sign waving duties, it's safe to say neither the banana or gorilla were seriously injured.

TV cars at the Tour de France have two main responsibilities, one is to record footage of the action, and the other is to keep out of the way.

Unfortunately this French television car failed during stage nine of the race, when it ploughed into a group of riders causing a horrific crash.

Juan Antonio Flecha and Johnny Hoogerland had been storming along 38km from the finish, when the car swerved around a tree at the side of the road.

Despite being knocked to the ground (via a barbed wire fence) and suffering horrific-looking injuries both riders were soon back in the saddle… though it wasn't as comfortable.

275x250.jpgA theme park in Japan has opened the world’s steepest roller coaster which is 141ft tall and has a free-fall angle of 121 degrees.

The 'Takabisha' at Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park will send you hurtling towards the ground at 62mph and the entire ride takes just 112 seconds.

During those 112 seconds riders will pass over two miles of track, complete seven loops and generally have the life scared out of them.

A spokesperson for the theme-park said: "Thrill-seekers will enjoy linear motor-accelerated lightning speed, while the sky-facing ascent takes them to breathtaking heights.

The ride will officially take the title after verification by Guinness World Records… once one of their adjudicators can pluck up the courage to ride it.

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

Going one better than the runaway horse from last week, here's a runaway horse in Germany… getting caught by a speed camera. (Metro)

Gymnast Adam Starr lost his right leg to cancer in 2009. But he's not the sort of person to let that stop him. Watch his inspirational first day back at the gym which has become a YouTube hit. (Daily Mail) (YouTube)

The iPhone may not be the most terrifying weapon to be propelled from a slingshot - but we still wouldn't fancy being hit by one. (YouTube)

This Argentinian football fan knows his team cant't hear him shouting at his TV, right? (NBC) (YouTube)

Kobe Bryant has performed an impressive 360 dunk at a basketball camp at the University of Califorinia-Santa Barbara. (CBS Sports)

The latest odd news from - How to turn your baby into gym equipment, the world's biggest burger and a very moody moggie. Also, the record made from chocolate, the curry scented perfumes and a bar selling shots of horse semen.

It's Sweden v North Korea at the women's World Cup, nothing much can happen to spark the public interest can it, right?

Wrong! Sweden's Josefine Öqvist swapped shirts with a German fan after the game and instantly became one of YouTube's most viewed people in the process.

In the resulting footage, - shot after Sweden won 1-0 - the 27-year-old blonde player can be seen chatting to fans. One of who is wearing a German shirt and asks her to swap.

After an initial moment of hesitation, during which time he'd removed his shirt, Öqvist did the same (though she was wearing a black sports bra, he wasn't) they then exchanged shirts.

275x250.jpgSan Diego Zoo Safari Park have started putting on daily blink-and-you'll-miss-it Cheetah Runs where the big cats show their speed by running from 0 -70mph in just four seconds.

Once a day visitors will be able to watch one of the three cheetahs there -- Amara, Johari and Shiley -- show off their impressive speed.

They will each chase their favourite toy which will be mechanically pulled along the 330-foot track in front of a visitor viewing area.

Organisers say: "If you're close enough, you may feel the wind as the cheetah passes by. The spotted sprinter races on a straight 330-foot-long track that allows the cheetah to really stretch its legs"

The event is said to take place at 5.00pm each day… and at those speeds is probably over by 5.00pm and six seconds.

This couple clearly wanted to make an big impression at their wedding reception by arriving on a zip line… but maybe not like this.

The bride had led the way by flying along on the zip wire over a lake and wedding guests towards the reception, and the intention was she'd be joined by the groom.

But the parachute effect of her dress meant she slowed down to quickly and didn't quite reach the end of the line.

Unfortunately the groom had already set off by this point and ploughed into the back of her before falling to the floor. There's nothing like starting a marriage as you mean to go on.

If there's one thing more embarrassing than having your mobile phone go off and disrupt a sporting event you're watching, it's got to be having your mobile phone go off and disrupt a sporting event you're taking part in.

Just ask French tennis ace Alize Cornet, this exact thing happened to her as she was taking on world number one Caroline Wozniacki at a recent WTA event in Bastad, Sweden.

To make matters worse, it was match point when the then mystery phone started ringing and Wozniacki looked around in a bid to identify the inconsiderate tennis fan before serving.

Then she realised it was her rival who'd left her phone on in her kit bag
at the side of the court and started laughing as Cornet sheepishly made her way to turn it off. 

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

A baseball fan has died after falling from the stands while trying to catch a ball which was tossed into the crowds. (ESPN) (YouTube)

Researchers say the maternal ancestors of modern polar bears were from Ireland, after a DNA study of ancient brown bear bones. (BBC)

An Australian rugby fan has shot to internet fame after a video of her peeing of her seat in the stadium was uploaded to the internet. (Courier Mail) (YouTube)

The world of competitive eating is an odd one. Earlier this week not only did eaters battle it out on stage in New York to see who could munch the most hotdogs, but a rival eater staged his own event in which he set a new world record. Or did he? (NY Daily News)

An idiot crook who tried to disable a security camera to cover his crime gave police a clear image of his face by looking straight into the CCTV camera in the process. (Daily Mail)

A video of a kitten cuddling and apparently taking care of a sick puppy which has just got home from the vet has become the latest must-see moment of cuteness. (YouTube)

275x250.jpg Little Rachel Warren was trying to copy her pet dog when she shoved her head through the garden gate… but unlike the rottweiler Tess, Rachel couldn't get back out.

As a result the four-year-old had to be rescued by firefighters who pried the black gate apart to release her.

Mom Carlene, from Brierley Hill in the West Midlands, says she was taking Rachel to nursery and had just put her reins on when she started pretending to be a dog and ran outside.

The next thing she knew, she heard a loud noise, went out to investigate and found her daughter lodged between the black railings.

275x250.jpgPet stores in New York say they've been forced to introduce a ban on drunk puppy-buying, because of the number of inebriated animal-lovers.

Bosses at Le Petit Puppy say the move to refuse the sale of puppies to drunks is a response to the number of people they've had come out of nearby bars and take an interest in their pups.

The problem is reported to come from the fact the pet store is surrounded by bars and that after happy hour, drinkers are taken by the cute dogs in the window.

In the past, drunk dog buyers have even been known to return the next day with the puppy and ask the store to take it back.

So now, even if they have got the $1,200 to $3,000 to buy a puppy, inebriated dog fans will be turned away and asked to come back when sober… alternatively they could log into the live-stream of the puppy window

275x250.jpg Most nature enthusiasts would think nothing of getting up early and heading off to a country park in the hope of seeing wild deer close-up.

But residents in the Black Country industrial town of Walsall didn't have to when this pair of deer strolled into their estate just half a mile away from a busy town centre.

Locals couldn't believe their eyes as they saw the two impressive animals calmly walking along a road past them… which is why they took these photo.

Tim and Tom Kitchen, who were making their way to the local bus station at 7.15 when they saw them, say the deer looked relaxed and were in no rush… maybe they are thinking of moving to the area.

A TV presenter has been hospitalised after being run over while he recorded a show… aiming to find the worst driver in the Netherlands.

Ruben Nicolai -- who was filming the 'Who Is The Worst Driver In The Netherlands?' -- suffered the accident at contestants were being put through their paces.

The driver, known as  was completing a task where he was meant to drive along a track between traffic cones when he suffered an 'accelerator-as-brake' mistake which sent him speeding off the track.

His car then hit a cameraman and Nicolai, who was taken to hospital with a torn lip, and a sore shoulder and foot. At least he can now safely answer the question 'Who Is The Worst Driver In The Netherlands?'

275x250.jpgFIFA video games have been named at the ‘best loved video game series of all time’ after a poll of game fans.

The sporting game series beat off competition from RPG series Final Fantasy and the classic Nintendo Super Mario Brothers games.

Sonic the Hedgehog took fourth place in the poll of more than 1,800 gamer, followed by Zelda and Resident Evil.

Other popular computer game series included Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Tomb Raider and Tony Hawk Pro Skater.

What do you think, do you agree, let us know in the comments section… unless you are too busy focusing on your games console.

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

Everyone's favourite cross-eyed opossum has been given a new home at Leipzig Zoo to stagger around googley-eyed in. (The Local)

Jack Moule is one lucky (and talented) teenager, as most of his friends are off to college, his backflips and barrel rolls have landed him a job as professional jet skier. (Metro)

We bet the idea of spending a couple of weeks in Spain sound pretty good, right? Well that's probably what tourist Mary-Anne Goznes thought… until she spent 18 days trapped in a Spanish ravine. (AFP)

There were huge traffic jams on a 10-lane Moscow highway when drivers scurried out of their cars to grab money which had been scattered on the road -- unfortunately it wasn't really cash but bookmarks designed to look like notes. (Elpaso Times)

A man who tackled an armed robber in Manchester has been given a bravery award after the gunman was sentenced to nine years in prison. Why yes, there is CCTV footage. (YouTube)

It's always impressive enough when a baseball player blasts a ball over the wall for a home-run… so to see a human follow the same trajectory has got to be good, right? (My Fox DC) (YouTube)

275x250.jpg Some cycling fans like to follow the professionals and ride every gruelling mile of the Tour de France route, others prefer to watch it from home.

But mow there's no reason to choose - because an exercise bike has been revealed which lets users ride Le Tour from their own home.

The £800 device uses Google Maps to let would-be Alberto Contadors not only follow the route and cycle the right distances - but it also tilts to match the angle of the French roads.

But while the high-tech bike also give a realistic work-out by adjusting resistance base on your wind profile, it can't provide the entertainment of French farmers.

A massive 30-mile wide dust storm has swept into the Phoenix… and given this photographer a chance to shoot an amazing time-lapse video.

When wedding and lifestyle photographer Mike Olbinski heard the haboob was heading to the city - he didn't do the sensible thing and stay inside.

Instead he grabbed his camera gear and set off in search of a good vantage point where he set his camera to take a photograph every five seconds as the dust cloud approached.

The resulting time-lapse video shows the dust storm rolling in like a giant tsunami. And while it's disappointing the video cuts off before the camera is engulfed, we can understand Mike not wanting to get it dirty.

275x250.jpg A dad and fitness expert has scored a publishing hit after writing a book telling other fathers how to turn their new babies into effective gym equipment.

Joshua Levitt says he came up with the idea for 'Baby Barbells' after realising there was less time to hit the gym following the birth of his own children.

When lying on his back and lifting his daughter up from his chest in a bid to soothe her, he realised he was getting a workout from the accidental baby bench press.

From there he developed an entire exercise routine, including moves called lullaby lunges and peek-a-boo pop-ups, which he claims will help keep new dads fit… especially if they have a porky baby.

275x250.jpgResearchers have discovered men with index and ring fingers close to the same size are more likely than men with mismatched digits to have a long penis.

The odd findings were recently published in the Asian Journal of Andrology after being discovered by a study at Gachon University Gil Hospital in South Korea.

Boffins had recruited 144 volunteers who were undergoing urological surgery and when they were under anaesthesia measured their fingers and penis length (both flaccid and stretched).

It was then found that the smaller the difference between the two fingers, the longer the penis -- stretched penis length correlates to erect size.

But before you start staring at everyone's hands, it's worth noting the average size difference between fingers is just 0.97 cm… obviously ours is much smaller.

275x250.jpg Harry Monk has had enough of drunken revellers relieving themselves in the street outside his home, so much so he decided to out the public urinators online.

The 45-year-old tree surgeon from London spent a recent evening with video camera pointing out of the window of his Hoxton apartment and aimed it at anyone he saw peeing.

He then shouted at the urinators telling them not to pee in front of his home, that there's a council urinal just 50ft away and informed them footage of their actions would be uploaded to YouTube.

Harry says the issue has become a "major problem" and that during weekend evenings there can be 20 people peeing the street every hour… no, he's not taking the piss.

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

When police officer Tiffany Daw was called out to take a look at an alligator which had been found in New Orleans he thought the 6-foot beast might have stopped breathing… luckily he decided to exercise caution when checking. (UPI) (YouTube)

A skull which was discovered in David Attenborough's garden during excavations last year belongs to a murder victim who was killed 132 years ago, it's been found. (Telegraph)

A Mexican woman has been arrested after she was caught trying to sneak her husband out of prison in a suitcase. Why yes, there are photos. (Yahoo) (YouTube)

Watching the news on TV can often leave you with questions about what is happening in the world… or why there's a kitchen in the studio. (YouTube)

Until the inevitable robot uprising, we're happy to celebrate and make the most of technological advancements, like this paralysed man who was given a piggyback up the Mont Saint-Michel in France by a friend wearing robot aided legs. (AFP) (YouTube)

A group of people in China who had to be saved when a bridge partly collapsed under the force of surging floodwaters were rescued in a dramatic operation involving zip-wires and a large digger. (Telegraph) (YouTube)

Remember when your mom told you to be careful around fireworks? This guy doesn't, he's happy to let them burn on his head. (YouTube)

275x250.jpg He may be an overweight ginger computer science graduate, but Roland Bunce is also the unlikely winner of the first stage of a high profile modeling contest.

Thanks to an impromptu internet campaign, Roland recently topped the public vote in the Next 'Make Me A Model' contest - gaining more than 66,000 votes - putting him well ahead of everyone else.

And this should have taken him into the next stage where the 250 finalists will be whittled down to 50 by judges, but the 24-year-old from Belfast says he's pulling out of the contest.

Roland said this is because he received copious insults and even threats from irate web users… what the internet giveth the internet taketh away.

Police in New York confiscated more than 5,000 pounds of illegal fireworks ahead of the national pyrotechnic holiday which is the fourth of July.

But proving they're not killjoys, cops didn't just dispose of the fireworks in a calm and moderate manner -- they piled them up and got their bomb squad to explode them.

What's more, they even filmed the resulting massive whizz-bang explosion at a Bronx firing range and released it on YouTube. Which was very good of them.

We suggest now would be a good time to click play, wait 14 very long seconds and enjoy. And remember, never return to a 5,000 pound pile of fireworks.

275x250.jpg America can once again proudly call itself home to the world's largest hamburger -- after a monster weighing 777lbs was created in California.

A team of 10 people spent 13 hours just cooking the meat for this gargantuan burger which was flipped every hour and produced at the Alameda County Fair.

The meat-feast surpassed the previous record of 590lbs and was topped off with a 110lb bun, 20lbs of onions, 12lbs of pickles and 30lbs of lettuce.

Organisers say the whopper contained around 1,375,000 calories -- almost enough to feed one person for two years -- and bits of it were sold off to raise money for charity.

Normally when we bring you a video of a dancing animal, it's just that, a video of a dancing animal… but not this time.

This clip of a bird grooving to Queen is cold hard science and forcing scientists to re-evaluate their opinion on avian intelligence, maybe.

Researchers from the Neurosciences Institute in San Diego say videos of Snowball, the dancing cockatoo have left them scratching their heads because he appears to have a sense of rhythm.

It had previously been thought only humans could move to a beat... and what makes it all the more remarkable about 13-year-old Snowball is that he's a white cockatoo.

275x250.jpgCows not only have best friends, but also get stressed when they're not with them, academic researchers have discovered.

Boffins from the University of Northampton say they have found proof that cows are more social than previously thought after conducting a series of tests.

Doctoral student Krista McLennan looked at the heart rate and cortisol levels of cows when in a variety of environments, including a period of isolation.

It was found the cows were more relaxed when with a 'preferred partner' compared to being with a random other cow or alone.

The findings are said to be important to the dairy industry because the stress levels of cows can strongly impact their milk yield… more than whether they are finding something funny anyway.

A group of French famers have created a giant animated bike to celebrate the third stage of the Tour de France 2011 passing their fields… wait, it's better than it sounds.

The frame of the huge bike was made out of carefully positioned hay bales, but it was the wheels and gearing where the farmers had really displayed their artistic sides.

Each of the wheels was made from twelve tractors driving in formation to make it appear as though they were turning and a similar trick was used with smaller vehicles for the gearing.

A message under the animated bike stated that local farmers were proud to feed people… we're just glad they didn't communicate this sentiment through the medium of burning sheep.

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

Competitive eater Joey Chestnut has won his fifth hot dog eating contest title in a row after munching his way through 64 hot dogs. (ESPN) (YouTube)

President Obama doesn't seem to have a lot of luck with his official presidential seal, after having it fall off his speech podium it's now done the same from his limo. (USA Today)

A monkey in Indonesia  has stole a camera from a wildlife photographer and proceeded to take a series of photos of himself in a variety of poses. (Telegraph)

A team of would-be thieves hoped they would get away with loads of cash after tying a chain around an ATM and pulling it from the ground with a truck. It didn't go to plan, as this CCTV footage show. (CBS 19) (YouTube)

We're not sure whether to just be pleased this kitten was rescued after falling into a small pipe, concerned by the manner in which it was saved… or just impressed by how high the pussy flew after being blown by a leaf blower. (Asylum)

275x250.jpg A garden shed which is used as a tiny music venue for online gigs has won the coveted Shed of the year award 2011, despite being in a state of disrepair.

Jon Earl from Somerset took the annual title after impressing judges including  Sarah Beeny and DJ Simon Mayo with the unusual use of his very special shed.

Two years ago Jon emptied the wooden hut and established it up as a music venue - inviting acts to play there and have performances featured on his ‘Songs from the Shed’ website.

The resulting videos have been watched more than 350,000 times and so far more than 150 acts have played in the 12ft by 10ft shed… including a 26-strong gospel choir. Really.

French rollerblader Taig Khris has set a new world record after completing a 29m jump in front of Paris' Sacre Coeur Basilica.

The 35-year-old sped down a 150-metre long ramp before being launched into the air and flying toward a landing ramp and inflatable cushion.

On his initial jump Khris managed to jump 28.4m (breaking the previous record of 24m) but cheered on by the crowd he had another go and this time reached 29m.

Okay so he didn't stay on his feet for long after landing, but it's still considerably better than we could have done. Though it does look like fun… where can we find a 150-metre long ramp?

275x250.jpgA biker who was taking part in a protest ride against mandatory helmet laws has died… after crashing and hitting his head on the pavement.

Philip Contos had been riding in a New York anti-helmet rally when the accident happened and he flew over the handlebars of his Harley-Davidson.

He hit his head and though the 55-year-old was taken to hospital, he was pronounced dead on arrival having suffered a fractured skull.

The bike-fan had been taking part in the event backed by an organisation which encourages the voluntary use of helmets but opposes mandatory helmet laws.

And yes, police say the chances are Contos could have survived the accident had he been wearing a helmet. Talk about an ironic way to go.

275x250.jpgNASA is suing an Apollo 14 astronaut after he tried to sell a souvenir he brought back from the moon, according to reports.

Edgar Mitchell was hit with the legal threat last week, after trying to sell a lunar camera used during the 1971 mission.

The '16mm Data Acquisition Camera' had been expected to sell for £50,000 at a auction in May -- but now NASA say they want it back.

A lawsuit, filed in Miami federal court, states NASA has no record the device was ever transferred to Mitchell and is therefore still their property.

But Mitchell reportedly contests that as NASA were planning to dispose of the camera after the mission, he did nothing wrong by taking it home with him.

This squirrel is lucky to be alive after running across a racetrack as a Lamborghini hurtled towards it at over 100mph -- and passing under it.

The close shave happened at the AutoClub Speedway in Fontana, California during an event called the "The Ultimate Lamborghini Experience".

And this little chap certainly got the ultimate Lamborghini experience as he ran out in front of the speeding yellow Lamborghini LP670-4 SV.

As this footage shows, the car passes over him as he continues running across the track… no, we're not sure how he survived either.

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

A confused cycling fan has caused a mass pile-up during the Tour de France after colliding with a racer. The crash happened because the woman was looking the wrong way and defending champion Contador was among the casualties. (Yahoo) (YouTube)

Being typical blokes, we love pyrotechnics. But we can honestly say we've never wondered what they view would be like from one -- luckily some people are more inquisitive than us and attached a camera to one. (Daily Mail) (YouTube)

We've seen enough animal vs animal videos to know you can never be certain  which animal will come out on top -- like this tiger which is terrified of a bird attack. (YouTube)

The female mayor of a city in the Philippines has been filmed attacking a sheriff after he refused to follow her orders to delay the demolition of a slum area. (Asylum)

It's become clear we will never come to a consensus about whether dogs or cats make better pets. So let's come at it from another direction… do dogs or cats make the better sports field invaders? (NBC Sports)

275x250.jpg The lesser water boatman (Micronecta scholtzi) has quite a claim to fame - researchers say his 'singing penis' makes him the loudest animal in the world, relative to its size.

Reaching 99.2 decibels, that's the sound is equivalent to listening to an orchestra play loudly while sitting in the front row. And not too shabby for a 2mm insect.

Many of the other loudest animals on Earth are also the biggest, with blue whale songs reaching 188 dB and an elephant's rumbling calls measuring 117 dB.

But the two-milimetre insect produces his noise by rubbing its penis against its abdomen in a process called stridulation… don't try this at home.

275x250.jpg An artist has scored an online hit by recreating children's drawings of monsters as amazingly realistic painted artworks.

Dave Devries says he came up with the idea more than ten years ago when his niece filled his sketchbook with doodles and he wondered what it would be like if he painted them.

The illustrator and art director from New Jersey later decided to give it a go and used colour, texture and shading to give a 3D effect to the young artist's drawing.

And that was it, after seeing how cool the result was, he wanted to do more and got the kids of family and friends to produce their versions of monsters for him.

275x250.jpgWe think the grunting of female tennis players is as much a part of Wimbledon as the inevitable disappointment off seeing the last British player knocked out.

But the BBC has announced tennis fans (at least  those listening on the internet) can now turn down the volume of shrieking from Sharapova and Co.

Their 'Wimbledon Net Mix' is a downloadable service which allows listeners to control the volume of various microphone relative to that of commentary.

A BBC spokesperson said: "One of the biggest audio challenges for broadcasters covering sports events is knowing how much of the 'roar of the crowd' to include along with the commentary.

"This experiment lets you mix the sound the way you want it. By downloading our player you can adjust the commentary level relative to the sound of the court: the crowd, base-line grunting and ball."

Japanese boffins have created a robot to help train dentists by flinching and gagging just like a real patient as they are poked and drilled.

But that's not the good bit… the researchers enlisted the help of sex doll makers to perfect the doll's uber-realistic tongue and mouth.

Robotic experts at Japan's Showa University say the "Showa Hanako 2" medical automaton will be used to help train would-be dentists and can sneeze, cough and react to 'pain'.

She even features voice recognition technology to ensure dentists are capable of engaging in conversation while working and reports back on their performance via a computer link… so don't try anything funny.

Is sounds like the start of a dodgy horror movie, but a nuclear power plant in Scotland has been shut after an invasion by loads of jellyfish.

Two reactors at EDF Energy's Torness nuclear power plant were stopped this week when the jellyfish began obstructing cooling water filters.

The measures were brought in because an obstruction could have meant the plant wasn't able to draw in enough water to maintain a safe operating temperature.

Ii's been reported that if this happened (which it couldn't because of automated safety procedures) the nuclear power could overheat.

Operators are currently working to clear the jellyfish from the waters near the power station and say it should reopen next week… unless any more sea creatures launch an attack.

wnwdw.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

A commuter in China recently had the misfortune to somehow get her head trapped in the doors of a bus. Not only that but there was a photographer on hand to record the embarrassing moment. (Daily Mail)

It's up there with 'leaves on the track' - flights at New York's JFK Airport were recently delayed because of turtles crossing the runway to reach seasonal breeding grounds. (Guardian)

A 42-year-old homemaker from has wowed judges of America’s Got Talent by pulling a Susan Boyle. (Asylum)

A four-legged chicken in Jerusalem could be spared the 'chopping block' as Rabbi's are currently debating its kosher status. (Examiner)

17-year-old Lewis Tavernier is lucky to be alive after accidentally being shot in the face with an eight-inch crossbow bolt. (Daily Mail)

Like big bridges? Well you will love this, China has opened the world's longest bridge which measures a monstrous 26-miles. (NPR)

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