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275x250.jpg A team from Lithuania have set a new world record by preparing a cup of coffee in a air balloon flying at more than 20,000 feet (6.3km) high.

Nidas Kiuberis, Grazvydas Vilcinskas and Vytautas Samarinas had to don protective clothing and oxygen masks before reaching the impressive height.

Once there - with a temperature of around -20C - they used a special Aeropress coffee maker to push hot water through the filter and produce a quality cup of coffee.

Coffee expert Kiuberis then took off his oxygen mask and quickly tasted it before putting the mask back on. He said the brew was "as tasty as on earth" not better "as tasty" -- so worth flying to 20,000ft then?

275x250.jpg A group of bikini-wearing girls have lathered up on Bournemouth beach in a bid to help set the world record for the most people to shower together.

The 152 people - led by the group of Lynx girls - beat the previous American record of 145 people, despite the chilly weather conditions.

Stripping down to their swimwear, the record breakers lathered each other up under a giant six metre tall shower which had been specially constructed for the attempt.

Record adjudicators were pleased with the water and soap levels… as were the man who took part and for some reason tried to push their way towards the Lynx girls, we can't imagine why.

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