275x250.jpg With the economy as it is, you need to be really switched-on and with it to get a job. But job applicants at a recent interview weren't exactly full of life … because they were auditioning for the position of zombie.

More than 270 people had turned out to audition for the role of zombie at an experience day where members of the public pay to be armed with Airsoft weapon and hunt down zombies in a derelict manor house.

The zombie auditions were held at Pineapple Studios in London's Covent Garden. A panel of judges, including one expert zombie, auditioned the zombie hopefuls, as they explained their motivation and inspiration, including job interview perennials like, "Do you mind being shot with ballistic weapons?"

Zombie hopefuls included on person from Hull, whose local Jobcentre had funded his Megabus journey to London for the auditions. A teacher from London had come straight from her reception class at a nearby primary school, saying "I can't wait to show my kids the photos tomorrow!"

275x250.jpg When police in West Yorkshire were called out to reports of a man covered in blood staggering close to a canal, they didn't know what to expect.

But when they got to the scene in Wakefield, they couldn't believe their eyes … because the 'injured' man was actually an actor filming a zombie movie.

Cops had initially been dispatched when a member of the public had spotted the zombie at around 7.45pm in the evening. An ambulance was also sent out.

But the soon discovered what was really happening and tweeted: "PC Saxon and PC Winfield have attended the canal between Stanley Ferry and Eastmoor in company with ambulance to reports of a male covered in blood staggering around.

"Once they arrived they located a group of film makers in the last day of filming a Zombie movie with some very realistic makeup on show."

275x250.jpg If you are anything like us, being chased around an abandoned shopping centre by an army of zombies might not sound like your ideal way of spending an afternoon.

But following on from a 'Zombie Boot Camp' which taught zombie-survival skills, it's the latest zombie experience day which has just launched in the UK.

'Zombie Shopping Mall' takes place in a disused and condemned Reading shopping mall where participants shoot zombies in a series of video game-style missions.
Participants are put through an intense training regime with a police firearms squad before trying their luck with the undead.

Sure everyone's heard of the Loch Ness Monster, but have you ever heard of the Lagarfljóts Worm, Iceland's answer to Nessie? Well you have now!

And not only have you heard about Lagarfljótsormurinn but here's a video which it's claimed shows the mythical monster swimming in Lagarfljót Lake.

Footage appears to show a giant snake (about 90m) swimming against the current in an icy river which runs in to Lagarfljót.

Reports of Lagarfjóts Worm date back to 1345 -- but some critics say this latest example looks more like frozen netting moving in the river.

If we hadn't brushed up on our zombie-survival skills, this could have really scared us… meet the world's biggest Zombie walk.

Thousands of undead zombies (or people dressed as them) have wandered through Mexico City this weekend in a bid to set a new world record.

Covered with suitable amounts of fake blood and gore nearly 10,000 people are said to have taken part in the event aimed to take peoples minds off economic stress.

275x250.jpg A new course has launched in the UK which promises to teach zombie apocalypse-fearing folk everything they need to survive an undead uprising.

Zombie Boot Camp -- which runs in Driotwich, Worcestershire and costs £59 -- has been specially created in order to help train and prepare people for the eventuality of a zombie invasion.

The experience day sees would-be zombie battlers take part in training from expert military instructors before being kitted out in helmets, safety goggles and Kevlar body armour.

Then it's on to learning how to fight zombies with weapons including a pistol, grenades a rifle and a chainsaw -- before taking part in a training exercise and tackling a warehouse full of zombies.

Does video show Canadian Loch Ness Monster?

Video footage from British Columbia's Okanagan Lake shows what it's claimed could be a Canadian Loch Ness Monster.

Sure it looks like nothing more than a ripple in the water (or three floating logs as some cynics say) but the man behind the camera, Richard Huls, insists it's Ogopogo.

For the uninitiated Ogopogo is Canada's version of Scotland’s infamous Loch Ness Monster and has been 'seen' on more than a thousand occasions since 1860.

However, despite the multitude of sightings, the only proof it exists are a couple of grainy photos and this video… which kind of says it all.

275x250.jpg Nikolai Valuev -- the tallest and heaviest ever boxing champion -- has joined hunters on a search for the Siberian yeti.

The seven foot tall and 23 stone beast (the boxer, not the yeti) says he was inspired to join the hunt after hearing about recent sightings.

Reports say local hunters have seen "hairy humanoid creatures" wandering near the Azass Cave in Mount Shoriya.

As such the former boxing champ visited mountains of Kemerovo Region where he joined an expedition looking for Siberian snowmen.

Valuev says he would like to "talk to the yeti about life"… that's assuming the bigfoot isn't too sacred of him.

275x250.jpgJust days after Leicester Council admitted they had no plans of how to deal with a zombie attack, hundreds of the undead have been seen staggering around the city.

Okay, as the doubters among you may have guessed, these were not really brain-hungry zombies… but rather 150 people in horror costumes.

The zombie gathering had been arranged after Leicester City Council responded to a recent FOI request asking them what plans they had for an undead uprising.

Because the local authority had been forced to admit they were horribly ill prepared for the zombie apocalypse, a group of "concerned citizen" mobilised themselves via Facebook to highlight the threat.

After smearing themselves in faux blood, the 'zombies' descended on the city where they proceeded to groan and stagger their way around… luckily the council was true to its word and they didn't suddenly produce flame-throwers and shotguns.

275x250.jpg Rose Jardine hopes her new job never loses its magic… because she's just been employed as the 'resident dragonologist' a Warwick Castle.

Her duties there will include, watching over any fire-breathing beasts, keeping staff trained in the latest developments in sorcery, and telling visitors all about dragons.

To get the job - advertised online earlier this month - Jardine had to demonstrate "extensive knowledge of dragon myth and legend, with particular reference to dragon summoning and dragon powers and riddles."

And bosses at Warwick Castle are confident they've got the right person, during her interview she's said to have performed a dragon summoning incantation… but luckily stopped before unleashing the beast.

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