275x250.jpg A study which used covert surveillance of car parks across Britain has found that women are better parkers than men.

After hiding cameras in a series of car parks, researchers spent a month looking at how well 2,500 men and women were at various aspects of parking.

They considered aspects such as technique, accuracy, time taken and space spotting ability to produce a 'parking coefficient' score out of 20.

And in a move which will undoubtedly cause arguments across the country women scored an average of 13.4, with men scoring just 12.3.

However, when questioned about their beliefs, only 18% of women say they are better parkers than men and only 28% believe they're better parkers than their partners.

275x250.jpgMen are now as worried as women about being ripped off by dodgy motor maintenance garages, it has been found.

Traditionally, women have been more intimidated when taking a car in for a service amid fears rogue traders will baffle them with car jargon and charge the earth for the work.
But research found men now suffer the same anxieties due to a lack of knowledge of what goes on beneath the bonnet.
The report also found millions of men struggle to identify where the screen wash is located, how to check the oil and change a light bulb.

And shockingly, one in five men didn't even know how to release the bonnet... we can't imagine why they'd be worried about being ripped off!

275x250.jpgResearchers say a spider venom which can cause four-hour long erections could help develop treatments for erectile dysfunction.

Scientists say a single bite from the Brazilian wandering spider can have the side-effect of causing long-lasting erections in victims.

A team from the Medical College of Georgia say the venom from the spider - also known as armed spider, banana spider or Phoneutria nigriventer - is a rich mixture of several molecules.

And tests on "erection-challenged rats" found that the venom gave then a much needed boost - a side-effect which has also been observed in bitten humans.

However before you buy a Brazilian wandering spider to keep in your bedside table, it's worht noting other side effects include severe pain, difficulty breathing and possibly death.

275x250.jpgMen are better at going shopping than women, and more productive at buying what they want, research has revealed.

A study discovered that even though women shop more frequently, they're more likely to come home empty-handed after a shopping trip.

Meanwhile, men have an 'in and out, no messing about' approach and purchase item within 26 minutes of spotting them - while women browse for long periods first.

Three quarters of guys said they always get what they set out for when they hit the shops, compared to only 45 per cent of females.

The poll of 3,000 adults also found men are willing to spend more money updating their wardrobe than women… a new TV counts as 'updating their wardrobe' right?

275x250.jpgMale viewers can get so distracted by watching attractive newsreaders they can't even remember what the headlines were, researchers have claimed.

Academics from Indiana University say that while watching a hot female newsreader makes women remember more, it has the opposite effect on men.

In fact blokes were said to remember 'significantly' less information when watching a sexy newsreader.

The boffins claim it's because men's brains are overwhelmed when presented with sexual imagery and are therefore unable to process any more information.

I'm sorry, did somebody say something… I was too busy looking at that photo.

275x250.jpg The inventor of an iPhone-controlled fridge which shoots cans of beer across a room from a CANNON says he now never needs to leave the sofa when he wants a brew.

25-year-old technology consultant Ryan Rusnak came up with the gadget because he was fed up with having to walk to the fridge every time he wanted a drink.

Working with a pal he turned a fridge in a basic vending machine which dropped chilled beers -- and then added a compressed air cannon, web server and iPhone interface.

Now when he wants a beer, he uses his phone to log into the fridge, picks what sort of beer he wants and fires it over to where he is sitting. Basically, he's created the worlds best ever invention.

275x250.jpgPeople named Mark and Susan are the most likely to have marriages which end in divorce, it has been found.

A study of data from thousands of recently filed divorces in the UK found these monikers appeared more often than any others.

David, Michael, Caroline and Nicola were also discovered to appear as divorce clients more often than those with other names.

However, men called Theo, Roy and Liam are the least likely to get divorced as are women called Penelope, Shannon and Sofia.

Are you a Mark in a relationship with a Susan? We'd ask you to leave us a comment below… but you'd probably be better off calling your lawyer.

275x250.jpgOne in two men admit they won't order a soft drink in a pub because 'it's not manly enough', a study has found.

Researchers discovered millions of blokes buckle to peer pressure and order a beer at the bar when they would have happily enjoyed a soft drink.

One-in-ten went as far as to say they 'wouldn't dream' of ordering a non alcoholic beverage in front of their boozing mates.

Around 47 percent of the 2,00 men polled said doing so made them feel 'a bit of a wuss' and 17 percent were worried their mates would take the mickey.

More than half of men also thought it was harder for them to order a soft drink in the pub than a woman. Even though she actually wanted a glass of wine.

The 'modern gentleman' is now expected to text regularly and put the rubbish out rather than lay his coat down in a puddle or open doors, it's been found.

A recent survey discovered a combination of hectic modern lifestyles and technology have dramatically changed women's perception of what makes a true gent.
Other age-old traditions which are now all but dead are always paying for dinner and walking on the side of the pavement nearest to the road.
These have been apparently been replaced by bringing his partner a cup of tea in bed and looking after her if she has a hangover.
Another duty which is said to be expected of a modern gentleman is to let his partner watch her favourite soaps… which makes us think the women surveyed were seeing how far they could push it.

200x175.jpgMany men are left confused by fashion terminology and think the names of garments actually refer to other things, it's been found.

A recent poll quizzed 1,356 men on their knowledge of fashion terms by asking them to describe various clothing items.

But a surprising number of men were found to hold common misconceptions - such as the 41% who think a 'gilet' (a sleeveless jacket) is actually a type of knife.

34% also thought a 'pashmina' (a cashmere wool shawl) was a country, while another 22% said they thought it was a curry.

The odd news suggests there are plenty of men out there who you should NOT go shopping with… or for an Indian meal.

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