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275x250.jpg Members of the public are being offered the chance to 'own' one of 16.7 million colours in a bid to raise £16.7 million for charity.

UNICEF have partnered with paint firm Dulux to let people buy one of the colours which can be displayed on the average computer, via the website
Colour owners are then able to rename it, describe it and have it displayed on a dedicated website, with donations directly to the children’s charity.

Celebrities who already Own A Colour include Jemima Khan (CFC Blue), Duncan Bannatyne (Scottish Saltire Blue) and Sir Roger Moore (Swedish Blue).

A series of videos featuring cute kittens recreating scenes from Star Wars and waving lightsabres have become an online hit -- how could they not.

It all started when 21-year-old Zach King from LA recorded the first 16 second video of two kittens doing lightsabre battle on his sofa, until he asks them to cut it out.

The video was watched millions of times online and King decided to make his second instalment of Jedi kittens a bigger production.

This time Jedi Kittens Strike Back, sees the cats chasing each other down a corridor in X-Wing and Tie fighters before crashing in a music studio and whipping out their own lightsabres.

275x250.jpg We have something of a penchant for stories about odd gummy based products, having previously written about the world's largest gummy worm, bear and a bear-based chandelier.

Well we're at it again, this time thanks to a full size gummi brain -- which we presume is the ideal snack for gummy zombies.

Measuring a whopping 19.5cm x 15.6cm x 7.5cm, the life-sized gummy brain weighs approximately 3.18kg, is fruity bubblegum flavour and sells online for £20.

Online retailer Firebox says the giant gummi brain is "guaranteed to give anyone the heebie jeebies", yeah and a week-long sugar rush.

A pair of OAPs who accidentally filmed themselves trying to operate their new computer have become an online hit after the clip was uploaded to YouTube.

Bruce and Esther Huffman, from Oregon, apparently didn't know their camera was rolling as they tried to take a photo of themselves.

As such 86-year-old Bruce can be seen saying, "Look at the monkey. That's a pretty good monkey" as he pulls a funny face into the camera.

But our personal highlight is when he turns to his 79-year-old wife and says, "Just drop your dress a little bit and see your boobies"... who says old people don't understand the internet.

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