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275x250.jpgAn odd-looking chihuahua called Princess Abby has won the dubious title of world's ugliest dog 2010.

The grey and white pooch - which has a curved back and legs (as well as a scrunched up left eye) won the annual World’s Ugliest Dog contest in Northern California.

Each year the strangest looking dogs are rewarded, this years winner was malformed Princess Abby - rescued off the streets just five months ago.

Owner Kathleen Francis - who won $1,000 - says she ignored how the four-year-old looked when she took her in from the Humane Society which had found her malnourished and flea-infested.

To scoop the title, Princess Abby beat 14 other dogs in her category before making it to the final… where one look had her competition howling in horror.

275x250.jpgUS President Barack Obama has once again been upstaged by a humble fly which buzzed around him as he delivered a speech at the White House.

While the President talked about healthcare in the famous East Room, the pesky insect repeatedly buzzed close to his face.

But while the fly distracted Obama enough to stop him talking, he was careful not to lash out and swat it.

Last year Obama was criticised by animal rights group PETA after killing a fly which interrupted a TV interview he was giving.

Speaking at the time he proudly said: "I got the sucker…" However, now they know he's not going to retaliate, we can expect to see more insects plaguing the President.

275x250.jpgA poker player has recorded the longest game in history -- after playing for a record 115 hours.

Phil Laak was only allowed a five minute break for every hour he played at the Bellagio Hotel-Casino in Las Vegas.

The 37-year-old pro poker star had started his game on Wednesday and continued until yesterday - beating the previous record of 72 hours.

Not only that but he also finished $6,766 up, and has said he will give half of his winnings to charity Camp Sunshine.

Laak - the boyfriend of Jennifer Tilly - didn't consume any caffeine or other stimulants during his bid… which must have mades the game even more boring the average poker match.

275x250.jpgStaff at Madame Tussauds in London are putting the finishing touches on an upcoming exhibition of giant superhero waxworks.

Odd sights included a cleaner hanging off the ceiling with Spiderman, the Hulk having his teeth brushed and someone polishing the thighs of Ironman.

Their Marvel Super Heroes 4D show features models the comic strip favourites including their biggest ever waxwork, a 15ft Incredible Hulk.

The 900 sq metre exhibition covers three floors and allows visitors "turn hero" by stepping into Iron Man’s chest shield and even walking on the ceiling with Spider-Man.

It will also feature a specially commissioned animated 3D Marvel film when it opens on June 23 -- bonus points for anyone who can find the waxwork of The Invisible Woman.

275x250.jpg An Aston Martin DB5 driven by Sean Connery in Bond movies Goldfinger and Thunderball is set to be sold -- for more than £5million.

The iconic silver car is the sole remaining original '007' DB5 and will come complete with the 'rather interesting modifications' made by Q.

These include front-mounted machine guns, a bullet-proof shield, revolving number plates, oil slick sprayer, wheel-mounted tyre slashers and smoke screen.

All the gadgets are said to be in working order… though the machine-guns were never able to fire bullets and the ejector seat was only ever a special effect.

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