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275x250.jpg60% of men in a relationship have ended up in the dog house after buying their other half lingerie which doesn't fit, it has been found.

A survey of 3,000 women discovered millions of blokes have fallen into the trap of buying their partner underwear which is too small.

It was found a similar number of men have accidentally bought lingerie a size too big -- interestingly both mistakes often lead to "Are you saying I'm too fat" argument.

However, the most common complaint was that men buy the 'wrong style' of underwear and only consider what they want to see their wife of girlfriend wearing.

While buying bras which are 'too tarty' was the fourth most common complaint, buying underwear which is 'too frumpy' and 'not tarty enough' are eighth and tenth on the list -- making us wonder who's buying underwear for Goldilocks.

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