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Hi and welcome to news:lite.

We love off-beat and quirky news stories. You know, the sort of story you want to share with people, the one's you want to talk about or e-mail to a friend.

Yes we know there are more serious news stories out there, but there are more serious journalists for those too.

The team:

Simon Crisp - Editor
Former press agency news-editor Simon spent seven years writing for national UK newspapers including the Times, the Daily Mail and the Sunday Mirror. He drinks far too much coffee and once interviewed a gang at gunpoint (it was pointing at him ... not them.)

Poynton - News Journalist
Poynton likes meeting odd people, the quirkier the better. Even when he is not interviewing them for news:lite he says he seems to be surrounded by them. He is normally late and even then he turns up at the wrong place.

Jay is a a professional bass player and gadget junkie. Check out his personal blog at idleparis.co.uk

Steve presents our video podcast Weird Week, when he's not doing that he's presenting a breakfast show on the radio (iTunes link) or writing on his blog ... when he's not doing that he's probably working as a freelance producer, editor, writer or getting some sleep. He also makes a mean carrot cake. Really, it's delicious.

House of Cake - Web design
Our site is designed and maintained by House of Cake, so if something is not working it's their fault.

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