Text: Sergi Guillot

The alliance between Banco Sabadell and Prensa Ibérica for the organization of the Banco Sabadell Company of the Year Awards constitutes the best expression of the vocation that both companies share in the promotion and progress of Spanish society through the indispensable work carried out by our business community. .

Using the prestige of the financial institution and the capillarity and territorial leadership of the communication group, the initiative highlights the merits brought together, in different areas, by companies that stand out in the current panorama through a circuit of events held in different autonomous communities. .

With the help of Banco Sabadell, the Prensa Ibérica newspapers aspire to publicly recognize the specific weight of the business fabric as a driver of the economy and the value of the winners as a source of inspiration and good work for those who intend to undertake and, therefore, contribute to the generation of wealth and the promotion of innovation and competitiveness in our country.

The strong positioning of Prensa Ibérica in the territories, promoted by newspapers with historical roots, represents an important endorsement to, from the objective perspective provided by professional and independent juries, pay tribute to the best practices not only of large companies but also of SMEs, which represent more than 99% of our business ecosystem.

Prensa Ibérica will take advantage of the communication background provided by the Economics sections of the group’s different newspapers and the growing attention that our Activos supplement pays to information about companies to give the winners the visibility they deserve in events called to attract in each region. from a plural and diverse perspective, the interest of authorities and important personalities from the economic and social world.

The winners are men and women who, with a spirit of sacrifice and the will to improve, expand our possibilities and help us achieve new levels of well-being and prosperity.

Support for our entrepreneurs is key to moving forward. It is companies that generate growth, quality employment, investment, opportunities and, ultimately, new horizons. Its decisive contribution to the construction of a better society is unquestionable.

Los Banco Sabadell Company of the Year Awards They reaffirm the relevance that business culture acquires as a protagonist of the present and the future of the different territories that make up Spain.

Source: www.elperiodico.com

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