Photo: Raúl Jalil with Vice President Victoria Villarruel.

After the half-sanction in the Chamber of Deputies, part of Peronism once again gives a sign of open support for Milei’s adjustment. In this case, it is the governor of Catamarca, Raúl Jalil, which came out to announce that it supports the Bases Law. He thus joined Jaldo from Tucumán.

The Peronism of that province has two national senators. One is former governor Lucía Corpacci, who announced her vote against her despite the alignment of the current president. Guillermo Andrada, the other provincial senator of Peronism, would support the norm. Flavio Fama, of radicalism, would do the same.

Jalil is not surprising. This Tuesday, in the Chamber of Deputies, Fernanda Ávila, Silvana Ginocchio and Dante López, Peronist deputies for that province, They added their votes for the approval of the RIGI (Large Investment Incentive Regime) that grants million-dollar benefits to large companies.

In dialogue with Radio Rivadavia, the provincial president said that “it is very important that the Bases Law be approved in the Senate.” In addition, he maintained that “it is time to help” the national government. Repeating the arguments of radicalism and the PRO, he said that “we must give the President the tools” what he needs to govern.

He Jaldo from Tucumán did not waste time. Immediately she came out to support Jalil. On his social networks he wrote “We support the institutional political position of the governor of Catamarca, @RaulJalil_ok, in these moments where we have to be responsible in our role as governors and work together with the National Government.”

Jaldo had supported the first version of the Omnibus Law and its deputies broke the Union for the Homeland bloc to align with the ruling party. Now, he found an ally in the president of Catamarca.

The Senate cannot be trusted to vote against the Bases Lawas Kicillof and the CGT leaders propose. The national government is working to divide Peronism (which has 33 senators) and thus guarantee the approval of the law. Jalil’s announcement shows that this strategy is viable.

It is necessary Defeat the Bases Law in the streets and with massive struggle. The CGT and the CTA have to call for strikes and mobilization the day the rule is discussed in the Senate. That day we have to be hundreds of thousands outside Congress to defeat Milei’s plan, the IMF and the big employers.


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