Nigeria’s Interpol Central Bureau has confirmed the completion of extradition papers for Nadeem Anjarwalla, director of cryptocurrency platform Binance. Anjarwalla, who previously fled Nigeria, is reportedly staying in Kenya.

Exact location not confirmed

Garba Umar, the head of Nigeria’s Interpol Bureau, during an interview on Sunrise Daily, revealed that intensive cooperation is underway with several countries to secure Anjarwalla’s return to Nigeria. A Red Notice is deployed and necessary documents such as treaties and memoranda of understanding are prepared.

Anjarwalla’s exact location has not been confirmed, but he was last seen in Kenya after fleeing on March 22. Anjarwalla, along with his colleague Tigran Gambaryan, is accused of money laundering and tax evasion in Nigeria. “I don’t know where he is exactly, but Kenya was the last known destination when he fled Nigeria,” Umar said.

Unclear how he was able to leave Nigeria

Details of how Anjarwalla was able to leave Nigeria despite having a confiscated British passport remain unclear. During his flight, Anjarwalla used a Middle Eastern airline to travel to Kenya.

Tigran Gambaryan, who remained in Nigeria, has denied the charges and is awaiting a bail hearing scheduled for May 17. Meanwhile, Gambaryan’s wife has started a petition calling for his release and return to the United States; this petition has already collected more than 4,000 signatures.

In response to mounting regulatory pressure and accusations of illegal activities, Binance recently announced it will cease all transactions involving the Nigerian naira, effectively exiting the Nigerian market.


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