This Wednesday, the 24th, the official representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MRE), Maria Zakharova, stated that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) exercises in Finland, scheduled to begin this Friday (26th) , near the border between Russia and Finland, “are offensive in nature”.

Zakharova also said that the military exercises in Finland are part of a hybrid war against Russia. “To justify their aggressive aspirations, representatives of the North Atlantic bloc are deliberately fueling hysteria around an imaginary Russian ‘threat’, including actively spreading insinuations about Russia’s plans to attack the organization’s member states,” she declared .

Russia is closely monitoring “the aggressive actions of the West,” Zakharova said, and “all necessary measures of a political, military and technical nature will be taken to combat threats to our country’s defense capability.”

“The alliance continues its practical military exploitation of a once neutral state, a respected participant in discussions on strengthening stability and security. The aforementioned maneuvers near Russia’s borders increase the risks of possible military incidents,” Zakharova added.

On April 11, Finnish President Alexander Stubb, in an interview published in the British newspaper Financial Times, declared that Europe needs to prepare for a direct confrontation with Russia. And he advised NATO leaders to be less “bellicose” in their anti-Russian rhetoric and to focus more on preparing their armies for a possible conflict with Russia.

Stubb stressed that supporting Ukraine is of great importance for Europe, as Russia “feels very confident” on the battlefield and could soon break through the defense of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

With information from Sputnik


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