At 6 a.m. this Thursday, the workers who had been fired by the Brazilian multinational were present after the provincial labor ministry on Tuesday dictated mandatory conciliation with the workers within the company.

However, the multinational refused to comply with what was dictated by the labor authority, openly entering into illegality.

The workers held a new common assembly on both sides of the gate. The method that they have been supporting since the beginning of the conflict to carry out the different measures of struggle.

At the assembly it was resolved to demand the presence of the Ministry’s inspector to enforce the provisions of the hearing on Tuesday, demonstrating that it is the company that is committing the illegality.

The workers who had been fired remain at the door alongside the delegates.

As has been demonstrated in this fight, the WEG workers stood up against the layoffs, being an example for workers in other factories that have been suffering drip layoffs or voluntary retirements. WEG workers have to win, it is important to surround this fight with solidarity.


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