“Washington has failed to hide the true intent of its restrictive pressure on our country. These are not any mythical aspirations to resolve the conflict in Ukraine, but banal, opportunistic and predatory ambitions. A trivial scenario is in order: if the Americans cannot win in a fair economic competition, they resort to sanctions”, he highlighted, commenting on statements by American officials about plans to increase pressure on the Russian energy sector.

Antonov stressed that US officials “use every opportunity” to threaten Russia with restrictions.

Earlier, Assistant Secretary of State for Energy Resources Geoffrey Pyatt stated that Washington hoped to further restrict Russia’s access to European energy markets.

As Antonov highlighted, US officials believe that energy security is about dominating markets and eliminating competition.

“Energy security, according to Washington, is the desire to dominate markets, complete subordination of satellites and stop any competition. We doubt that such approaches are viable in a multipolar world,” he noted in a post on the Russian Embassy’s Telegram channel.

The US is increasing hydrocarbon production while pressuring other countries to abandon the use of fossil fuels, Antonov added.

“While peddling slogans about the existential threat of a warming planet and pressuring other countries to abandon the use of fossil fuels, the United States is rapidly increasing its domestic hydrocarbon production. They have been trapping allies in their own gas for decades. Of course, such a situation is not called ‘unacceptable addiction’. That, they insist, is another story,” she noted.

Source: https://www.ocafezinho.com/2024/04/27/russia-acusa-eua-de-pressao-predatoria-sobre-setor-energetico/

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