Burton-on-Trent gets 'Eau-de-Burton' perfume

275x250.jpg A designer scent has been created to represent the smells of Burton-on-Trent -- yes the town famous for Marmite and beer.

Businesswoman and perfumer Victoria Brookes says she created the perfumes (which really should have been called Burton-on-Scent) because the town is famed for its smells.

The male and female scents will go on sale for £36.50 in the run up to Christmas and the women's version is said to encapsulate the smells of Marmite and the countryside.

The men's fragrance meanwhile, is said to include leather, forests, and beer… so we're not sure it will make you irresistible to the opposite sex.
Brookes, who owns bridal shop Weddings2Go -- which is selling the perfume -- said: "Creating Eau de Burton was enormous fun and I am extremely pleased at the outcome.

"It was vital that it stood for something, which is why I chose the individual ingredients, but I am delighted that it has resulted in two fragrances which smell just as good as any big name brand."

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